CBD Holiday Gift Guide

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Give the gift of CBD this year and help the people you care about to relax and enjoy the amazing benefits of CBD. 

Understandably there are a lot of CBD products on the market, so finding the best CBD products can be tricky. You can find so many different types on sites like Serenity Store so how do you know which one the person you want to gift will like?

Here are our picks of the top CBD holiday gifts for this year. 

CBD Gift Guide

  Uncle Buds Hemp Facial Care Set

Best CBD Facial Care Set

Maintain a radiant complexion and a glowing set of cheeks with Uncle Buds Hemp Facial Care Set. Using only natural ingredients, this gift set comprises all the top-selling hemp-based skincare products from Uncle Buds.

Scientifically formulated to nourish and care for your skin, shrink pores, remove blackheads, and inject all the moisture you need. Perfect for all skin types and using only the finest ingredients, here’s what you can expect in every gift pack.

  • Uncle Bud’s Hemp Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser
  • Uncle Bud’s Hemp Night-Time Nourishing Cream
  • Rose gold, collagen, and blue light protection masks

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone who loves pampering themselves or is obsessed with their skincare routine, you cannot go wrong with this CBD gift idea!

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 Calm by Wellness Sleep Bundle

Best CBD Sleep Bundle

Quality sleep allows you to perform at your best. Change someone’s life and help them to overcome their insomnia with this sleep wellness bundle.

It features a special CBD tincture that’s designed to help you drift off to sleep. It includes both CBD and CBN and thousands of customers credit it with better quality sleep.

The bundle also comes with some delicious CBD gummies to help start the day off right. Kickstart the day without the burden of stress and worry. If you know someone who finds it difficult to calm their mind, these CBD gummies are perfect.

Finally, the Calm by Wellness Sleep Bundle includes a relaxing moisturizer packed with the highest standard of CBD and the calming fragrances of lavender. This lotion moisturizes the skin and comes with all the benefits you would expect from a CBD topical.

Manta Mask Kits

Take beauty and radiance to the next level with a Manta Mask Kit. Featuring four different masks designed to battle the most common skin problems, none of these masks use the unhealthy pharmaceuticals found in many traditional skin products.

Each Manta Mask Kit contains the following:

  • The Hemp CBD Blemish Mask – Purify the skin with Tea Tree oil, citrus extract, and sugar cane. This lavender-scented mask reduces irritation, eliminates redness, and provides an overall calming effect on the skin. There’s no better way to exfoliate and deliver a clearer, cleaner complexion.
  • The Hemp CBD Pore Refining Mask – Containing 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this mask also comes with several natural herbal extracts to cleanse the pores. Repair environmental damage with Vitamin C and Lipoic Acid. Soothe and refresh the skin and make a dull complexion sing.
  • The Hemp CBD Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser – Protect skin, lock in moisturizer, and prevent breakouts with this charcoal cleanser. This facial wash provides support for sensitive skin prone to irritation. Use this daily cleaner to maintain a healthy skin oil balance and never worry about toxic skin washes again.
  • The Hemp CBD Collagen Protective Spray – Remove harmful bacteria from the face with a protective spray containing Nanosilver and Bakuchiol. Extinguish dry, flaky skin with this gentle protective spray, and never let the winter blues get to your skin.

Each part of the Manta Mask Kit has been perfectly formulated for combatting the most common winter skin problems. 

Anyone will appreciate this luxury CBD facial kit!

 The CBD Pillow

Best CBD Pillow

Do you know someone who struggles to get a night of uninterrupted sleep? 

CBD helps fight off the symptoms of insomnia, but what happens in the middle of the night when the effects wear off?

For that, there’s the revolutionary new product, the CBD Pillow. 

Each pillow harnesses the power of micro-encapsulation technology. In other words, there are millions of microcapsules containing CBD embedded into the pillow.

The friction caused by someone lying on it will burst the capsules and cause a slow release of CBD throughout the night. The CBD regulates your sleep by being absorbed by the hair follicles and the skin for a calmer night’s sleep.

Gift the gift of amazing sleep this gifting season with The CBD Pillow!

  Serenity Mountain Foods Hot Cocoa

Best CBD Hot Chocolate

CBD is not just designed for the outside of the body but the inside. Choose Serenity Mountain Foods Hot Cocoa and make up a gift basket for that special someone this holiday season.

The finest Dutch chocolate comes together with the sweetest cane sugar and 40mg of top-quality CBD isolate. The CBD is tasteless and there are no artificial additives or flavors.

Discover serenity with this soothing hot cocoa blend and help someone you know to curl up by the fire this winter.

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 High Falls Help CBD Wellness Kit

Get a taste of the power of full-spectrum CBD with this incredible CBD wellness kit. 

This trio of premium products comes with CBD tinctures that are designed to help with eliminating stress, improving mobility, and getting a great night’s sleep.

More and more people are learning about the benefits of CBD every year. Introduce someone important in your life to the magic of CBD tinctures with High Falls Help, one of the most well-respected CBD brands in the business.


Welcome someone into the world of CBD with one of these CBD gift ideas. These six CBD products are the perfect start for anyone who’s expressed a desire to try CBD.

Every product is natural and uses only the highest quality ingredients. Combining the strength of nature and science, these products are not just fun but practical.

CBD Holiday Gift Guide

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