6 Creative Holiday Greeting Ideas to Try This Season

Tired of the same old holidays? Too much work, too many responsibilities? Liven things up with these creative holiday greeting ideas to wish your loved ones Happy Holidays! And maybe, you’ll bring a smile to their faces as well!

Too Many Holidays Ran You Ragged? 

You’ve probably celebrated your fair share of holiday seasons, with family, lights, presents, decorations, and all the carols you can think of. After a while, it sneaks up on everybody: the idea that it’s just like every holiday season that came before. Some might even find it exhausting, having to make sure they get the holiday responsibilities just right. 

It’s times like that when you’ve got to shake things up and give them some new life. Make the holidays fun again, and rebuild that spirit you had when the holiday season was bright, beautiful, and exciting. Make greetings that your family and friends will remember for years, and they’ll keep talking about them as treasured memories. 

But if you’re having trouble coming up with creative holiday greeting ideas – and, we sympathize, it gets more tiring every year – we’re here to help. Here are a few creative holiday greeting ideas you can use to send holiday greetings to your closest loved ones this time of year. 

Giving a gift of a Christmas tree ornament is a classic. It’s something that can liven up a tree, and create fond memories every time you see it. Some companies have taken it a step further and created tree decorations that are edible, usually made of chocolate, which can first hang on a tree, and then be eaten by the kids once they’re pulled down. It’s fun for the whole family. 

But you don’t need to be a professional chef to create an ornamental treat. Why not try baking some delicious cookies, putting a string or ribbon through them, and presenting your family with something that will excite their eyes and make their mouths water? If you don’t know how to make cookies off the top of your head, department stores sell many holiday cookie-baking kits, and there are more than enough recipes online. 

But what about the string? How do you go from an average cookie on a plate to a tree decoration? Well, the options are as limitless as your imagination, but, here are a few popular ideas: 

  • Baking a hole into the cookie: the most troublesome option, since cookie dough might want to stretch out and plug up the hole. You should only use this option if you have a baking pan that makes space for a hole. 
  • Baking a hanger into the dough: Insert some kind of hook into your dough before putting it in the oven. This could work against you, if the materials in the hook are dangerous to eat, especially if they melt in the oven. Never use plastics! And when in doubt, only use metals that you already know can last in the oven, like tin foil. 
  • Baking an edible hanger: One popular choice that has caught on is to make the hanger edible as well. Get yourself a store-bought candy cane, snap it off the hook, and attach it to your cookie dough before baking it all in the oven! Keep an eye on those temperatures, to make sure the cane doesn’t melt. But what you’ll get is a cookie ornament they won’t soon forget! 

Crown Your Loved Ones with Noble Titles

Looking to make your holiday greetings stand out? How about gifting your loved ones with the noble title of Lord or Lady? It’s a fun way to add a bit of charm and grandeur to their lives, even if it’s just for fun and doesn’t come with any legal rights.

Several trustworthy companies offer to buy these titles, complete with a certificate and official deed. However, it’s essential to pick a reliable source to ensure the title’s authenticity.

This unique gift will surely captivate your loved ones. They’ll be amazed by the history and tradition behind how to become a lord or lady, feeling honored by the gesture. Reputable companies offer a variety of authentic titles from British nobility, each with its own certificate of authenticity. Buying directly from these companies is the easiest and most affordable way to give your loved ones a taste of royalty this holiday season.

Create Custom Wrapping Paper for All Your Presents 

There are hundreds of wrapping paper designs out in the world, and more new ones every year. That only makes sense: everyone wants their paper to be original and unique, and a large amount of diversity can make that all the more likely. 

Take this idea to the next level: A simple photo editing program like Canva can change photos into decorative art and put all those images together onto a single tapestry page. Tape all those pages together, or even custom-print them onto a larger sheet, and you’ll have a wrapping paper design that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Why use generic Christmas imagery, when you can make something which those closest to you will recognize as made just with them in mind? 

Greet Your Friends and Family With a Personalized Video Message 

Text is easy enough to send, and doesn’t involve a lot of attachments. Go a step further to wish your family a special holiday greeting by sending them a Personalized Video Message. 

You can create customized video messages for your loved ones using an online video editor equipped with a wide range of templates for special occasions.

This was once a service you could only get through websites that offered a low-bandwidth video recording, sent from their services, either at great expense or loaded with tons of pop-ups and ads. These days though, the world has encouraged technology to be readily available to anybody and easily accessible in the palm of your hand. Virtually any smartphone has a camera, plus the cross-compatibility to transfer the footage to any email or message distributor. Furthermore, more services are offering increasing bandwidth, allowing for larger videos to be sent. But if you still want to use a trusted online video message provider, try Heirloom, an expert in making your video messages come to life. 

What better way to make your loved ones feel special than by showing them that you took the time out to record a customized message, something you can’t just make on the fly? And to see that smile on their faces, it’s time well spent. 

Get A Personalized Stamp Made With Your Family’s Name And Holiday Greeting 

It’s a classic detail of bygone years: a rubber ink stamp used to quickly apply the info to a paper surface for big businesses. Now, they’re easily customizable – you can order personalized ones online. But the real benefit is their nostalgia. An ink stamp is very reminiscent of bygone years, before today’s technological hardships when every home literally roasted chestnuts on an open fire. Imagine how it will warm the hearts of your family to see an old, whimsical treasure, like a family stamp, made with their name on it. It’s a subtle touch, but one which awakens a classic holiday spirit. 

Create a Photo Collage of All Your Favorite Holiday Memories 

Nothing quite brings friends and family together like remembering all the good times. And with a photo collage, you can take any number of memories and create a fun and new way to look at them. With iMovie for PC, you can join them into a heart-warming video and toggle them with unique effects which could really make them pop. Just get some of your favorite photos from the past holidays and start arranging them in an interesting way. You can add borders or other creative elements to make it even more special. 

Try These Creative Holiday Greeting Ideas This Holiday Season 

It can be very frustrating to bring the family together for the holidays. It always seems like more work, getting everything set up just to barely even see each other. Never forget why we do all this: We do it for our loved ones, the ones we want to see the most. Make them the focus this holiday season, and show them they were in your thoughts when creating holiday greetings. When you design holiday greetings this season, think about how it’s all done for them, and they’ll certainly see the work you put in to keep them in your heart. 

6 Creative Holiday Greeting Ideas to Try This Season