5 Beauty Products to Add to Your Back to School Routine

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I can’t believe school is about to be back in session again already. It seems like the summer just flew by, which could be due to the kids going to SPARK for a month this summer or the fact that I’ve been eagerly waiting for my cruise.

Anyhow, on the school front, I have crushed their school supplies like a boss and I’m waiting for the last of their new school clothes to arrive in the mail. Many of you can probably relate I’m sure. However, just because the kids have everything they need to get back into the back to school routine it doesn’t mean that you’re done. Don’t forget about yourself!

School season is hectic. This is especially true for those of us who have kids playing sports or doing other extracurricular activities. Not only do we have to get up earlier (back to mandatory 5 am wakeups for me), but we also end up having to stay up extra late (I have been enjoying going to bed before midnight every night). All the extra insanity not only is enough to drive you insane during the first month of school as we get back in the flow, but it also can wreak havoc on your skin.

So, today, I’m just giving you a friendly reminder to make sure your back to school beauty products are stocked up while also sharing five of the beauty products I’ll be using this school year as part of my back to school routine.

Now, let’s jump in!

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Facial Mask

I love facial masks. However, during the school year, especially the first month I find them to be extremely important. The time of doing them whenever I feel like it during the summer is gone and it’s time to stick to a strict schedule. I like to use the Peel Off Masks at least once a week to make sure my pores are clear and 1-2 times a week I’ll use a facial mask such as Neutrogena as a way to unwind and take some of the stress off of my face.

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Facial Cleanser

A cleanser is what you’re going to need every morning and night to keep your skin fresh and clean. In the morning I like to use vibrate scents (my favorite cleanser being from Neutrogena for mornings) to help wake up me and leave my skin feeling refreshed.

During the evenings, I like to go with a more relaxing cleanser, so it can help me unwind and prepare for bed.

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Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Wrinkles

School time for me means late nights and early mornings. With summer in full swing, it seems like ages ago since I have had to live off 4 hours or less of sleep per night, but I know it’s right around the corner again. Having a high-quality eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles is definitely a must since lack of sleep will have under your eyes darkening up quickly.

Lip Gloss

I’m a lip gloss addict. I’m not a fan of lipstick so having lip gloss around the house and in my purse is a must. It helps keep my lips moisturized and shiny. It’s more of a self-confidence thing for me, I guess, but those few seconds that it takes to put lip gloss on my lips makes my morning back to school routine seem complete.

Infused Water Bottle

Wait, before you jump down my throat and yell this isn’t a beauty product. Technically, it’s not, but your skin is only going to be as good as what you put in your body.

I personally have a hard time forcing myself to drink enough water and when it’s already busy with trying to get the kids to school and then having to jump into work myself, it’s easy to just skip it altogether. However, with an infused water bottle I can make some fruit infused water the night before and it’ll be ready for me in the morning to drink as I run around getting the kids together to make the trip to the bus stop.

Final Thoughts on Beauty Products to Add to Your Back to School Routine

Making the switch from summer break to school time isn’t easy for parents or children. However, by adding these beauty products to your back to school routine you can have some nice pleasantries to look forward to and it’ll make making the switch a little bit easier for you.

What is one of your must-have beauty products during back to school time?



  1. Thank you for the facial mask recommendations. I’ve been trying so many mask over the last year, but I Haven’t found one that works well. I’m definitely going to give this one a try.

  2. A facial cleanser is definitely the way to go. Oh, and a water bottle infused with a fruit or veggie can really help clear up your skin. You’d be surprised how much hydrating your skin can help improve it.

  3. Love all the products you’ve listed! So many great options! Can’t wait to add them to my BTS list!

  4. I could see myself making the switch in my beauty products. I’m always looking for ways to improve not only my appearance but skin as well.

  5. Ruth I. says:

    I really need the eye cream! My eyes are so dark some people thought my eyes are usually dark. ugh! Thank you for this list.

  6. I haven’t tried any of these, but I would like to change up my skincare routine. Thanks for sharing these, I will have to give some of these a try.

  7. These are great ideas. I particularly love the infused water bottle. That sounds like a great way to stay hydrated and make it tasty.

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