Career Ideas for those Interested in Getting Into Healthcare

Are you the sort of person who likes to help and support others? Are you someone who wants a higher purpose from work? Then a healthcare career may be for you.

The healthcare industry is one that always remains futureproofed. Employment prospects are not hinged on overall national economic performance. The industry as a whole is projected to grow by 15% from 2019 to 2029.

You do not need to obtain a PhD, complete a residency, and rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to become a vital part of this industry. Here are some job ideas for anyone who wants to go into healthcare.

Nurse Anesthetist

An anesthetist is responsible for ensuring that a patient can be administered anesthetic before a procedure in a safe manner. They will also be required to apply local and general anesthesia, as well as adjust the level of anesthesia, as necessary.

This is a position of high responsibility, and nurses are expected to possess at least a year or two of experience in acute or critical care settings. You will also be required to possess at least a master’s degree.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

These workers are responsible for preparing radioactive drugs for patients for both therapeutic and imaging purposes. They operate highly advanced imaging equipment and also treat patients. It is also possible for nuclear medicine technologists to go into research.

You will usually need an associate’s degree from an accredited program. Some states may also have separate requirements for obtaining a license to practice.

Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist helps their patients develop or regain the basic skills and movements necessary to function in daily life. They may work with heavily disabled patients, or children suffering from developmental disabilities.

It is a job that requires an ability to socialize with a smile as every patient will have a tailor-made care plan.

A master’s degree in occupational therapy is the most common route into the profession.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists spend their days removing stains, plaque, and tartar from their patient’s teeth. They will also search for the first signs of oral diseases and take dental x-rays.

An associate’s degree in dental hygiene is required. Most states also require a license to practice, which typically involves passing a clinical examination.

Healthcare Consultant

A healthcare consultant is a management analyst who examines the efficiency, structure, and profitability of a healthcare organization. Based on their findings, they provide tailormade advice on how an organization can improve the way it operates.

Consultants often specialize in a particular area of healthcare consulting. To become a consultant, you usually need at least a bachelor’s degree, although your options increase if you possess a master’s.


The healthcare industry offers a range of options for young people who want to deliver better outcomes for patients. The majority of roles require a college education, with more advanced roles always requiring a master’s.

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