The Downsides of Working from Home – How I Manage

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The Downsides of Working from Home – How I Manage

I have been a full-time work at home mom since 2011. I must admit that I love being my own boss and setting my own schedule, but at the same time working from home comes with downsides. I know I can’t be the only work at home mom that experiences downsides. Today I have decided to share with some of the things I encounter each day/week/month and share with you how I manage to keep pushing through.

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It Gets Lonely

One of the biggest downsides of working from home is that it can get rather lonely. While I do have a break from the kids when they are in school, I still can’t go out and really interact with adults as much as I like because I have to work. It comes to a point where I am like, “do I go out with friends” or “do I stay here and make sure work gets turned in on time”. I will tell you the latter usually wins.

My Solution for Loneliness

Majority of the time, I try to finish up around 11 p.m. so I can spend quality time with my boyfriend. It helps because it gives me something to look forward to each night and it helps me push through my workdays. I have also made quite a few friends online that I chat with throughout the workday so I don’t feel like a hermit. I know it’s not the same as interacting with people face-to-face, but it works.

I try to make time during one weekday at least to get out and do something with a friend. Whether it’s lunch or a drink, I get out and get some fresh air to avoid going into burnout.

It Can Be Painful

Since I started my work from home journey, I suffer from back pain, migraines, and sore hands/wrist joints. I have tried countless things to help make it manageable. I’m a full-time writer, so I find myself sitting at my computer for several hours at a time, which obviously isn’t good. Because of my full schedule, I have to deal with the consequences.

My Solution for Pain

I have tried various products over the years to help manage the pain. I actually have a prescription for my migraines because they get so bad. Getting massages and taking more frequent breaks helps a lot since I do tend to sit for 5+ hours at a time, Taking breaks definitely helps a lot – even if it’s just a 15-minute break once every two hours or so.

Recently, I learned about a product called, “Spoonk” and I have been testing it out to see if it can help with my back pain when I experience it. So far, I would have to say that the experience with this is going okay. I love using the Groove massage ball when I am overly stressed. I have been using the acupressure mat to help reduce stress and tension too. I’m not too sure about the acupressure mat yet because each time I use it (yes I read the directions thoroughly for this one lol), it is slightly painful/uncomfortable.

Spoonk Review

The Groove massage ball can be used right at your desk. It works best when rolled under your feet or in your hands. It helps rejuvenate your mind and is doctor recommended for plantar fasciitis relief. Another benefit is it’s travel-friendly so you can take it anywhere and release tension/stress, get an energy boost or just clear your mind no matter where you are.

Spoonk Groove Massage Ball Review

The acupressure mat helps stimulate the 6,210 stimulation points in your parasympathetic system, which helps reduce stress and tension. What I didn’t know is that acupressure can also help lower cortisol levels, help digestion, maintain an even heart rate, and help regulate your body temperature. The goal of acupressure is to open your blood vessels wider to force muscle relaxation.

Spoonk Acupressure MatThese are a few statistics about Spoonk and the types of results it can produce following the completion of a clinical study:

  • 98% of study participants experienced pain relief
  • 94% of participants reported better quality of sleep
  • 96% of study participants noted deeper relaxation was achieved

Another fact that makes me believe in Spoonk, and still willing to work on tolerating the acupressure mat better, is that it is doctor approved. Mark Hyman, MD said,

“Spoonk Acupressure mats provide natural and powerful back-pain relief and body and mind relaxation while improving blood circulation to every part of your body. Using an acupressure mat helps to increase your parasympathetic nervous system and get you into deep relaxation before sleep.”

The owner of Spoonk stands firmly behind her own product and experienced relief herself with the acupressure massage mat when she was pregnant at age 46. She had fewer encounters with insomnia and her mood swings were less intense.

It seems to be helping, with lower back pain, but it definitely isn’t doing much for the shoulder and neck area. However, I plan to keep testing it out for about a month and if it exceeds my expectations, you will definitely be seeing this brand mentioned again here or on my Instagram.

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Working from Home Can Be Unpredictable

As I mentioned earlier I love being my own boss and the flexibility that I have, however, working from home can be very unpredictable. You could have a client or sponsor cancel at the last minute, experience slow times during the year, or get sick and not be able to generate any income. This can cause stress and even sometimes drastic lifestyle changes may have to be made.

My Solution for Unpredictable Situations

I learned a very important lesson during my first year of freelancing, “Never keep all of your eggs in one basket”. It’s my motto now. No matter how much work I have, I continually search for more because you never know when someone is going to cancel an order and bills still have to be paid.

As a freelancer, I’m not guaranteed a certain amount of money each week. Instead, I have to build my network and make connections to bring in enough work. Anyone could cancel a request at any time, which is why it’s good to have an emergency fund. It’s also a good idea to always be on the lookout for more work — in addition to having multiple avenues for making money.

Closing Thoughts on the Downsides of Working from Home

Working from home is very rewarding. However, as with any type of job it also comes with downsides, as I am sure many of you can relate too. Once you create your work/life balance and a set schedule, it makes working from home much easier.

What is one downside of working from home in your opinion?


  1. Irene Lirette says:

    This could really help me out, sitting at my desk all day does make your back, shoulders sore and even my legs, I get restless leg syndrome. I constantly have to move then. Would love to try this 🙂

  2. I could use the mat. I am at my computer so much of the day. My back really bothers me.

  3. Michelle S says:

    I am a single mom and widow who juggles the kids and full time college. Too much time at a desk studying doesn’t help my back and body and this could be just what I need for a daily time out.

  4. Sarah L says:

    If it tames my aching back, I’ll be able to get out and about more.

  5. Kelly M. says:

    I would hope it removes my tension that leads to migraines!

  6. Karen Propes says:

    They would really help me relax, I have a medical condition and with it’s pain keeps me all tense. What a relief after going through a drilling day.

  7. Teresa Kunberger says:

    I would love this! Would def help me as I am always on the computer!

  8. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I would love to try the stress relieving mat. I have a lot of pain when sitting also.

  9. JJ Caraway says:

    This could help me with my fibromyalgia pain

  10. Valerie says:

    I am a bikini muscle bodybuilder competitor. I am at the gym 7 days a week so you can already imagine how stressed out my body is. I am also a law enforcement officer (who loves blogs and loves to read) always on the go waiting for that perfect little break so I can catch up. I have a show in 4 weeks. I am at my lowest in carbs, calories and energy. Every night I beg my husband to massage my head because it feels better than massaging my legs and feet. I feel bad for taking his sleep time away just to attend mine and knock me out before I awake 4-5 hours later for a morning shift. This would not only greatly change my husbands life and finally he can get his sleep back, but it will change mine drastically. I can use it anytime as many times as I want during the day. I can even carry it with me which I would. If I were to win this I’d love to share my experience with my Instagram followers. I’m more active on IG than Facebook. This is definitely a product to recommend.

    1. Valerie,

      Spoonk is something that would definitely be beneficial for you. It sounds like you have a very full life. I have no clue how you do it all. Good luck in the giveaway.

  11. Gabrielly says:

    Those Spoonk products sound so interesting.

  12. Barb Stewart says:

    The acupuncture mat would help my shoulders and my son’s back! I work as a RN outside the house and blog at home, and sometimes sitting at my desk gives my sciatica and my neck/shoulders some pain!

  13. Nicole Sender says:

    I think the acupressure mat would help me relieve tension and stress. Sitting at a desk can create tight muscles that need tension relief!

  14. Pam Halligan says:

    Spoonk could change my life by reading my chronic pain.

  15. Teresa Alexander says:

    would love to win this for my daughter who has severe back pain and many other physical issues. thank you for the info!

  16. Oh jeez – how could it NOT help me?! I’m currently in my third trimester with severe SPD pain. I also have a heart problem that I would love to see if this mat could fix! Wow…thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Interesting and informative post.I stayed at home to take care of my kid,but I also work from home.It is good.But,I miss the social life I had while working full time 🙂 This product sounds really good for having comfort at home….

  18. Sarah L says:

    I’d like to use these products for relaxation.
    Thanks for the contest.

  19. Dana Matthews says:

    I have both Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis. I have flares where my joints ache to the point I will be in tears. I love that it says 98% of study participants experienced pain relief. That sounds very positive. I’d love to see if it offered me relief.

  20. Brittany B. says:

    This would be perfect for my bad back that I injured as a teenager.

  21. Brittany B. says:

    I think this would be great for my bad back that I injured as a teenager!

  22. I think that this would help with the back pain that I get from sitting in a chair for long periods of time. I am an at-home freelancer who is at a desk a lot.

  23. elizabeth miller says:

    This would be great for my necjk but it would really help my life by helping my husband with a herniated disc and migranes.

  24. This will be very helpful for me as a SAHM.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  25. Shara Charlier says:

    I’m a sahm of 2 toddler, 16 months apart boys, and hoping for a third one within the year. All day running, bending, carrying everything and eveyone can kill my back some days. Would love to try out a new product that would help me on the off days!!

  26. Crystal Rose says:

    My back acts up a few times a year. I think this would be great for those days.

  27. Gabrielly says:

    Perfect for those of us sitting on a computer all day!

  28. Rachael says:

    I feel like this would help me be more relaxed overall.

  29. angie w says:

    This looks great! I have fibromyalgia and EDS, which comes with degenerative discs, arthritis, etc. so every day there is some kind of pain. I have lots of tools to try to help but haven’t used some of the things that Spoonk has. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. David Heath says:

    Those Spoonk products sound so interesting. Sitting in a chair all day can take a toll on the back and the shoulders. I find that have the computer placed at a higher angle can help.

  31. adriana says:

    Working from home definitely has its ups and downs! This is a great break down – overall I think it’s definitely worth it though : )

  32. Randi Robinson says:

    I’m really excited to have come across your blog and even more so about this giveaway! You see, I have been having horrid pain throughout my body for the last few years and I just recently found out that I not only have hereditary osteoarthritis but also a spastic lower back. I’ve heard about acupuncture before but haven’t tried it yet…I’m too chicken! Perhaps the things in your goodie basket could help me out with pain control and being more comfortable on a daily basis so I can keep up with my kiddos more.

    1. Randi,

      I am sorry to hear that. Spoonk could be just the product that you need.

  33. Lana Simanovicki says:

    This would definitely make my back feel better

  34. You got that right that working from home is lonely! The beginning of this year, my anxiety gotten really bad, and I was scared I wouldn’t make it working for myself.

    But hey, I’m learning to manage my time at home, get out more, and making sure my income is consistent, thanks to having evergreen articles on my blog.

    1. Lou,

      It is very lonely. I get out as much as possible, but during busy seasons its close to impossible to get outside and even catch fresh air.

  35. Becca Wilson says:

    My working from home is not lonely in the least but I can admit to the unpredictable nature. Sometimes my kids keep me from things and I have to work hours I wouldn’t want to otherwise.

  36. I am with you when it comes to loving being a WAHM as you can be your own boss anytime. To me feeling lonely has been a big issue and back pain is something that has been worrying me for long. The Spoonk acupressure mat sounds amazing and I really want one right away!

  37. I would love to have your problems lol! Victoria, I’m currently working my ass off both in the day and night to get out of my day job so I can be a full time writer and work from home. It’s my one true goal right now. I totally understand all your points of the downsides and yes they can be daunting but the best best parts far out weigh the downsides.
    In my opinion anyway. Great giveaway sounds like an awesome brand. thanks

    1. Enricoh,

      I wish the best of luck into transferring into a full-time writer. I couldn’t imagine doing a full time job and working online, I would probably go insane from stress.

  38. Saundra McKenzie says:

    I sit at the computer all day working from home. This would really help me.

  39. Shirley Smith says:

    I know Spoonk could help me out while sittling on my computer or in front of the Tv. And it will also aleivate some of the pain I suffer from.

  40. Claudia Krusch says:

    I loved your post! I can’t wait to check those products out!

  41. I would love to try this acupuncture mat for the stress relief benefits. I have always been interested in trying acupuncture but I’ve never tried it. So this mat would be a fun introduction to acupuncture.

  42. this would help me relax comfortably!

  43. Jolleen Ruiz says:

    Oh this Spoonk looks awesome. I am a SAHM and a blogger, so sitting in front of the computer takes up my time as well. It can get painful!

  44. Stacie says:

    You are telling the truth! Lonely for sure, but I still love it. I could use something for this neck pain I’ve been dealing with though. #productreviewparty

  45. tauyanm says:

    i guess any job have cons and pros about it. i am working home too, backpain is horrible for me. but it is totally gone after I started working out again. works like a charm. would love to try this product too! looks awesome!

  46. This sounds great! i must have this. 😀

  47. So true, I do experience some of those pains sometimes, thanks for the helpful advice!

  48. This is a great post and an amazing giveaway! It is perfect for me.

  49. Cindy Ingalls says:

    Those Spoonk products sound so interesting. Sitting in a chair all day can take a toll on the back and the shoulders. I find that have the computer placed at a higher angle can help.

  50. Elizabeth O. says:

    There are perks and then there are also disadvantages. I like working at home though, because I get to spend more time with the kids and more time for myself.

    1. MommaGigi says:

      I’m looking for legitimate work at home opportunities. Please email with suggestions., God bless

  51. This sounds awesome! I frequently sit on a tennis ball when I’m working or traveling for any longish distance. I’d love to try it!

  52. Lauren Vavala says:

    Fun giveaway and perfect for those of us sitting on a computer all day! Thanks for the chance!

  53. Working from home can be lonely and quiet. I enjoy that part as when my boys get home from school it is very noisy.

    1. Tara,

      As a mom of three boys I know what you mean about the noise level.

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