Chrissy’s Socks Review

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If you’re looking for color thigh high socks Chrissy’s Socks is one company that you may want to consider. 

They have classic thigh high sock options available as well as more playful themes. 

For the purpose of this review, I tried out three different thigh high socks from Chrissy’s Socks to see if they really live up to their expectations. 

Fox Thigh High Socks

The Fox thigh high socks are one of the playful sock options that Chrissy’s Socks have available. 

I paired them with some black shorts and a tank top. 

They do look like the photos and they are snug so you don’t have to worry about them rolling down throughout the day. However, for me, they just barely went above my knee and were nowhere near mid-thigh as seen in the photos on the site. 

Panda Thigh High Socks

The Panda thigh high socks are another playful option available at Chrissy’s Socks. 

Like the Fox thigh high socks they also won’t roll down during the day. However, these socks are even shorter than the Fox socks and didn’t even go past my knee.

They do look like the photos on the site, but in some of the photos you see a model with the socks showing at mid-thigh, and in others, they don’t reach the knee. 

Gray Cat Thigh High Socks

Out of the three socks that I tried, the cat ones turned out to be my favorite, unexpectedly. 

They came over my knee comfortably and the material, while tight to not roll down like the other two socks, was not overly tight. 

Chrissy’s Socks Review

I have recently gotten into thigh high socks, with my first purchase being a pair of sweater thigh high socks that come up to my mid-thigh. Therefore, when I heard about Chrissy’s Socks, I was expecting all of the socks to come up to my mid-thigh. 

However, based on the three different thigh high socks that I tried it’s clear that all of the socks are different lengths and will fit differently. 

The cat thigh highs came up the highest and were the best fit, however, still not what I had in mind for thigh highs. 

I will say that I am a taller female (5’11’) so for those who are not as tall, Chrissy’s Socks would probably fit great. 

The only other thing to consider is that the socks don’t have much stretch to them. While obviously, you don’t want the thigh highs to be loose and falling down during the day, if you have slightly thick thighs there’s no way these socks will stretch to accommodate that. 

The Panda thigh highs and Fox thigh highs that I tried were already very tight on just my leg/knee so even in the event that they could have reached my thigh there was no way that it would have worked. 

Shipping-wise, I didn’t think the wait was too bad. Two days after placing the order the package shipped and then it arrived six days later. 

The good news is that the thigh highs do actually look like the photos, they aren’t scratchy, they are fur-free, and there are some fun options available. 

Closing Thoughts

If you’re shorter than 5”6 and have small thighs and legs, Chrissy’s Socks is a great place to purchase thigh highs from. They have both classic and more playful thigh high options available. 

For us taller girls with thighs I’ll have to keep searching. 

Chrissy\'s Socks Review


  1. These are all such fun socks! I didn’t realize how many designs there were to choose from. Great gift idea too.

  2. Ok I am all about these high socks and I love the color and design on these!

  3. Becky Willis says:

    My daughter used to LOVE fun socks. She probably still would if she lived at home. They also look like they are such good quality which is important in a good sock.

  4. Terri Steffes says:

    That’s a great review, from the standpoint of what taller girls might need. Thank you!

  5. Elizabeth Neas says:

    These socks are so fun! I myself wouldn’t be able to wear them but I think my grandsons’ wives would just love them.

  6. Beth Pierce says:

    Chrissy’s Socks is a great place to get thigh highs from. I love that they have a variety of options available

  7. I’m definitely looking for color thigh-high socks. Thanks for your honest review

  8. Tasheena says:

    Thanks for sharing this review, these socks look really cozy.

  9. Tara Pittman says:

    These would be great to wear with dresses. They are cute socks.

  10. Amber Myers says:

    These are some fun socks. My daughter would want some of them I’m sure.

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