How to Child Proof Your Walls

If you have young kids, it can be super hard to keep a clean house. Trust me, as a mom of three young boys I know.

In addition to constantly having to straighten up the house, clean their bathroom, and other regular tasks you also must try to keep the walls clean.

I personally don’t allow the kids to have food or drinks in their rooms to try to keep their floor and walls as clean as possible. However, there are occasions where they get a marker from school that I don’t know about or they put dirty hands on the walls and it drives me insane.

I know I’m not the only, therefore, today I am doing a mini DIY post to show you how I child proofed my walls.

Let’s begin!

Step One – Purchase Paint Supplies

The first step is to prepare for your DIY project, which includes painting. I purchase my paint supplies from Lowes, but whatever your favorite store is feel free to shop there. You will need a paint roller kit, a paint brush, some blue tape, some plastic, and Anne Geddes Nursery Room Interior Paint (available at Walmart).

NOTE: When purchasing paint make sure you consider how many coats are going to be required and how large of a space you need to paint. For me, two gallons could cover their room and the hallway outside of their room.

Step Two – Prep the Room

Before photo

During this step, I had the kids put all their toys inside of their closet and the floor pillows and stuffed animals on their beds so nothing would be on the walls. Once they finished this it was time to take off vents, light covers, and socket covers. I also decided to replace all the covers (not required, but I just feel it helps the room look fresher). Next, it was time to use the blue tape to tape around the door, windows, and bottom of the wall. Lastly, the plastic was put down to ensure that paint didn’t get on the carpet.

Preparing to Paint

NOTE: During the prep, you will also fix any holes in the wall as well. My kids had a small hole behind their door so I was able to use one of the hole fixer kits they had a Lowes and when the mixture turns white on the wall it lets you know it is safe to paint.

Step Three – Paint

The next step is to paint. I find the rollers to be best for the larger spaces of the wall and then the paint brush works well for smaller spaces where the roller can’t fit. Since the original paint was darker on the walls and I was updating it to white, I had to use two coats on all the walls.

Ready to paint

Step Four – Air Dry

This step is the easiest. Let the paint air dry or add in some fans to help speed the process up and if the weather is nice outside you can even open the windows. The best thing about the Anne Geddes Nursery Room Interior Paint is that it doesn’t have an overbearing paint smell so this is a project that can be done while you are in the home without you having to worry about leaving for the day to let the fumes air out.

Step 5 – Clean Up

Once the paint is dry go ahead and remove the tape, plastic and put on the outlet and vent covers.

The final product

Why I Recommend the Anne Geddes Nursery Room Interior Paint to Child Proof Walls

The Anne Geddes Nursery Room Interior Paint is perfect for children’s rooms and even your entire home (or at least the rooms where your children will access). I recommend it because it is made with natural toxic free, and water-based ingredients, which makes it safe for children. It also aids in childproofing the walls because once it is dry you can easily wash off any marks or stains without the paint coming off. The before photos of their walls look so horrible because when they have gotten the walls dirty I tried to wash it off and it was peeling off the paint. No more of that thankfully!

Lastly, the colors that the paint is available in encourage soothing, relaxation, comfort, and even imaginative thought.

What are your best tips for childproofing walls?



  1. Wow! That paint works very well! I needed that when my girls were younger. Now that they are older I don’t have to worry about dirty walls.


  2. Looks like it work very well in providing coverage. I could use something like this for my kid.

  3. Hahhaaaa I should have fond this when mine were little, boy we use dot repaint every 2 years, little finger marks everywhere…Then we discovered Wipeable paint blisss….Havent repainted in years 🙂

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s a really nice paint! I love that it’s safe for the kids especially the babies. It’s definitely the best choice for soon to be parents when painting their nursery.

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