Achievable New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

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Whew, 2020 was one heck of a year. While we’ve now entered 2021, with the virus still hanging around things are still a lot different than most of us could have ever imagined. With all of the uncertainties of what to expect this year, it makes it a little trickier to set New Year’s resolutions (goals) for the year. 

Each year I like to look back over my progress from the prior year and set new goals for the coming year. This year is especially important as I’m turning 30 and I still have two goals that I wanted to accomplish by this age that I haven’t fully accomplished yet. 

Overall, to set achievable New Year’s resolutions for 2021 you want to make sure that, for the most part, you’re simply expanding on your prior year’s goals or breaking some of your newer goals into a small chunk. 

Today I’m sharing my achievable New Year’s resolutions for 2021. 

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Start the home buying process

Becoming a homeowner by the age of 30 has been one of my goals since my early twenties. Over the years I’ve broken it into smaller goals such as taking a real estate course, savings up for the down payment, and now by the end of my current rental lease, I plan to have taken the first time home buys class online, visited with my bank to see what type of mortgage I’m approved for, work with my realtor to find a home, and become a homeowner. 

I think 30 is a good age to become a homeowner because at this point you know how large your family is going to be and you have a consistent income to let you know how much you can afford to pay. 

I also find starting the home buying process to be a great achievable goal for this year because starting the process could be as simple as taking the first time home buyers course (my state has an online option available) or simply opening a savings account specifically for your ‘house fund’. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to purchase a home by the end of the year, however, that is a good longer-term goal. 

Reevaluate business goals

I started my first business back in 2011, which was a writing business. Within 5 months of jumping into the online entrepreneurship world from being a manager at a convenience store, I was able to make a full-time income. About 2-3 years later, with goal planning, I was able to bring on about 10 freelance writers and 2 editors to help manage the workload. 

Jumping ahead to the present, which is 10 years in, I let go of all of the writers, except one and slimmed down the client list as over the past 3 years I’ve been working on getting my executive assistant/virtual assistant business off the ground. 

I simply don’t enjoy writing about a bunch of random topics anymore and I want to get back to blogging here full time (where I can choose my own topics that actually relate to things I’m currently experiencing). Plus, virtual assistant work is always challenging me to learn new skills so I don’t get bored AND it allowed me to reach one of my previous goals which was working less than 40 hours per week while not compromising my income. 

So this year, I’m reevaluating my business goals. Right off, I know it’s important for me to remove all traces of the freelance writing business and actively start promoting my virtual/executive assistant service AND create a website so more clients can come directly to me so I can cut back on my marketing time.

Again, this is another vague goal for the year, which makes it 100% achievable. 

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Continue to work less than 40 hours per week

As a recovering workaholic, I can tell you that one of the best decisions I made for myself and my family was committing to work no more than 40 hours per week. 

Don’t get me wrong, some weeks I push it. RescueTime will tell me that I’ve done 39 hours of work-related tasks. But, at this point, I’m pretty good at not going over 40, and last year alone (thanks to virtual schooling and the cancellation of afterschool activities) I’m no longer feeling compelled to work at odd hours of the night or before 9 am (yes, even older kids can tire you out when they’re home 24/7). 

The best part is, when you decide to work less than 40 hours per week, you have to either get quicker with your craft, learn some new skills, or set a better rate for yourself to avoid affecting your income. 

Get back on track with daily workouts and calorie counting

Now, we all know, this wouldn’t be a true New Year’s resolution list unless it had a fitness-related goal

I always recommend not setting goals such as lose an ‘X’ amount of pounds as it can start making you a little depressed (unmotivated) after the initial ‘resolution’ phase wears off. 

I’m still on my fitness journey (currently 16lbs down from my starting weight), but this year, I’m not even worried about the numbers on the scale at all. Instead, I’m more focused on getting back on track with daily workouts and calorie counting. Additionally, in the latter part of the year, I’ll probably jump back on the intermittent fasting train to prepare myself to start utilizing the scale again in 2022. 

But, for now, an achievable goal is definitely getting active daily and calorie counting. 

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Make a dent in student loans balances

The dreaded student loans…

This is another goal that I’ve missed the mark on. I wanted to have 50% of them paid at age 30. So, since I have basically 12 months to achieve this goal I’m going to have to tighten down my budget more and take advantage of the interest-free period while it lasts and make a dent in them. 

However, with everything that’s going on, I’m not going to beat myself up about it, especially since homeownership is something I’m actively pursuing this year (it would have been nice to have wiped out the student loans though before trying for a mortgage). 

I also recently found out about this platform called Farther Finance, which provides personalized financial management. So, if I do start working with them, who knows maybe I can make my little coins go farther and get back on track with defeating my student loans. 

Help kids start preparing for their futures

Leading off of the previous goal and still regarding Farther Finance, I also feel like it’s time for me to start helping my kids prepare for their futures. 

My oldest is 11 and he’s already started finding ways to make extra income. The younger two want to make extra money and follow in their older brother’s footsteps, but its not many physical things that they can do yet (outside of their chores for an allowance). 

What made me think now is a good time to start helping them prepare for their futures instead of waiting until high school, is when I was looking into Farther Finance and saw that they aim to help the everyday person with wealth management (making their money go farther), which is typically a term that is associated with the super-rich. 

In comparison, typically when we think about preparing kids for their futures it coincides with preparing them for college in high school. 

While I’ve already been teaching the boys about the importance of personal finance and not spending money as soon as it hits their hands, this year is about opening their eyes up to there being another option other than college or military (as these are the choices that are typically given at school).

In fact, they all seem to have some entrepreneur instincts in them, and with my oldest actively finding ways to get him some money who knows maybe 2021 is the year they start some type of business (thank goodness I will have the time to assist since I’m working less than 40 hours per week). 

This is another achievable New Year’s resolution, that’s vague and doesn’t have to go as deep as the mouthful that I just left you with. It could be something as simple as starting a bank account for your kids or getting life insurance for them. 

Conclusion – Take it Easy on Yourself This Year and Set Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

Achievable New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

2020 was full of surprises and I’m sure 2021 is going to have some loops to throw at us as well. Do yourself a favor and take it easy on yourself this year and set achievable New Year’s resolutions. The vaguer the better as if you’re just barely able to scratch the surface of completion you’ve still achieved something and if you blow it out the water then that’s great too.

What New Year’s resolutions or goals are you setting for yourself this year?

Achievable New Year’s Resolutions For 2021


  1. Rosemary says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and as a current workaholic, your points about working less resonated. This is one of my goals for this year, to work smart and enjoy life, and like you said, not be too hard on myself. Best wishes for 2021.

  2. Anosa Malanga says:

    To lessen my working time is one that I will work out during this year. Hopefully I can achieve it.

  3. Catalina says:

    I would like to work less than 40 hours a week this year. I definitely work too much and stay less with my family!

  4. Marysa says:

    These are great resolutions! It is so important to at least have goals for the new year.

  5. Kathy says:

    I don’t really do resolutions or anything. I just try to continue to work towards my goals.

  6. Joline says:

    Achievable is right. My goals are small things, like read this or that book, run a 5k, etc. I will leave the big things alone for now! 🙂

  7. Ghanashyam K says:

    Try to work less than 40 hours a week- I completely agree with you as even I have been stressed out with over work at times. This is a great list!

  8. Nikki Wayne says:

    I agree. Be practical and realistic when it comes to resolutions.

  9. Monica Simpson says:

    Achievable is key! I’m just trying to get back into my good habits. I’m not really doing anything new. Just getting back on track!

  10. Tasheena says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I believe in creating yearly goals.

  11. Nikki Wayne says:

    Thanks for the tips. I will keep these in mind.

  12. Amber Myers says:

    I never bother with resolutions. I don’t believe in calorie counting, but I do try to exercise daily!

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