What to Know Before Taking Vitamins

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Vitamins are something that I remember taking faithfully as a kid and it’s something my mom is always encouraging me to take and give to my kids for health purposes. However, finding the right vitamins isn’t always easy and let’s face it – some vitamins just don’t taste good, which is a big turnoff for me personally. Therefore, over the years I have had my fair share of trying different vitamin brands and types of vitamins in general. So, today I wanted to discuss some of the things that you should know before taking vitamins.

Consult with Your Healthcare Professional

This is vital if you have any preexisting conditions, taking other medications, or you’re just not sure about what vitamins do and which ones are best for you.

The chances are they’ll green light you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Side effects and adverse reactions can be awful if you’re one of the unlucky ones.

Therefore, I highly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before you start taking vitamins if you have any doubts about them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Research the Vitamins Before Starting Them

You should never be taking anything you’re unsure about. Make sure you research the vitamins before you take them so you know what they do and whether you need them at all.

Thankfully, this won’t take a lot of time on your part. Look at the website of any vendor and enter their ingredients into Google. You’ll soon be fully informed about what they do and whether they’re the real deal.

Whether it’s forums, medical websites, or just reviews from people who have already used the vitamins in question, you’ll be best placed to make an informed decision.

If you have any lingering doubts that’s when you should talk to a medical professional.

But what should you be looking at?

There are three things that I always look for in any vitamin I take. These are no requirements to swallow the pill whole, contain no chemical binders, and they have good reviews from their customers.

One company that sells these types of vitamins is Superior Source Vitamins. They provide the latest in GMO vitamins that are 90% smaller than those from other companies, they don’t contain chemical binders, there’s no sugar in them, and you can dissolve them under your tongue. Dissolvable vitamins are a big thing for me. I can’t swallow pills so non-chewable/non-dissolvable pills have to be crushed up and put inside of applesauce and as you can imagine they don’t taste so well.

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Ingredients I Recommend

Superior Source Vitamins.Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is easy to get without getting a shot. The Vitamin B12 No Shot Methylcobalamin tablets go to work quickly after you dissolve them under your tongue. The potency is high, with 50% of the B12 making its way through the stomach, which is much higher than other tablets.

It also contains B6 and L5 methyltetrahydrofolate. Together with Vitamin B12, they protect your arteries from damage.

Vitamin C

Everyone knows how important Vitamin C is. It’s how you keep your skin and bones healthy. It also makes it easier to absorb iron, which stops us from feeling tired in the middle of the day.

You can find it in abundance in the Sour Cherry Melts produced by Superior Source Vitamins. They’re better than other chewable vitamins because these have no sugar in them, so they’re great for the kids.

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The importance of biotin is it keeps your blood sugar levels normalized. It also supports cell growth and keeps your nails and hair healthy. In short, it’s important for the way in which your body handles energy release.

For this, I recommend the Biotin 100 Supplement.

Children’s B Complex

This Children’s B Complex vitamin contains folic acid, biotin, and calcium pantothenate. These are some of the nutrients that many of us are deficient in. it’s a critical vitamin for keeping the body’s nervous system in balance, as well as making sure the heart stays healthy. My kids love them and it dissolves super quick.


For strong brain and nerve function, which helps to keep your sleeping patterns in check, the 5-HTP Mood Elevator supports you as you tackle a stressful lifestyle.

If you’re stressed or constantly experiencing mood swings, this can help.

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You Should Be Consuming Lots of Water

Many vitamins are solid and need water to dissolve. Furthermore, we all need to consume large amounts of water. Don’t worry about flushing out the vitamins from the body. This is a myth and drinking water won’t diminish your vitamin intake in any way.

Know What Type of Vitamins You Need

As I discussed above, there are certain vitamins everyone needs but few get. For example, Vitamin B12 is relatively hard to get enough of as part of the common Western diet. Many people take supplements so they’re not lagging behind on their recommended intake.

Do your research and look at what you need compared to what’s available in front of you. Don’t just take any vitamin available to you because it’s there.

Take as Directed – Don’t Take Too Many

Some people believe that the more vitamins you take the faster they’ll work and the bigger the effect. This is simply false. You’re just wasting your vitamins and giving the body more than it actually needs.

Take the vitamins as directed for the optimal effect.

For example, for the Children’s B Complex with Vitamin C, the directions are to dissolve one under the tongue daily. But unlike other vitamins, you also have the option of swallowing it like a tablet.

Another type of vitamin is the 5-HTP Mood Elevator. Again, you should dissolve one of the tablets under the tongue daily to improve your sleep patterns and your general mood.

But remember to take care when dealing with supplements. The goal is not to be using vitamins for the rest of your life.

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Be Patient

Too many people expect vitamins to make a noticeable difference within a week. That’s not how it works. These are not drugs they’re supplements designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

For example, the biotin 100 supplement promotes hair and nail growth. It does this through protecting the body against stress symptoms, boosting the cardiovascular system, and allows the heart to function at its optimal rate.

In other words, you’re going to notice differences in your hair and nails, but those changes won’t occur for weeks and months.

Give it time!

Closing Thoughts on What to Know Before Taking Vitamins

Overall, vitamins can be great. However, before jumping into the world of vitamins it’s important to consider all the things that I discussed above. Recently, I added some new vitamins to my routine such as Biotin from Superior Source to help me with my hair issues and I also have other vitamins for general wellness and migraines.

What vitamins are you currently taking? Do you have any other advice to add for someone who is considering taking vitamins?


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