Are Bloggers Missing Out by Not Using LinkedIn?

For the last month or so I have been getting more active on LinkedIn. As a full-time writer, it’s obvious that I would have an account, however, I wondered how it could help me with my blogging journey as well.

I’ll go ahead and be honest and tell you that despite having close to 1500 connections on LinkedIn I hardly use the platform (well before I started my experiment). What brought it on my radar was the topic being discussed a bit in some Facebook Groups. From the groups, it seemed that 75% of bloggers (especially lifestyle blogs) felt that it was useless. The other 25% revealed they obtained blog work from there and could make some good connections that seemed promising for future blog work.

Well, my wheels got to spinning and I did research to see if LinkedIn would be worth my time or not.

In this article, I am going to reveal what my study concluded, what asking others directly in the blogging industry revealed, and what I did differently on LinkedIn.

Where Research Led Me

Numbers are everything in the blogging world. Therefore, the first thing I did was do research to try and find out how many connections the average LinkedIn user has. I have 1500 and three months ago my account was dormant.

I stumbled upon this article and it revealed some shocking facts – “54% of respondents from their study have LESS THAN 500 connections”. However, this was unbelievable for me and since the study was just based off of LinkedIn users in general and wasn’t really targeted, I decided to take matters into my own hands and created a Twitter poll.

I mean bloggers are networkers and marketers so they have to have at least 1000 connections on a professional platform, right? We work with PR reps, CEOs, and so many other professional people so there was no way this was a good representation of the blogging community.

However, after searching Facebook for LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn groups for bloggers and turning up very slim results (none that looked promising), I figured I must have stumbled upon something good.

What My LinkedIn Twitter Poll Revealed

My Twitter Poll, even though there were only 61 votes and targeted towards bloggers only, revealed similar results to the previous (larger and untargeted) results discussed in the article referenced earlier. I couldn’t believe it.

It showed that 58% of bloggers had fewer than 500 connections. However, the other percentages were higher than the larger study with 15% of bloggers having more than 2,000 connections vs the 7% from the unsegregated poll.

What Bloggers in a Variety of Niches Think About LinkedIn

Still wondering why no one was really using LinkedIn in the blogging community, I decided to dig even deeper and reach out to various bloggers to see what their personal thoughts on the network were.

Carrie Aulenbacher, who blogs at Carrie Aulenbacher about an eclectic mix of content, revealed to me that she has 245 connections. She says, “I find LinkedIn Groups a beneficial place to connect with others in my niche who are developing their own manuscript or working their own marketing plan on a current book. With a side hustle of giving website feedback and helping develop the first website for new authors, the groups are a perfect place for me to offer advice and support, which helps me market my own side hustle. I get the majority of my clients from LinkedIn Group interaction”.

Wanda Thomas, Madcris Images (792 LinkedIn connections).

Now, that’s the type of response that I was looking for. So far, I had discovered, there were no Facebook groups for bloggers on LinkedIn, brands don’t request you to share your posts on LinkedIn, and majority of the bloggers aren’t successfully building connections there – so the obvious thing to think is that LinkedIn isn’t making any money for bloggers. However, Wanda proved that wrong.

Spencer Smith, who blogs at Spencer X Smith about social media and marketing primarily, blew me out of the water when he revealed that he has not only 6,000 connections on LinkedIn but also 45 published posts. Wow, right? He says, “I see LinkedIn as a great repurposing platform. I first write blog posts for my own website and business & trade magazines and repurpose those articles (with attribution to the original article in the conclusion) on LinkedIn. I see LinkedIn as the best opportunity any of us have in the business-centric social media realm to stay top of mind with our customers and prospects. To me, whether people read my article in its entirety or not is immaterial. Simply the reminder of me and my personal brand is the best value I receive from LinkedIn publishing”.

Karen Warren, who is a UK travel blogger at World Wide Writer and has 155 connections, told me, “I don’t use LinkedIn for blog marketing, other than automatic posting of new articles each week. I was advised to use LinkedIn when I went on a social media course a few years ago, but I find it of little practical use. It is good for local networking and linking to other bloggers, but not for promoting my work to the general public ( the majority of my readers). Therefore, Facebook and Twitter are much more effective”.

[bctt tweet=”Check out what these 9 bloggers had to say about LinkedIn. #bloggerswanted ” username=”wahmjourney91″]

Tanya Thibodeau, who blogs about children learning through play at Seeme & Liz (141 connections) says, “It is not one of my main ways of promoting my website. I am part of 2 LinkedIn parenting/child development groups and share some articles there. Most of my social media marketing is focused on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I plan to focus on LinkedIn a bit more as the few articles I have shared have been well received with quite a bit of engagement”.

Najeeullah Babar, who blogs about online business at Blogger Khan, has more than 1400 connections. He says, “LinkedIn has a higher page rank than your blog most likely. If your article is on LinkedIn that will likely show up higher on Google Search than your own website. Write for your blog, but always post an abbreviated version for LinkedIn. People find you on LinkedIn and for a more detailed report/article, visit your website”.

Steve Miller, who blogs about finances at Debt MD, has 212 connections. He says, “I use LinkedIn as a marketing tool because I think membership in the various groups available helps to build an audience for my blog”.

Mindi Rosser, who blogs about social media and marketing at Mindi Rosser, has 2,135 connections. She reveals, “At a minimum, every blogger should be cross-posting their blogs to LinkedIn monthly and have an updated, keyword- optimized LinkedIn profile. As a blogger-consultant, I land more than 50% of my gigs because of my LinkedIn marketing efforts. And, I average less than 15-20 minutes per day on LinkedIn”.

Paul Taubman, who blogs about online strategies at Digital Maestro, has 3,131 connections. He says, “I’ve started to blog on LinkedIn. By publishing my work there, I get additional exposure to my connections (and their connections). When I write, I have different reasons for it – in some cases, it’s for additional exposure. In other cases, I am trying to get traffic back to my website so they can learn more about what I offer. There are times when I add a Call to Action in the article so readers can request additional information. LinkedIn is more of a professional social media site; the visibility it provides is for a different audience than on Facebook”.

What I Have Done on LinkedIn Recently

For those of you that have been wondering what I have been doing on LinkedIn to test this out myself, we have finally arrived. Below, I will tell you briefly about what I did and the results I received:

  • Updated my entire LinkedIn profile
  • Posted one article on LinkedIn
  • Started sending out 5-10 targeted connection requests per week
  • Started searching keywords on LinkedIn to see if there was a market for my niches
  • Interacted with my connections through my newsfeed
  • Shared helpful articles on my newsfeed

The Results I Received

By doing the things I mentioned above I received an okay response. I gained about 40 connections, my views went up on my profile, I received about 7 inquiries about my services, and I brought in three clients successfully.

Closing Thoughts on Bloggers on LinkedIn

Overall, LinkedIn, in my opinion, is a valuable tool for bloggers. However, it doesn’t serve the same purpose as other social media networks, especially for those in the lifestyle niche.

The main goal is to connect with potential clients, others in your industry, and make sure your profile shows off your expertise when people do view your profile. I have learned a lot this past month about how to harness the power of LinkedIn and over the remainder of the year, this is probably a topic that I will be covering again – providing tips and tricks.

If you aren’t connected with me on LinkedIn yet consider connecting now for content that is online business and entrepreneur related. While I won’t be sharing my lifestyle related content there quite yet I do feel as though LinkedIn has the potential to help me build both my writing business as well as my blog.

Does LinkedIn a part of your marketing plan?

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  3. I’ve always been very hesistant on using linkedin. I’ve always been told its a great place to connect with people professionally for business. I think I’ll definitely consider it.

  4. Martine says:

    really cool! could you give me more details about your search for keywords in your niche please? How did that yield clients? I am learning how to do this now and would like to master it to turn viewers into customers.
    Thank you for the information and I look forward to your answer on (my email)!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Martine,

      I just searched for the main keywords relative to my niche and it actually pulled up people who were looking to hire people by doing that. A lot of people don’t appear to use the job function instead they do a status update asking for what they need. So, doing a keyword search 1-2 times per week can make sure you stay in the loop. Also, by updating my profile I was able to have some clients come directly to me. I participated in a webinar and got some tips and they actually worked quicker than what the host estimated. My page views on my profile are still rising, however, if I see a dip in views I’ll make some more tweaks. I hope this helps.

  5. I used to use LinkedIn years ago and shared all of my posts there. The last time I thought about getting back into LinkedIn it looked so different than it had before that I didn’t know where to start. Maybe it’s time for another look.

  6. sara says:

    I have many blogging friends who have much success using LinkedIn. I have a profile, but I really do not use it as much as I could. I really need to update my profile and get cracking over there.

  7. I have an accout in every social platform there is. I really believe on the power of social media and how it helps me connect to the world. This is really informative and interesting.

  8. This was very interesting. I have no idea who to work LinkedIn and that is why I don’t use it. Some folks have an incredible experience and get work from it.

    I need to make this a goal.

  9. I don’t personally use LinkedIn at all. Generally I know it is used for job search, and not necessarily for looking for contract work. I know this is a great platform for connecting and networking, and it is somewhere on my list to work on, but blogging is just my hobby for now, so I am not sure I want my other business connections necessarily know what else I do. That’s how I look at it. I love the research on this matter that you did though – very cool to read what others think overall!

  10. Sheena Tatum says:

    Linked In is great. I don’t know where I would be without it.

  11. Beeb Ashcroft says:

    It’s never done a ton for me. However, I know each blogger is different in where they get their biggest connections from.

  12. I have used LinkedIn somewhat and have my blog on my profile. It has brought me some marketing opportunities I am sure. Plus, it never hurts to keep an eye out for promising leads. You never know what might come up.

    I currently have 577 connections and growing. I am not very active and most of the connections that I make are sent to me. Unless I see a name I recognize, then I send off a request to connect.

  13. Chrishelle Ebner says:

    I am definitely listening. As a relatively new blogger I can use all the help I can get. I have a linkedin account be now many connections. Definitely will be more active with this social media platform.

  14. I have a Linkedin account but have never taken advantage of it. To be honest, I was considering deleting it but now I can see that I need to start using it.

  15. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is a great post on Linkedin for the bloggers. It seems it can help to provide a blogger with information for building and to connect with clients. Thanks for sharing the information.

  16. Michelle Waller says:

    I haven’t really used Linkedin before. I have connections on there but that is about as far as it goes. I am going to have to check it out more.

  17. I just don’t keep up with LinkedIn, I am on there but never do anything with it. I am bad at social media all together though. I spend most of my blogging time creating DIY projects and recipes to post on my blog. I may need to advertise more if I actually want to grow my following, right now my readers feel like they are a part of a well kept t secret.

  18. It’s interesting that I have had a couple of people from linked in come to look at my blog. And I have had a Disney person look at my linked in profile after being on my blog. I know that it can be useful. I am just not always sure how to use it.

  19. After reading this I am realizing that I really need to join LinkedIn. Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I want to build my blog’s reputation!

  20. Hmmm maybe I should reevaluate where I’m spending my time. I signed up for LinkedIn a long time ago and have a lot of connections, but I rarely use the platform.

    1. admin says:


      I would recommend reevaluating. I also signed up for LinkedIn about 5 years ago or so and grew my connections, but after I started blogging more I kind of just dropped it. I haven’t mastered the Groups yet to see how well they work, however, I did clean out my old ones and joined some new relevant ones.

  21. Yeu Doi says:

    I was on Linkedin before starting IG. For some reason I like IG better, maybe because there is a higher level of engagement (?). I also enjoy looking at the beautiful photos more on IG. I guess every platform has their pros and cons.

    1. admin says:

      Instagram is another great platform. I find it to be a great place to show off photos. That is a network I am focusing on being more active on, but I think for me to get what I am looking for from there I am going to have to start over from scratch and try to stick with a theme.

  22. Joely Smith says:

    I have been planning on getting my Linkedin better organized and using it. Thank you for the helpful info!

  23. Kelly Hutchinson says:

    I have less than 500 followers on LinkedIn. I just have not found it to have helped me grow my blog much.

  24. candy says:

    I have honestly not used Linkedin. Wasn’t even sure if I was interested in using this platform. After reading your post I will be looking into this closer and see where it leads me.

  25. Very informative post. Some times I forget to use it as much as I should. I need to get more active on it.

  26. I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn. It makes networking so much easier. I’m actually quite surprised that more bloggers don’t use it.

  27. LinkedIn is far more beneficial than most bloggers realize. After all, we’re all about networking, an d it’s a huge platform.

  28. This is a very interesting article! I have not used linked in nearly as well as I should. It looks like I definitely need to check it out more and give it more credit. I’m excited to try it out!

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