7 Reasons to Purchase Handmade Products

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No matter the reason to purchase an item, for yourself, home, or loved one, purchasing handmade products are an excellent way to go. You’ll be supporting the community, engaging in protecting the environment, along with a host of other feel-good reasons. Below are 7 reasons to purchase homemade products.

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To Help Support the Local Community

Typically, small, independent business owners make local handmade products. These are products they make in either their spare time or as their full-time business. So, think about it, with the money you invest with them, they, in turn, spend and help support their local community. Purchasing locally, such as ceramic pottery, does go a long way and you know you’re supporting those in your community as well.

Unique Gift (No One is Alike)

Handmade items are truly unique. If you are giving this away as a gift, your (giftee) is sure to be happy as they are receiving a one of a kind item. This is an excellent way to express yourself around your home as well. These handmade gifts are unique to you and your personality. Items such as essential oil diffusers from Snazzy Imports typically are great unique gifts.

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High-Quality Items at Fractions of the Cost

How many times have you purchased an expensive, unique item just to find out it’s not of high quality? The product could have broken during oversea shipping or just be of poor marksmanship. However, the handmade designer is looking to use high-quality items so their items can last. Their reputation is on the line!

Creations Passed Down Generation to Generation

These handmade items are made with passion and love. Many of the techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. Just think how you’d feel giving or having at home something that is a part of a family tradition and history.

Environmentally Friendly

Handmade items such as those from Snazzy Imports are not made in large industrial machines. This means those harsh chemicals used to clean machines aren’t affecting your items. You’ll have handmade products that are as close to chemically free as possible. This is not only environmentally friendly but friendly for your family’s safe use as well.

Great Way to Have Customized Items

If you want a customized item, handmade products are the way to go. You may be dealing directly with the designer or they make the item per order, allowing them time to customize it to your specifications. From adding additional detail to monograms, you’ll enjoy your personalized item.

Find Unique Gifts Outside the Mall

Handmade products allow you to avoid crowded malls! You’ll find these items at craft fairs, online shops such as Snazzy Imports, and neighborhood boutiques. All items are uniquely designed, so these always make the best gifts.

Go Ahead and Purchase Handmade Products

Handmade products are a great way to personalize gifts and show that you care. These can vary from fashion items such as scarves and sunglasses to home décor such as essential oil diffusers.

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Have you ever purchased handmade items before? If so, what was your experience like?




  1. Gabriel says:

    We’ve been focusing on this more and more. It easiest for us to do it with our food since we live in farm country. There are more and more local artisans starting to sell as well though, making more and more possible.

  2. This is the cutest essential oil diffuser I have seen in a long time! I usually see a lot of industrially made diffusers that are all the same, and this is definitely so unique!

  3. what a cute vase, I’d love one for my place! I love buying handmade products and I love that you wrote this post because I make many handmade things for side money : ) thanks for spreading the word and the list that is very true!

  4. I agree, handmade products are so unique and that’s why I love buying them for myself and as gifts to friends and family.

  5. I love handmade items. As a crafter I understand the time, love and dedication it takes to make something and I appreciate that.

  6. adriana says:

    I love buying handmade products! The quality definitely is always the best, I so agree! Great post!

  7. These are definitely some great reasons to purchase handmade products. I love giving and receiving handmade products.

  8. Echo says:

    I adore handmade products. Especially for their little imperfections! I like knowing that mine might be one of a kind.

  9. What a great way to put it! I’m really into natural beauty products and have found quite a few local brands I enjoy.

  10. rika says:

    I love handmade products because of the quality and always look different! I am sure these products are made with love and passion

  11. I love handmade goods because they are made with love and passion. That is a beautiful piece that you featured. I hope that you enjoy it for years to come.

  12. Mars says:

    Handmade products are unique and more creative. I love your post.

  13. Kathy says:

    I think handmade items are the best too. You can find such unique items. I love being able to help out local businesses like this.

  14. I have always loved handmade items. As a grown up my favorite gifts are when my mom makes us something!!

  15. Dogvills says:

    I love hand made products and I love supporting my community. They are unique and you know that time and love were spent making them.

  16. Claudia Krusch says:

    I love to support local artists and buy handmade. I think they make the best gifts. I just started crocheting and plan on making a few gifts for the Holidays.

  17. I love the idea of avoiding crowded malls – especially during busy holiday seasons. As well, purchasing hand gifts reassures me that the gift I am buying will not likely be a duplicate!

  18. Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for this reason. I can’ find so many unique arts and crafts that I wouldn’t find in the store.

  19. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    I love handmade stuff. It makes you more appreciative because you know that it is individual and unique.

  20. Tamara says:

    I think it’s a great way to make your gifts and items more meaningful and long-lasting. I’m not an artist, but my mom is, and I love to give her art as gifts for friends.

  21. I always purchase handmade products whenever I can. They are superior quality, and it helps support local crafters and artisans.

  22. Jaime Nicole says:

    I love supporting local artists! It makes you feel like you are doing good for someone rather than just giving a corporation profits.

  23. Elizabeth Neas says:

    I love to buy “handmade”. I feel a connection to the artist and I know that the recipient of the gift will be as pleased with it as I am. Those oil diffusers are beautiful. I’m tempted to buy one for myself!

  24. I LOVE getting handmade stuff! It is SO much more original and creative than what you can buy in the store! I love supporting small businesses!

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