Where to Shop For Cute Affordable Women’s Jewelry

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With so many jewelry companies available these days it’s hard to know which ones to spend your money with. 

Either they have really nice women’s jewelry, but a steep price tag OR they have cute affordable women’s jewelry that is basically crap.

It can be so hard to find the perfect balance and get cute, affordable, good quality jewelry, which is why I did some research and came up with this list. 

Let’s get started!


AURate creates high-quality women’s jewelry AND for the gold pieces they use 100% recycled and sustainably handmade gold. Additionally, before any of their jewelry is sold they run it through a rigorous 5-step testing process to ensure that you won’t be disappointed with their designs. 

While they do have jewelry that costs more than $500 for sale, you can find some cute affordable women’s jewelry items for less than $150. 

Their ring section especially caught my eye and I’m waiting on the White Mini Stackable Ring to arrive to add to my jewelry selection. 


Jeulia has a variety of cute, affordable women’s jewelry available ranging from rings, necklaces, earrings, charms, and more. 

Personally, I’m a fan of their Skull and Mermaid collections. 

In fact, I got my first Skull ring from them back in 2016 and it’s still in tip-top condition up until this very day. 

They are definitely my go-to choice when I want jewelry that will stand the test of time.

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Pura Vida

Pura Vida has an assortment of cute and affordable women’s jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear. 

What I like about them, is you have the option to purchase pieces individually or if you’re more of a subscription box type of gal they offer an affordable Bracelet Club and Jewelry Club option. 

Plus, they are a charitable company, therefore, you can be confident knowing that your money went to a good cause. 


NanaMacs not only has cute women’s jewelry, but they also have affordable and trendy clothing for women too!

This shop is literally one of the best places for women to shop this year.

On the jewelry front, some of their pieces that I love include the Leaf Me Be Cuff, Son of Elephant Ring, and the Warm Heart Warm Hand Three Stone Link Ring Bracelet

RuxiTirisi Designs

If you’re more into minimalist and timeless jewelry for women, RuxiTirisi Designs is the place you’ll want to shop.

I personally love their Open Bangles Collection and the Gemstone Collection

I was instantly drawn to the Garnet Ring because it’s so hard to find my birthstone on jewelry that I’d actually wear on multiple occasions. 

The best part is 12% of the profits go to a nonprofit organization, that has a mission of combatting homelessness. 

Conclusion: Shop At These Stores For Cute Affordable Women’s Jewelry

Having nice jewelry doesn’t have to set you back thousands of dollars. With these retailers, you can have cute women’s jewelry without regretting the purchase later. 

Where do you shop for affordable women’s jewelry?

Where to Shop For Cute Affordable Women’s Jewelry


  1. Thank you for all the information! Based off your suggestions I am going to have to go check out AURate! Love the piece shown!!

  2. Ooooh, I think I am going to hit up the Pura Vida style. I do love Costa Rica. I adore it! It will remind me of it. Totally going to go look.

  3. Thanks for all the options. Agree that cute jewelry need not break the bank. I’m loving the Pura Vida style, I’m going to check it out and make “recommendations” for Valentine’s Day.

  4. Kita Bryant says:

    I love jewelry but I just hate some of the prices. This is such a beautiful list!

  5. I think their jewelry is amazing. I love the infinity collection. Such great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!

  6. I can never find jewelry that I like with garnet either. That’s my birthstone as well. I love this one though, it’s gorgeous.

  7. Hands up I absolutely love jewellery. I am all for new places to go and find some affordable pieces as well. These are some really unique pieces as well.

  8. This was fun! I have heard of all of these companies but didn’t really know much about them. I love having information that helps me make good choices when I buy.

  9. Valerie says:

    Some of these are really unique and pretty! I am always looking for cost friendly accessories.

  10. Tasheena says:

    All of these pieces are so pretty. I would like to add some of them to my jewelry collection.

  11. These pieces are beautiful! You’re so right about pieces being durable, affordable, and cute. It’s tough to find pieces that meet that criteria but you’ve done just that. I’ll have to take a look at a few in detail. My birthday is coming up

  12. I love the idea of recycled gold. It makes it feel like the jewelry has a history. I’m always more likely to buy from a company that gives back like Pira Vida does.

  13. Kathy says:

    These are such beautiful pieces. I don’t really wear jewelry a whole lot, but I’ll wear it sometimes. It’s nice to see affordable jewelry too.

  14. This is good information for online shoppers to browse for affordable jewelry. There are some beautiful pieces on these sites.

  15. I do not get or buy jewelry too often but these choices are so nice. I will keep this as a good reference for that special piece.

  16. This is so great. I’ve always wondered where people get their cute jewelry from. I use buy from amazon. But I know and I’m going to check out a few of these places.

    1. Darceline,

      I don’t think I’ve ever shopped for jewelry from Amazon, outside of watches to gift. But, I get pretty much everything else from there so I guess I need to check them out too lol.

  17. Robin Rue says:

    Thanks for the tips. I am almost always in jewelry, so getting it at a decent price is important to me.

  18. Melanie says:

    I have been interested in Pure vida. I follow them on Facebook but have never ordered. Their bracelets are cute!

  19. I LOVE this idea! I love jewelry but I have never loved the price of jewelry. I cannot wait to check out what these companies offer.

  20. How pretty! I need to start wearing jewelry more often. My daughter does, so I’ll have to show this to her.

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