Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as expensive as you might think to buy the best firepit. Sunnydaze Decor provides affordable, high-quality firepits that can be purchased for less than $250. 

The best fire pits will allow you to enjoy some time unwinding in your backyard after a long day. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best fire pits that Sunnydaze Decor has to offer. 

Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

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Sunnydaze 30″ Royal Outdoor Fire Pit with Handles, Spark Screen, & Poker Tool

Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

Gather around this contemporary outdoor fire pit made from highly durable steel. Both the paint and brass highlights are designed to withstand the high temperatures of a roaring fire.

Plus, when you buy this Sunnydaze fire pit, you’ll also get a wood grate to improve airflow and a spark screen to protect you from any flying embers.

Whether you want a backyard bonfire or are looking for the best fire pits to make those winter nights a little more bearable, this fire pit has you covered.

Sunnydaze 32″ Northern Galaxy Square Outdoor Fire Pit with Cooking Grate & Spark Screen

Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

If you’re looking for something to host a backyard barbeque with, consider the Northern Galaxy fire pit. This square-shaped fire pit is an instant focal point in any yard, with impressive bronze highlights and heat-resistant paint.

Together with the wooden grate for safety, bring out the cooking grate and start sizzling up some delicious meals. 

Sunnydaze 42″ Cosmic Outdoor Large Fire Pit with Spark Screen & Poker Tool

Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

Are you looking for something a little bigger?

This giant fire pit is perfect for larger yards and large parties. The extra-large fire pit comes with a beautiful decorative cosmic design. Its steel construction will provide you with many years of great memories.

The included spark screen and poker tool will allow you to keep soaring embers and burning logs at bay. The rustic finish of this fire pit will bring you back to days of camping in the woods.

For a large fire pit without the large cost, there’s no better solution than the Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor firepit.

Sunnydaze 36″ Black Crossweave Wood-Burning Fire Pit with Spark Screen, Grate, Cover, & Poker Tool

Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

You can’t guarantee great weather, but what you can guarantee is a fire pit that’s capable of standing up to whatever the climate might throw at it.

This large fire pit comes with a cross-weave design and steel construction that won’t wither or buckle in the face of difficult weather conditions. What’s more, it even comes with a weather-resistant cover to protect it from rain.

Getting a premium fire pit has never been more affordable!

These are the best fire pits that you can purchase for less than $250

Add a touch of class and luxury to your yard for less. Use the code FIRE10 now to save 10% on Sunnydaze fire pits, log racks, and other associated accessories.

Best Firepits That Cost Less Than $250

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