How to Encourage Kids to Stay Healthy and Active

Between YouTube and video games, it can be hard to encourage kids to stay healthy and active. 

As a mom of three boys who love watching YouTube and playing Roblox I know. 

Therefore, today I thought a good topic to discuss would be how to encourage our kids to stay active and healthy.

Let’s get started!

Get them playing sports

Kids have a ton of energy and the more time they spend in front of a screen the more the energy builds up. 

With us all being home now for virtual learning, I get to experience a triple dose of kid energy whenever they are out of class. 

First thing in the morning they’re at full force until they log on, then they’re at it again during lunch. Finally, once the school day is over they’re bouncing off the walls again until it’s time for bed. 

I swear it feels like I live with three energizer bunnies, so it’s important for me to try to drain as much excess energy from them as possible. 

Before, COVID one way to do this was via sports. All three played football for multiple years and let me tell you those practices really wore them out. 

They got in their daily exercise and since football is a very physical sport, they also drank a ton of water. 

Now, that they’re no longer in sports, they do sports at home in the backyard. We don’t allow video games on the weekdays so after they get out of class they go in the backyard and play football or baseball. 

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Enroll them in BGCA

The Boys & Girls Club of America is another option that we have to keep our kids active and healthy.

What I love about the BGCA is that kids are able to go experience things with them in a safe and fun environment that’s also affordable for parents. All of the staff are trained, caring, and they make sure that the programs and activities offered to kids are beneficial to them. 

Their entire mission is to enable young people so they will reach their fullest potential and grow into productive, caring, and responsible adults. 

Through their three pillars – academic success, good character & citizenship, and healthy lifestyles – they help assist our children in having a great future while encouraging them to be healthy and active at the same time. 

The best part is their Triple Play Program encourages:

  • Eating right
  • Staying fit
  • Forming positive relationships with themselves and others
  • Smart nutritional choices
  • Active lifestyles
  • Self-confidence

Be a positive role model

Our kids are always watching us and it’s not uncommon for them to want to do what we do. This could be something as simple as them seeing us take probiotic pills as part of our morning routine or losing our tempers when we get upset. 

Therefore, one of the main ways that I encourage my boys to stay active and healthy is by doing what I’m telling them to do. 

They see me running on the treadmill, lifting weights, and when I had a personal trainer they used to love to join in on the training sessions. 

Additionally, my eating habits also rub off on them. 

They see that for snacks I like to have fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, and grapefruit and now everyone (including my youngest who absolutely hated grapefruit) demands that it’s added to their fruit bowl rotation each month. 

Final thoughts on encouraging kids to stay active and healthy

Our kids are the future and one day we’re not going to be around to guide them. Therefore, it’s important that we instill healthy habits into them now so we can feel confident knowing that they’ll be healthy adults. 

While watching YouTube and playing video games is fun, it’s important that they understand the importance of getting outside to have fun and staying active too. 

How to Encourage Kids to Stay Healthy and Active

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