Chicken Alfredo Recipe

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Cooking with Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch DressingTessemae’s has introduced a new Creamy Ranch Dressing and I had the chance to put it to the test over the weekend. However, before jumping straight into my cooking experience and recipe I wanted to share some quick information about ranch and Tessemae’s that you may have not been aware of.

Background About Ranch and Tessemae’s

Did you know that Ranch is America’s #1 salad dressing, but most of the brands that create it stuff it full of sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients? The good news is Tessemae’s has put a stop to this!

Tessemae’s only uses clean, simple, and real ingredients. Therefore, you can enjoy your creamy ranch without the guilt.

Currently, Tessemae’s makes 25 different dressings, marinades, and condiments, which all use only real, whole sourced food ingredients and they are USDA organic. You can purchase them right at your local Kroger and Walmart.

Cooking with Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing

When my package of Tessemae’s goodies arrived, I decided to put their creamy ranch to the test by putting a spin on the traditional Chicken Alfredo recipe.

Ingredients Used

Chicken Alfredo Ingredients

  • Fat-Free Half and Half
  • Tessemae’s Dressing
  • Fat-Free Cream Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Broccoli
  • Fettuccine
  • Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breast Halves
  • Olive Oil
  • Ground Pepper

How I Prepared It

  1. I cooked the pasta and added in the broccoli once the pasta was almost done
  2. I drained the pasta
  3. I mixed in the Tessemae’s  Dressing, Fat-Free Half and Half, Fat-Free Cream Cheese, and the Parmesan Cheese together in a bowl.

Cooking Chicken AlfredoCooking Chicken Alfredo

  1. In my pan, I heated the Olive Oil and added in the chicken to cook.
  2. I added in the pasta and sauce and mixed that together

Chicken Alfredo Finished

  1. Lastly, I added in some pepper and served.

Chicken Alfredo Final

Final Thoughts on Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing

My boys and I enjoyed the Chicken Alfredo and even after making that I have been able to enjoy the dressing on my salads. I think it tastes great and would recommend it to those who want to make sure they know what they are eating when it comes to their ranch.

Have you had the chance to try out Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing yet? What is your favorite recipe that involves using Ranch?



  1. Oh yum, I love pasta and this looks so delicious! I’ll have to check out this dressing.

  2. I like the fact that this brand has a lot of flavors to choose from! Marinating ingredients or looking for salad dressings won’t be difficult anymore! Thanks also for sharing your lovely alfredo recipe!

  3. Looks so delicious! Creamy ranch dressing is my favorite spread for salads. I would have never thought to use it in other recipes.

  4. Milica Momcilovic says:

    My favorite pasta is Chicken Alfredo! Love this recepie!

  5. This sounds so delicious! I always hate how much sugar is in things like dressing, Tessemae’s is such a great company though!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    I’ve never tried this brand before but that chicken alfredo looks really good! I assume it tastes as good or even better than it looks! It’s quite easy to make as well, not bad for a quick dinner!

  7. Wow! I am so into real whole sourced food ingredients. Usually the food that are available in groceries are those that are fully processed with a lot of preservatives and superficial stuff. It’s nice to know that a brand like Tessemae has finally come up with 25 different organic dressings, marinades and condiments.

  8. The chicken alfredo looks delicious! I’m so glad to hear about a brand that makes a ranch so much healthier!

  9. Myteenguide says:

    I really like this. Looks so delicious. I will add this yummy recipe on my list. Can’t wait to try.

  10. This looks really tempting. The fact that it is not too hard to cook, makes it more attractive.

  11. I had no idea that you could use dressing to cook with. I always though it was solely for salads. Thanks for teaching me something new.

  12. I make something similar to this and i love it!

  13. That looks amazing! Now I am hungry. Seems I will have to try this out soon, looks too delicious to ignore!

  14. Never cooked with ranch dips, but definitely a great idea.

  15. Kimberly Lewis says:

    I love chicken alfredo! You are making me so hungry this morning!

  16. Tami Qualls says:

    We put either ranch dip or cheese on everything we consume. Yeah, not so healthy, but oh so good! I have my favorite brand of ranch dip/dressing but am always willing to try something new, especially if it’s better for my family.

  17. I’m not a fan of ranch dressing, but this recipe sounds really yummy. I will have to give this a try. My daughter LOVES ranch dressing and I bet she would like Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing.

  18. I could eat this off the page. How yummy. I’ve never heard of the brand so thanks for sharing the background. I think this would go over well in my house.

  19. This looks amazing and I love a good creamy ranch. I am going to be looking for this brand because I like that it does not have anything hidden in it. We will be making it this week.

  20. This looks like a great meal to try out and the ranch would make the flavor really pop! Ever since I moved to Iowa I have noticed everyone uses ranch on everything around here. They put it on their pizza, spaghetti, corn, chicken, anything you name it and they pour ranch on it. This should be the state food! I will have to try this and make it for some of my Iowa natives as this looks like a good way to use ranch that we would all enjoy.

  21. Jared Burkholder says:

    This is a fantastic dish. It looks incredible. I love that you used dressing while cooking. I also love that I’ve finally found a healthy dressing for this ranch loving family. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Next time I want to come for dinner. What a creative dish. I know that my whole family would love this dish. Going to have to try it. Adding it to our meal plan. YUM!!

    1. admin says:


      It is good and it is easy to make, which is always a win win.

  23. This creamy, cheesy variation of alfredo sounds delicious. I mean, white sauce is good on it’s own, but when you melt in cream cheese and add ranch, that gives it a mega flavor boost that I’m certain my family would love. Thanks for sharing this fun spin on a classic dish.

  24. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    I thought I was the only person who used dressing in my ingredients to make food. I use italian and the asian sesame a lot when making cooked foods to enhance the taste. Sounds like we think a like. I might have to try this.

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