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People around the world have enjoyed alkaline, or mineral water, for centuries. The bubbly water has been a source of entertainment and health benefits ever since the first spring was discovered.


The first spas were founded at these springs, as places for people to go when they need to relax and recover from the hazards of daily life. Now, it is no longer needed to make the far trek into the mountains to find this lovely water. It can be purchased at any store and online from one of hundreds of different producers.


Users of alkaline water enjoy numerous health benefits when they consume this beverage. Here are a few of them:


Supplies minerals not easily found in a modern diet

Calcium is a vital mineral for healthy bones and bodies. Even with the incorporation of dairy products into Western diets, few people actually ingest enough of the mineral to prevent their bones from weakening.


This is especially true for women, both during pregnancy and when they are tossing pennies into the fountain of youth. Alkaline water provides a good source of these nutrients, while avoiding the unpleasant complications of eating too much dairy.


Cuts out soda pop and sickly sweet beverages


Alkaline water is often a treat in and of itself. The sparkling water just feels good in the mouth, with the bubbles providing a wonderful experience. This natural carbonation was so useful in attracting customers that the first soda companies implemented it in their beverage designs, and the rest is history.


With medical news describing the dangers of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, any attempt to avoid ingesting these substances is laudable.


If you wish to have some flavor to go with the water, sprinkle in a little bit of fruit juice. This is a nice and healthy way to have your cake and eat it too.


Its water


Alkaline water is just plain good old fashioned water, with minerals and natural carbonation. It is vital to avoid dehydration throughout the day, and a good bottle of water is a surefire way to accomplish this.


It is a good idea to always have some water nearby, regardless of what you are doing. Between running after the kids, juggling projects at work, or going to the gym, your body is under constant stress that causes it to use water.


Replenish it in style, use a bottle of alkaline water and enjoy the additional health benefits the minerals brings to the users of alkaline water.



Alkaline water is one of the few truly healthy beverages found in nature. It is simply water, filled with the minerals one needs to have a healthy life. In this fast paced world where a healthy diet is next to impossible, being able to just grab a beverage and knock some minerals off your to-eat list is a good thing.


Let the natural carbonation tickle the taste buds as you open a bottle. When you do so, enjoy the knowledge you are partaking in a delight that has been known for hundreds of years.

Where to Purchase Alkaline Water


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  1. The principal at my sons school recently talked to me about the benefits of alkaline water. She is a sure proponent for the cause. I want to find it where I live and give it a try. I drink a lot of water most days and if there is a great benefit for me here, I want it!
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