The National Breast Cancer Foundation is launching a game (Mar 2015 – Apr 2016) to promote Breast Cancer Awareness (NBCF) while having some fun. Product: The product is a soft white stress ball with the NBCF logo and the words “YOU JUST GOT SMILED” written across the top. This ball symbolizes a smile. How it works: There are two types Read more [...]
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Disclosure: This is a guest post Image Credit A research concluded that this decision and the rationale behind it uncovers a lot about how we deal with time and life in general. The experiment consisted of a task that children could do easily. Then, children received a prize: a marshmallow. However, there was a caveat: if the wait a few minutes, Read more [...]
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Image Credit Among Facebook mothers, there are true Wonder-Women of Motherhood.  They have great recipes, adorable kids and the best craft projects.  However, there are those other moms.  You have seen their posts; you know, the ones that make you roll your eyes so hard that they nearly roll out of your head? “I’ve had ONE KID!  Of Read more [...]
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Disclosure: This is a guest post.   If you are yet to get your free credit score, you really should consider getting one as soon as possible, because there is no reason not to have one in the first place. Many people usually do not care about their credit status and become disappointed when they are rejected on applying for loans or some other Read more [...]
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Image Credit A slow metabolism may be what is stopping you from losing weight. You may see skinny people eating whatever they please yet if you do it, the pounds seems to come on immediately. This is probably because they have a fast metabolism and you have a slow metabolism. The good news is you can increase your metabolism easily and today Read more [...]
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Another action packed fantasy with the Obsidian Knights! This Adventure will have your heart pounding as Cor Vos' goes on another exciting quest. The Obsidian Knights are marching in the Wildhoof Mountains on a simple training exercise when they witness a strange event. A green light has filled the sky near the small village of Bor’Un. From above Read more [...]
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Disclosure: This is a guest post. If you have toddlers in your home! You have to let them see this app! Baby Animals app introduces your toddler to a wonderful world of baby birds, puppies, jungle and farmyard animals. Feeding these cute little critters is so much fun – and educational too! Designed with enormous amounts of love and Read more [...]
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Hulu is the new way to watch TV. New episodes are loaded to Hulu the day after they are played, so you can schedule a time to watch your shows and stay up to date on the series. If you are looking for new shows, here are five excellent shows you want to binge watch on Hulu.  I am currently following all of these shows and each time an episode ends, Read more [...]
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Gurin High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale with 4.3” Display and Step on Technology includes: Instant readings Easy to read LCD display 4 latest version high precision sensors Auto calibration Extra thick and sturdy tempered glass top 2 year Gurin warranty Giveaways 4 Mom Review Since summer is approaching quickly, Read more [...]
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