10 Moms That Are Killing It with Their Businesses

Being a mom is a full-time job. It may seem easier to just clock in from 9 to 5 each day at a traditional job because being a mompreneur doesn’t always give you time to just stop working at a set time every day. However, according to a recent study, remote jobs are more likely to have women in management roles versus traditional jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, being a mom and business owner never gets easier (from my experience anyway). There’s always something that needs to be done for your business and of course, the kids always need you too. It is rewarding though.

If you’ve been on the fence about working from home or even just starting a new business venture, you’re going to love reading about these ten moms that are absolutely killing it with their businesses.

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#1 Christine McAlister – Life with Passion

Mom making 6 figures working part-time from home!

Meet Christine, a business coach who helps women all over the world replace their incomes, quit, and stay out of their jobs by becoming successful entrepreneurs.

She works no more than 25 hours per week, has a 75%+ success rate with helping clients quit their jobs and she is also working on an upcoming book.

Christine’s Success Tip:Niche down even though it will feel scary at first”.

Connect with Christine on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

#2 Lindsey McCoy – Plaine Products

Mom who founded a business with her sister!

Meet Lindsey McCoy one of the moms behind Plaine Products. After 10 years of working in environmental education and advocacy in the Bahamas, she moved back to the US ready to try a new way to make an impact on the environment and thus, Plaine Products was born two years later.

She takes pride in being the founder of a company that takes responsibility for their packaging, provides an alternative to single-use plastics, and provides cruelty-free, nontoxic products with vegan ingredients.

Lindsey’s Success Tip: “Partner with other amazing women who are working in the same space as you”.  

#3 Rachel Johnson – J+O Firm

Mom who created a women-run law firm!

Meet Rachel the mom who started a women-run law firm with another mom three years ago and has now successfully grown the firm to a team of 10 with offices in NY, FL, and Austin Texas.

J+ O has gained its success and growth with referrals only.

Rachel’s Success Tip: “Never say no to an introduction or connection – you never know where a connection will lead and who you may be able to inspire or help along the way. Always find time to meet for coffee, have a quick phone chat, or mentor others”.

#4 Sarah Wilson – Sarah Wilson Business Communications

Mom who is a book publicist and marketing communications consultant!

Meet Sarah Wilson who is the owner of Sarah Wilson Business Communications, mom of two teenagers, and works from home.

Sarah has campaigns spanning from book launch campaigns to digital marketing campaigns for startups and brands and even recently started managing her sister-in-law’s political campaign as she runs for Congress in NY.

Sarah has worked with clients such as Peter Shankman, Gretchen Carlson, and more!

Connect with Sarah on Instagram and Twitter.

#5 Chrissy Weems – Origami Owl

Mom who started a successful direct sales company!

Meet Chrissy Weems the mom behind Origami Owl.

Chrissy Weems has been able to start a successful business that originated when she was trying to help her daughter save for her first car. It’s a family run business that later turned into a direct sales company as Chrissy aims to help other moms make money selling quality jewelry.

#6 Julie Waxman – Baked in Color

CEO of a rainbow and custom colored chocolate chip cookie business.

Meet Julie, the mom who started her own business after working in corporate retail at Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s for 20 years. When she was a student at Cornell she operated and sold a cookie business and decided she wanted to get back into the industry.

Since the color trend was the number one dessert trend on social media and chocolate chip cookies are America’s number one dessert she knew Baked in Color just had to be born. Her business has grown tremendously, and she is always exploring new cookie opportunities such as for holidays, corporate events, Pride, and religious celebrations.

#7 Julie Cimity – Branding Monster

Mom who started her own marketing company after her 9-5 job let her go.

Meet Julie Cimity, the owner of Branding Monster. Julie started her business when her 9-5 let her go and has grown from 1 client to 28 since 2012. Branding Monster specializes in marketing baby and children’s products.

What makes Julie stand out is the fact that she always offers clients services that are personalized to their needs instead of having set cookie-cutter packages. Her ideal clients are those who cannot afford the large monthly fees that larger marketing firms charge.

#8 Amber Housley – Serial Entrepreneur

Mom who runs three businesses.

Meet Amber Housley, the designer behind the Joyful Garden Planner, founder of Inspired Retreat, and freelance business and marketing strategist for mompreneurs. Over the years she has built multiple businesses while also holding down a day job.

Amber’s Success Tip: “Niche down your product or service and use professional branding that shows you are a professional, not a hobbyist. Don’t be something for everyone, or you’ll attract customers that aren’t the right fit for you”.

Connect with Amber on Facebook and Instagram.

#9 Roberta Perry – Scrubz Body

Mom who started her skincare company after leaving a failed startup.

Meet Roberta Perry, the owner of Scrubz Body. Roberta left a failed startup just a few months prior to starting her small skin care business even though she wasn’t really in the mood to jump into being a business owner right away. She and her sister (who created the name) formed the business by selling at parties but realized they had struck upon something good and decided to expand to online sales.

Currently, Scrubz Body has a physical location in NY and they provide products to small boutique stores. 

#10 Sarah Davis – Fashionphile

Mom who started selling on eBay and is now the largest ultra-luxury handbag and accessory reseller in the US.

Meet Sarah Davis, the owner of Fashionphile. She started her entrepreneurship journey by selling on eBay while attending law school and raising a four-month-old. Now, she has four kids, has grown her eBay business into the largest ultra-luxury handbag and accessory reseller in the US and has more than 100 employees.

Sarah’s Success Tip: “Think big! Have delusions of grandeur for your business and then set smaller goals to make it where you want to be. Entrepreneurs are dreamers who stop at nothing to achieve their goals”.

Final Thoughts – If These Moms Can Do It So Can You

If you needed a push to get your business started by the end of the year, these women should inspire you. From starting a business while in school with an infant to coming up with innovative ideas such as a woman run law firm, these success stories are truly inspiring.

If you haven’t started a business yet what is the main thing holding you back?


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