Best Dog Gift Ideas For Beagles

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If you have a beagle that’s a part of your family you know from the day that you brought them home they instantly melted your family’s heart and you want nothing but the best for them. 

These are the best dog gift ideas for beagles.

Chippin Jerky Holiday Bundle

Chippin is a woman-owned sustainable pet nutrition company that is transforming the pet industry with foods that are better for your dog and the planet. 

Their products consume approximately 80% less than the status quo options and their proteins are hypoallergenic. 

All products are made in the USA too!

This year they have a holiday jerky bundle that the beagle in your life will love to unwrap.

Your pup’s name can be written on the front, so they know it’s just for them, and the bundle consists of eco-friendly cricket and silver carp jerky treats.

These treats are perfect for training purposes and will instantly become their new favorite treat. 


If you want a better alternative to traditional bones, the BetterBone is a great choice. 

It’s a safe dog chew toy that’s also eco-friendly. It’ll help your pet keep their teeth clean and they’ll enjoy playing with it during the process. 

BetterBone is created with sustainable materials and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals. 

Your pup will definitely enjoy this bone and you’ll be pleased with the amount of time that it lasts!

Hungry Bark Food Subscription

Hungry Bark understands that there is not a one size fits all meal plan when it comes to dogs. 

With their customized dog food subscription, you are able to get what’s best for your beagle and forget about having to go dog food shopping each month as it’ll be delivered timely to your front door monthly. 

To get started you simply fill out a short questionnaire, wait for your plan to be generated, and then decide which items you want to have delivered monthly. 

This is one of the best dog gift ideas for beagles because it’s literally the gift that keeps giving in more ways than one!

TruDog Rabbit Jerky with Apple and Kale Limited Edition Gift Pack

Surprise your beagle with these premium treats that are tasty too. 

The unique blend of apple, rabbit, and kale, is sure to take their tastebuds on a wild ride that they won’t want to stop!

Tasty for them and peace of mind for you knowing that you’re giving them a nutritious treat. 

Merry Makings Sweet Tidings Plus Bone

Beagles sure do love their bones.

This festive XXL bone will keep them busy for quite a while without you having to worry about a real bone damaging their intestines. 

It is huge though, so hopefully, you have an extra-large stocking for it to fit into. 

Merry Makings Bite Me! Gingerbread Man Sweater

If you do a Christmas Eve Box as part of your Christmas traditions, you’ll want to make sure you add this bad boy to the box. 

Your pup will be Christmas photo-ready and warm if it’s a chilly Christmas in your neck of the woods!

Merry Makings Have a Tennis Ball Wreath Dog Toy Gift Set

It’s amazing how many balls go missing or get shredded when there’s a beagle in the house. 

This gift set will give them six new balls to play fetch with or entertain themselves independently. 

These are the best dog gift ideas for beagles

If you want to give your beagle the best dog gift this year you can’t go wrong with any of these options. 

They’ll be super happy to open the gift and you’ll be able to keep making wonderful memories together with your furbaby. 

Best Dog Gift Ideas For Beagles

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  1. Melissa Cushing says:

    Such cute gift ideas here for sure. Love that adorable sweater with the Gingerbread Man 😉

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