7 Gift Ideas for Animal and Nature Lovers in 2022

We all know someone who feels more at home being in the great outdoors than they do in their own living room. 

As much as they might wish, however, they likely can’t spend every moment wandering in the wilderness, taking in its beauty. 

The good news for you is that there’s no shortage of amazing gift ideas for animal and nature lovers. Each of the following ideas allows them to keep a treasured part of the outdoors within their own home. 

From gorgeous landscape diamond paintings to a course in photography, these are the seven best gift ideas for the animal and nature lovers in your life.

7 Gift Ideas for Animal and Nature Lovers

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1. Diamond Paintings

Diamond paintings are an interactive way for your nature-loving friends and family to create beautiful pieces of art that depict their favorite parts of life on Earth.

Landscape diamond paintings are perfect for capturing the beauty of different environments, both familiar and remote. Alternatively, an animal diamond painting of a friend’s favorite critter can be enjoyed on their wall for years to come. 

Being able to participate in the creation of a stunning piece of art is also a great way to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world. 

You don’t have to be an artist to make a diamond painting, either! 

They’re super easy to create, (a more stylish take on paint-by-numbers) making them an excellent gift for anyone.

2. Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Wearing a piece of nature on your person is a great way to feel connected to the world around you. 

Finding a special piece to celebrate a favorite place, plant or animal will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of your loved one. A simple necklace with a mountain design, a ring inspired by their favorite animal or pet, or even a pair of earrings with preserved flowers inside them are all wonderful options. 

Really, the possibilities are endless! 

With so many nature-inspired designs available, there’s surely a piece out there for everyone’s collection.

3. Photography Course

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

So what better way to preserve those indescribable views of the natural world than by capturing their essence in a perfectly composed photograph?

If you have a larger budget, signing your loved one up for a nature or landscape photography course might be the perfect gift. It’s tough when your snapshots don’t quite match the raw beauty of the scene in front of you. Learning the basics of photography will greatly improve the quality of the photos your nature-loving friends shoot, allowing them to accurately represent their experience and remember it for life. 

4. Planters

If you’re looking for a functional yet simple gift for the plant parents in your life, look no further. 

Planters come in a huge variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. In addition to being beautiful accents in any room, bringing a little greenery indoors can also help purify the air, reduce stress and boost creativity

Find a unique, handmade planter for your artsy friends. Check out some more utilitarian options for your pals who need to conserve space. There are even options that are equipped with new tech to self-water and monitor a plant’s health! 

Finding a planter that reminds you of someone, whether it be because it’s themed around something they enjoy or just because it’s pretty, will show just how much you appreciate them. 

Trust us — a plant lover can never have too many pots and planters.

5. Backyard Beehive

Bees are a crucial part of life as we know it. 

Pollinators are responsible for maintaining plant populations and we rely on them for agriculture. 

Due to the increased use of pesticides, bee numbers have dropped steadily since 2006. Giving local bee populations designated and desirable hives can help boost their numbers and prevent them from locating in places undesirable for humans (like your attic wall). 

Setting up a backyard beehive is perfect for your environmental activist friends who want to take on some personal responsibility for helping the local environment. Make sure to check with local laws and regulations before setting one up.

6. Animal Sighting Journal

For the person in your life with a particular animal calling, a sighting journal is perfect. 

Sighting journals are available in a wide variety of animal types and habitats. For your buddy who is always seeking out local lizards, give him a reptile logbook so he can document his sightings. Your aunt, who’s an avid birdwatcher, will love a bird journal to take on her many travels cross country. 

Checking off a new animal sighting is like adding to a collection. Though the animals may not physically be there, the memory of the sighting will be preserved forever through writing and photos. 

There’s a huge sense of accomplishment in finally seeing the last animal on your list, but documenting the journey to get there is the most meaningful part.

7. Offer Help

Turning an empty yard into a natural haven can sound like a challenging feat, but it’s very achievable.

Helping a friend plan a yard or garden overhaul is invaluable. Start by brainstorming which areas they want to dedicate to foliage and which areas are for living spaces. 

Finding some larger plants for the perimeter of the yard is great for creating privacy. 

Adding specific plants can attract certain animals and insects. Find out what types of fauna they’d like to cater to for their little slice of paradise. 

Planting things like black-eyed Susans and phlox will attract butterflies, while daylilies and larkspur will attract hummingbirds. Next, plan out the living areas and materials needed, such as pavers for a patio or gravel for a fire pit. 

Make sure to adhere to any local rules and regulations if any structures are to be installed. 

Finally, put on the finishing touches with lawn decor that fits them best. There are tons of DIY projects for giving a yard a makeover — and your friend will appreciate the helping hand.

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Closing Thoughts on Gift Ideas For Animal and Nature Lovers

There’s something for everyone in this list of gift ideas for animal and nature lovers. By keeping these seven ideas in mind as you search for the perfect present, you’ll discover the right gift in no time.

7 Gift Ideas for Animal and Nature Lovers in 2022