How to Handle Anxiety as a Freelancer: Could CBD Be An Option For You?

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Anxiety is a common problem among freelancers. When is the next client coming? Have I paid enough in estimated taxes? Is it okay to take a break and do something for me?

These questions lead to a high-stress lifestyle and a lot of anxiety. Plus, depending on your job role you could find yourself turning into a hermit because of anxiety.

Take it from someone who’s been freelancing for several years that managing anxiety as a freelancer is doable.

Below is a list of my best tips:

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Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Just spend 30 minutes before you start working per day practicing and you’ll start to feel more relaxed.

The best part is almost everyone can practice yoga. You don’t need to be fit, and you can easily get started with yoga at home – classes are available for those who love group workouts as well.


Why should you try CBD capsules to help relieve anxiety?

CBD is a component found in cannabis. It is known to help you relax without the side effects of cannabis. 

When you take CBD for anxiety you won’t experience any hallucinations, excess hunger, or paranoia.

I’ve tried out the CBD watermelon slices and thought they were delicious and potentially helped with my anxiety.

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Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination doesn’t just stop you from getting the task at hand completed. It also allows your mind time to wander and become anxious.

Do whatever it takes to avoid procrastinating. If you find yourself becoming bored with one thing switch to something else on your to-do list if possible.

For example, for much of the year I have had bad anxiety for some reason and procrastinating isn’t the answer. I keep a very tight schedule to make sure I’m always busy with something.

Live a Healthy Life

It’s a fact that healthier bodies also lead to healthier minds. Living a healthier life by eating right and exercising regularly will prevent burnout, which leads to anxiety.

The food you eat can also mimic feelings of anxiety. Alcohol consumption, smoking, and being dehydrated are just some of the things that can lead to you feeling anxious.

So how should you begin living a healthier life?

Begin by focusing on getting at least one hour of quality exercise every day. This could include yoga, a brisk walk, or maybe even kickboxing.

The next step is to get your diet in order. Make sure you don’t skip meals and avoid unhealthy options to save time. I know life can be hectic at times, however, there are healthy meals that can be made quickly and there are a ton of juices that serve as meal replacements that don’t taste that bad. 

I’m tightening back up on my lifestyle again because lately I have relaxed on my health goals this past couple of months and it could be a trigger for my anxiety.

You are what you eat and drink right?

Breathe When You Feel Anxiety Symptoms Coming On

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When you feel anxious you take short, sharp breaths. When you’re relaxed you take long, deep breaths.

One way to eliminate anxiety symptoms is to take five minutes and just breathe. Concentrate on your breathing and take long, deep breaths.

It’s a quick fix for those anxiety attacks.

If you’re particularly vulnerable to anxiety attacks, you should consider taking up meditation. It’s simple to get into because all you need is a quiet space. 

People who practice meditation regularly are much less likely to experience anxiety.

Get Out of Your House At Least Once a Day

Nothing causes anxiety symptoms to flare up like feeling confined. You shouldn’t be a prisoner inside your own home. Unfortunately, as a freelancer, it’s easy to never see the light of day. Without sunlight and living under an artificial light, you’re going to feel anxious.

You don’t have to go out on a big adventure. It can be something as simple as venturing to the store to buy some food, or a quick walk in the park.

Don’t cut yourself off from the rest of the world because of work trust me. I feel like this is what triggered my anxiety. It’s so easy to get sucked into the routine of housework, kids, and actual work that I could not go out anywhere for a week.

Final Thoughts – Anxiety Among Freelancers Is Very Much a Thing

These strategies will enable you to manage/rid yourself of anxiety in the long-term. None of these are quick fixes – they’re lifestyle changes to help you better cope with the life of being a freelancer.

Have you suffered from freelance anxiety issues?

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