Diaper Bag Essentials

If you’re a new mom, you’ll quickly discover that a diaper bag is your best friend when you leave the house with your little one. 

However, it can be tricky to know exactly what you need to take and what can be left at home.

Therefore, today I wanted to share with you what I consider to be diaper bag essentials whenever I and baby Ellie are out and about. 

P.S. If you need a diaper bag recommendation, I highly recommend Lublu as it’s not only a great backpack diaper bag, but it also comes with a carrier or wrap. 

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Dry Baby Wipes

Dry baby wipes come in handy during a lot of situations. 

They can be used in combination with wet baby wipes for diaper changes. However, when wiping tiny hands, cleaning up messes, or even cleaning spit up they are a more eco-friendly option.

They don’t come with any type of fragrances, so they’re perfect for newborn’s sensitive skin, and they work just as well as paper towels. 

Plus, if you do want to use them for diaper changes you can just add a little water and you’re good to go. 


Dyper is the diaper that’s good for your baby, the planet, and even your wallet. 

These are high-performing, premium diapers, that don’t contain prints, or scents, and are soft to touch while being unremarkably durable and absorbent. 

They even have an optional REDYPER service that allows you to responsibly compost them. 

Ayla Vaccum 

Ayla Vacuum

The Ayla Vaccum is small enough to fit into most diaper bags while being powerful enough to tackle any messes that occur when out and about. 

No more trying to juggle holding the baby while cleaning up a spill and failing at both. Instead, you can clean up a mess super quickly without having to worry about disturbing the baby.

Once you give the Ayla Vaccum a try, you’ll be wishing that you added it to your diaper bag sooner. 

Baby Diaper Rash Kit 

Baby rashes can occur at any time. 

The last thing you want to happen is to be doing a diaper change and notice the baby is starting to get a rash and have no cream available to treat it right away. 

With a baby diaper rash kit, you’re able to quickly apply diaper rash cream while also keeping your hands clean. 

Favorite Baby Toys

Once your baby has favorite baby toys, it’ll be essential that you never forget them or lose them. 

Ellie is obsessed with her mushroom teether at the moment so I have one specifically for the diaper bag to make sure we never leave home without it AND a few backups in her closet in case Hoss gets to one at home or we misplace it while out and about. 

If possible, I definitely recommend, having at least 3 to 4 of your baby’s favorite clip-on toys and leaving one always in the diaper bag so it’s never forgotten. 

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Disposable Bags 

Whether it’s grocery bags or dog bags, you always want to make sure that you have a supply in your diaper bag. 

They come in handy when disposing of diapers, trash, or even storing soiled clothes. 

In my opinion, disposable bags are one of the most overlooked diaper bag essentials that can actually help extend the lifetime of your diaper bag. 

Extra Clothes

You probably will already remember to have extra clothes for the baby in the diaper bag, however, another overlooked diaper bag essential is extra clothes for mom too. 

You never know when a baby is going to spit up or you’ll spill something on you. Plus, if breastfeeding a leak could occur at any time, especially during the first few weeks. 

I typically keep an extra outfit and sleeper in the diaper bag for Ellie and I keep leggings and a tank top available for me. 

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Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another diaper bag essential. You just never know when you’re going to need to clean your hands or sanitize something when you’re out and not have access to soap and water. 

It can be used in combination with the dry baby wipes I mentioned earlier to help sanitize surfaces at restaurants or the basket at the grocery store. 

Light Blanket

Always keep a light blanket in the diaper bag too. 

It is a diaper bag essential that I recommend all year round. 

It can help provide shade during the summer months, and warmth during the winter months, and can also be placed on different surfaces as needed.


Whenever out with children it’s always a good idea to have snacks. Once your baby starts having ‘Puffs’ and other baby snacks make sure you don’t leave home without some stashed in the diaper bag. 

When going out with kids, what used to only be a 20-minute errand can easily turn into an hour errand. Snacks prevent ‘hangry’ children and they allow you to avoid having to stop to get some fast food or convenience store snacks to hold them over until you make it back home.

These are my recommendations for diaper bag essentials

By having these diaper bag essentials you’ll pretty much be prepared for anything expected, or unexpected, that happens while you’re out and about with your little one. 

Whether you’re just running a quick errand or taking a long drive to reach your destination, these diaper bag essentials will keep you covered. 

Diaper Bag Essentials

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