The Best CBD Mother’s Day Gifts To Give This Year

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Not sure what to give mom this Mother’s Day or waited until the last minute and found out that nothing will arrive in time?

Don’t fret!

Give mom some CBD products this year that will help her relax while also reaping the other benefits of CBD. 

CBD Mother's Day Gifts

Bliss Body Oil from Cannabliss

CBD Body Oil

Image Credit: Cannabliss

Bliss Body Oil from Cannabliss is an hydrating and nourishing body oil. This CBD infused body oil is all-natural and directly targets the skin cells to produce soft and glowing skin.

This body oil contains a range of herbal ingredients, such as Ginseng and Angelica. It’s an easy way to moisturize, improve texture, and protect yourself from the sun.

It also works with all skin types.

Sugar & Kush Bath Bomb Variety Pack

CBD Bath Bomb Variety Pack

Image Credit: Sugar & Kush

Help mom relax with the Sugar & Kush Bath Bomb Variety Pack. These bath bombs contain a combination of CBD and essential oils.

As well as improving the quality of your skin, these bath bombs contain ingredients that help to relax the muscles and de-stress.

This pack comes with three flavors: pink rose swirl, lavender charcoal, and vanilla cupcake.

Calm Chews From Healist Naturals

CBD Calm Chews

Image Credit: Healist Naturals

Enjoy CBD gummies on the go with these vegan gummies. Calm Chews From Healist Naturals contains only natural ingredients and CBD. They’re designed to help you deal with both stress and anxiety.

All ingredients are organically farmed right here in the US. With hemp-extracted CBD, these gummies contain 20mg of CBD per serving and 46 chews in every bottle.

Sleep Drops From Healist Naturals

CBD Sleep Drops

Image Credit: Healist Naturals

Sleep easy with Sleep Drops From Healist Naturals. This fast-acting citrus blend of CBD sleep drops will help eliminate drowsiness and encourage healthy sleep cycles every night.

There’s 20ml of CBD per 1ml serving and additional essential oils, such as lemon balm and lavender, which are all farmed organically on US soil.

Relief Infused Patches From Healist Naturals

CBD Relief Infused Patches

Image Credit: Healist Naturals

Soothe tired and aching muscles and joints with these CBD infused patches. Each patch contains 10mg of targeted CBD support, designed to last for 24 hours.

Simply attach a patch to an area of discomfort and the CBD based formula will help to relax and invigorate tired muscles.

Sleep Time CBD Gummies From Kindurth

Sleep Time CBD Gummies

Image Credit: Kindurth

Sleep Time CBD Gummies From Kindurth offers a type of gummy unmatched in quality and consistency. Using a unique infusion process, Kindurth offers gummies with 50mg of CBD and 5mg of melatonin in every chew.

To guarantee the quality, these all-natural gummies are tested within a 3rd party laboratory, so you know you’re getting a great package of gummies every time.

There’s zero THC and you get 30 gummies in every package.

Use the code G4M20 to take 20% off of your purchase!

Premium CBD Cream From Kindurth

Premium CBD Cream

Image Credit: Kindurth

Target tired and sore muscles without using pills. This CBD cream contains 300mg of CBD in every bottle. It’s good for up to 250 squeezes, so this is a product that’s designed to last.

Using nano amplification, this formulation contains premium CBD together with ingredients like lavender, menthol, and rosemary for deep penetration.

Non-greasy and with a smooth, light consistency, get fast relief with Kindurth’s premium CBD cream.

Vive CBD Body Lotion

CBD Body Lotion

Image Credit: Vive CBD

Vive CBD Body Lotion is perfect for improving skin, relieving muscle/joint pain, and even soothing burns. Manufactured in the US using quality hemp oil, this body lotion contains 300mg of CBD in every 120ml bottle.

All ingredients used in CBD body lotion are organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, as well as being just perfect for vegans.

Vive CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

Image Credit: Vive CBD

For a lightweight CBD gummy, Vive CBD Gummies are the ideal CBD Mother’s Day gift. Containing just 10mg of CBD per gummy, there are 50 different delicious gummies in every pack.

These CBD gummies are soft to chew and come in a range of multi-colored flavors. There’s no better way to unwind or banish anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness.

Vive CBD Lip Balm

CBD Lip Balm

Image Credit: Vive CBD 

Use CBD discreetly on the go using a lip balm. These 2mg lip balms are great for preventing chapped lips during the winter.

These lip balms are gluten-free, non-GMO, and safe for vegans. Just wipe some on your lips and you’ll not only feel relaxed but it’s superior to other moisturizers on the market.

Diamond CBD Pink Sugar Bath Salts

CBD Pink Sugar Bath Salts

Image Credit: Diamond CBD

Create a candy floss colored soak in the tub with these sugary bath salts. Containing 100mg of CBD in every jar, these bath salts are manufactured using a combination of industrial CBD and a range of essential oils.

These bath salts contain phytocannabinoids designed to promote full-body relaxation alongside a rich, soft sugary scent in your bathroom.

Cherry Blossom CBD Tea Sampler From Hakuna Boutique Hemp


Image Credit: Hakuna Boutique Hemp

Enjoy CBD tea with 90mg of CBD in every box. Presented in a bamboo tea box, there are four different flavors with every order.

Sample mint, turmeric ginger, macha green, and chamomile teas this Mother’s Day. Not only will you get the benefits of these all-natural ingredients, but you’ll also enjoy the relaxing health benefits of the organically grown infusion of CBD in every cup.

CBD Living Massage Oil

CBD Massage Oil

Image Credit: CBD Living

Take relaxation to a whole new level with CBD Living Massage Oil. This massage oil contains 300mg of CBD in every bottle. Using skin retention technology, this massage oil will not only relax aching muscles but also repair dry, cracked skin.

This oil is best used immediately after a shower for a silky feel. Every bottle contains a range of natural oils, including almond and grape seed.

CBD Living Lavender Bath Bomb

CBD Lavendar Bath Bomb

Image Credit: CBD Living

Enjoy a soak in the tub with this lavender bath bomb. Every bomb contains 100mg of CBD. This nano-CBD is designed to improve absorption rates and to improve relaxation.

These eight-ounce bath bombs aim to improve blood circulation, hydrate the skin, and offer pain relief.

All ingredients used are safe for vegans and won’t cause any stains in your bathtub.

Just CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks

Image Credit: Just CBD

Get something other than CBD gummies by buying these honey sticks as a CBD Mother’s Day gift. These sticks contain 10mg of CBD per stick and can be taken anywhere.

This CBD infusion is a delicious way of reducing anxiety and stress throughout the day. They can be eaten directly or soaked in some hot tea.

Every jar contains 100 sticks.

cbdMD Freeze Roller

CBD Freeze Roller

 Image Credit: cbdMD

Suffering from back, joint, and muscle pain? The cbdMD Freeze Roller uses a manufacturing process utilizing wholesome hemp. You won’t find any THC in these rollers and they’re made using ingredients sourced from US farms.

Just rub this freeze roller onto the affected area and let it go to work. There’s 300mg of CBD in every bottle, so it’s designed to work fast.

cbdMD Revive Squeeze

CBD Revive Squeeze

Image Credit: cbdMD

Revive your skin with cbdMD Revive Squeeze. This broad-spectrum CBD infusion combines essential oils, aloe vera, and coconut oil to revitalize and rejuvenate.

With 375mg of CBD in every ounce, this strong, lightweight, non-greasy skin cream will have you looking great again regardless of the season.

AM/PM Gummy Bundle From Every Day Optimal

AM/PM CBD Gummies

Image Credit: Every Day Optimal

Optimize the day by feeling energized throughout the day and ready to sleep at night. This bundle includes 30 25mg CBD gummies for the day and 30 25mg CBD gummies for the evening. The PM gummies include added melatonin.

These soft chew gummies come in a range of colorful flavors. Not only are these great for health but terrific to enjoy.



Image Credit: Powercap

Turn an ordinary drink break into something amazing with Powercap. This three-pack infusion comes in watermelon, black cherry, and lemonade flavors. Each drink comes with 25mg of CBD.

This water-soluble powder slips right into your drink without all the sweeteners and extra flavorings. These all-natural ingredients are healthy and can be used even by those with sensitive stomachs.

They’re tasty and perfect for people of all ages. They’re also much healthier than soda!

Calm Body Butter From Realm Wellness

CBD Calm Body Butter

Image Credit: Realm Wellness

Realm Wellness’s revolutionary body butter formula combines not just lavender oil and 50mg of CBD in every jar. It also includes CBG, which in many circles is touted as the new CBD. Both CBD and CBG are harvested from pure, organic hemp grown right here in the US.

Just apply to the back, neck, temples, or any other pressure points to unwind. It promotes relaxation, detoxifies the skin, and helps to alleviate pain.

It’s rare to find both CBD and CBG brought together as part of the same nourishing body butter.

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These Are The Best CBD Mother’s Day Gifts to Give This Year

CBD is trending and thousands of people are already experiencing the benefits. 

Regardless of whether your mom has been using CBD products for a year or is a newbie, she’s sure to love a few products from this list. 

It doesn’t even have to stop there. You can order an assortment of products and create your own DIY CBD Mother’s Day gift basket. 

Which of these CBD Mother’s Day gifts caught your attention the most?

The Best CBD Mother’s Day Gifts To Give This Year

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