Best Beauty Finds Review

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Best Beauty Finds is an online retailer which, (hint hint) is supposed to have the best beauty finds. By this I mean they take pride in offering high-quality beauty products for a very affordable price.

A quick peek at the website will highlight reasonably priced products. However, when performing internet research, you will find that it is hard to find anything about the company online. In this case, since there’s nothing bad mentioned about them I would say no news is good news.

Furthermore, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a package from them, which is what sparked this Best Beauty Finds review, for any of you who may be curious about this mysterious site.

What Type of Beauty Products Do They Offer?

Best Beauty Finds offers an assortment of beauty products. They showcase products such as the best anti-aging serum, anti-aging facials, bath bombs, skin stimulators, beauty devices and more.

The two products that they sent me for testing purposes were:

They did arrive promptly and both products were properly sealed so Best Beauty Finds started off on a great foot with me.

What is the Quality of the Products?

Best Beauty Finds claims to offer “premium products”, so I was eager to see if the products I received would fall under this category.

When I think about premium products, especially when it comes to skincare, I think about products that are using quality ingredients.

Thankfully for both beauty products, you can see the ingredients listed out on the website, which makes doing an ingredient check super easy before making a purchase.

For the purpose of this review, I will mostly be referencing the Bee Venom Moisturizer as the Anti-Aging Serum didn’t past my ingredient check.

In no way am I saying the Anti-Aging Serum isn’t a good product (I wouldn’t know), it’s just not a match for my skin type or needs. After doing your own research you could determine that it is the ideal anti-aging serum for you.

Anyways, when it comes to the Bee Venom Moisturizer, I was pleased with the ingredients and felt like the product could potentially become part of my fall or winter skincare routine depending on how it performed.

What is the Price of the Products?

From what I can tell from searching around the site it looks as though all the products are priced reasonably. The Bee Venom Moisturizer usually goes for $180, but they have it marked down by 78% making the total $39.99

I tried to cross-reference with Amazon and a few other retailers and none of them had the product available.

Therefore, when it comes to the price, I will conclude that it is possible to score the best deal at Best Beauty Finds.

Final Thoughts on Best Beauty Finds

Overall, Best Beauty Finds seems like a great site. They have a wide selection of products and from what I could tell they are all priced affordably. Based on my experience with the Bee Venom Moisturizer the products are of great quality also.

I’ve only had the Bee Venom for a few days, so check back with me after a month or so if you’re interested in knowing if it was a product that made the cut for my fall or winter skincare routine.

Have you ever shopped at Best Beauty Finds before? If so, tell me about your experience in the comments.

Best Beauty Finds Review

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