Father’s Day Gift Guide

Still searching for that perfect Father’s Day gift.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

Endorsed by UFC legend Conor McGregor, each bottle of whiskey is a blend of golden grain and single malt. The rich complexity of this drink is credited to a combination of honey, vanilla, and toasted wood.

If you want to buy dad some real whiskey, you can’t go wrong with this.

Mionetto Prestige or Luxury Collection

Is dad more of a wine drinker?

You can’t go wrong with Mionettos Prestige and Luxury Collection. 

Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut

Straight from the Prestige collection, this classic bottle comes with a beautiful label design.

For dads who love a good Mimosa or Spritz, you won’t find a better sparkling wine than this. 

Plus with bottles available in an assortment of sizes you can get him one that’s perfect to enjoy during Father’s Day activities.  

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry

Straight from the Superiore DOCGZ zone, this extra dry prosecco is crafted from the famous Glera grape. From the Luxury collection, this luminous yellow comes with long-lasting bubbles and rich, tantalizing smell.

Dad will be able to sample notes of peach, apple, and just the slightest touch of citrus.

Cartizze DOCG Dry

Let Dad try a Cartizze prosecco from one of the most renowned vineyards in Italy. This addition to the Luxury collection shows golden highlights and an endless yet delicate stream of little bubbles.

It includes flavors of pear, apple, and slight notes of citrus, plus, the crisp taste is further enhanced with glazed almonds.

Thai Chef Moon Knife

For dads who love to cook the Thai Chef Moon Knife is a delightful addition to the kitchen. 

Traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets of Thailand, this knife is so sharp that it won’t just cut meat it will cut through bone.

The moon shape enables a longer, thinner, and cleaner cut.

Desert Sunset Kachula

The Desert Sunset Kachula is known as the Swiss army knife of blankets. Winner of multiple awards, this blanket is perfect for the dad who’s always on the road. Whether you want to use it as a blanket, a hoodie, an emergency poncho, or as a light sleeping bag, the Desert Sunset Kachula can do it all.

It’ll be Dad’s perfect companion on those long business trips!

Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Kit

Take Dad’s beer knowledge to the next level by giving him the tools to make his own. For anyone who loves craft beer, this kit will help them to simplify beer making. This siphonless kit will allow dad to create a variety of exciting recipes.

Every beer making kit comes with step-by-step instructions and a choice of different recipe kits, to make it easy to get started.

Meguiar’s New Car Kit

Is dad obsessed with keeping his car looking nice? 

Meguiar’s New Car Kit will allow him to make it look like he’s just driven his car off the showroom floor.

This kit contains a range of different products to help him make his car shine. He’ll get a bottle of Gold Class shampoo and conditioner for the car, Ultimate liquid wax, and Quik Interior Detailer, and more.

Dad doesn’t need to be a professional car mechanic to make the most of this kit. Each product is easy to use and comes with detailed instructions, should he need to brush up on his knowledge.

Pocket Shot

For the dad who loves to hunt, the Pocket Shot is the evolution of the classic slingshot. 

Each Pocket Shot Survival Kit comes with everything from the orange pocket shot to tools like a compass, whistle, wire, razor, safety pins, and a fishing line. It also comes with a carry case to store ammo in.

Make sure Dad goes equipped when he goes into nature. The Pocket Shot design is able to fire slugs and marbles at 350 feet per second.

Gentleman’s Collection Chocolate Truffles

The Gentleman’s Collection of Chocolate Truffles is the perfect way to spoil dad this Father’s Day. 

Each package contains nine decadent chocolates from Delysia Chocolatier. Designed to be enjoyed with a good cigar and a glass of scotch, there’s no better way to help Dad bring an end to a long day.

Every package comes with three different flavors: dark chocolate, scotch chocolate, and cigar chocolate. For the connoisseur of dark chocolate and cream, you can’t go wrong with this one-of-a-kind collection.

DIY Salonpas Gift Basket

When dad gets older he experiences those nagging aches and pains. 

Improve his day-to-day life by making up a DIY Salonpas Gift Basket. Fill it with the right products and he’ll be able to banish those creaky joints and aching muscles.

Products like the pain-relieving gel patch, pain-relieving liquid, and pain-relieving cream all contain lidocaine, which is great at relieving minor pain. 

You can also add things like large pain relief patches and deep relieving gel. They contain benzyl alcohol, which acts as an anesthetic. Salonpas products are proven to directly interact with nerves to get to work fast and numb pain.

Salonpas also has heat-activated pain-relieving gel patches. Not only will they banish pain but they’ll actively fight stiffness.

Alternatively, consider Salonpas Jet Spray. Jet Spray contains two strong pain fighting ingredients to freeze pain and ensure it doesn’t come back. This non-drip, quick-drying formula is just perfect for whatever Dad is up to that day. 

Chiminea Fireplace Grill

Spice up your next cookout with a Chiminea Fireplace Grill. These SUV style grills provide you with both a grill and easy access to a fire pit just by removing the hood.

It couldn’t be easier to put a Chiminea grill together as there are no tools required. Every grill is manufactured from powerful 12 gauge hot rolled steel. Metal Art of Wisconsin even offers custom paint jobs.

Dad Will Love These Father’s Day Gifts

Make 2020 a special Father’s Day for Dad. Whatever your dad is into, this list will provide you with ample inspiration for gift ideas.

What are you going to buy dad this Father’s Day? 

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