Five Smart Ways to Prepare for Your Baby’s Birth

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Five Smart Ways to Prepare for Your Baby's Birth

When you find out you are expecting it can be a very joyous time. However, it also means that you have nine months to prepare for a new family addition. Therefore, today, I am covering five smart ways to prepare for your baby’s birth so you can be prepared for your little bundle of joy.

Learn About the Birth Process

If you have never had a kid before, you may be scared out of your mind, and want to put off thinking about birth for as long as possible. However, research has shown that those who learn about the birth process in the beginning have the most successful outcome when it is time to give birth. Therefore, it is suggested that you take a class or purchase a book about the birthing process to be prepared in advance.

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Find a Pediatrician

The pediatrician that you select is going to be in your life to make sure you have a healthy baby. About half way through your pregnancy, it is suggested that you start searching for a pediatrician. This may come off as a bit early yet this is suggested since you want to make sure you have a pediatrician that you can trust and get along with well. To begin your search, you can ask friends and relatives who have children for their pediatrician’s information to make things a little easier.

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Talk to Your Partner about Life after the Baby is born


When your baby is born, your life is going to change. During the first month after giving birth, you will need some help as a first-time mom. Make sure both you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to what it expected from both of you. They need to be aware that you will not be at 100% and will need help with household chores and caring for your new bundle of joy. It is best to have this discussion as early as possible to ensure that it is not a surprise once your little one enters the world.

Talk to Veteran Moms

Sometimes people will give you bad advice during your pregnancy. However, at the same time, you can get good advice when you talk to veteran moms. They can provide tips and tricks that no book or website will reveal. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask them questions, regardless of how silly you think it is. They will be more than willing to provide you with answers.

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What is your #1 tip for an expectant mom?

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  1. Dawn S. says:

    Every baby is different, so relax and go with the flow!

  2. Sunnie says:

    Id say to ask for help, there is no shame in it!

  3. dont panic

  4. deanna says:

    My number one tip is to not stress. You WILL make mistakes, but both of you will work a system out together.

  5. Nikki Burken says:

    SLEEP WHEN BABY SLEEPS!!! I know it sounds crazy at first and you wont be tired, but give it a couple of weeks and you will be begging little one to sleep so you can!!

  6. Louida says:

    I would say not to be so hard on yourself and talk to ladies who gone through childbirth before. #ProductReviewParty

  7. Kirsten P. says:

    As someone who is expecting their first child in a couple weeks, I just have to tell other expectant moms to read as many books and take as much advice as possible. I definitely feel more secure and hopefully everything will turn out the way I just planned!

    1. funmom91 says:



  8. Stacie says:

    My number one tip for new moms is to just relax and trust your motherly instincts. Moms know what’s best for their kids no matter how new. (not entering) #productreviewmom

  9. Barb Miller says:

    The #1 tip I would give (to a first time mom) is don’t stress too much about what will happen, you’ll live through it, and it’s worth it!

  10. Kim Croisant says:

    Excellent tips for expectant moms! The winner certainly will enjoy her winnings! Good luck.

  11. I think talking to a veteran mom, who isn’t your mom, is so important. My sister is expecting and I’ve been able to give her a ton of advice!

  12. Tonya C says:

    Talking to a veteran mom is KEY! They will share all the “real” info and give you honest tips to staying sane!

  13. Jeanine says:

    I read a ton of books with my first baby, I feel like I was pretty prepared. I know so many who aren’t though!

  14. Annie {Stowed Stuff} says:

    Excellent tips for expectant moms! What a great giveaway.

  15. Great preparation tips. Parenting is definitely a hands on job, that is the best way to learn. Sounds like a great resource for 1st time parents!

  16. I would say trust yourself and your instincts!

  17. Love it! Great tips. I’d also add to have a breastfeeding support group/friend. It can help so much!

  18. I will be sharing with a friend of mine who had a baby – ty!

  19. LauraFunk says:

    Great tips. I miss preparing to bring a squishy newborn into this world.

  20. tiara & stantrums says:

    yes, these are all great tips. But I don’t know if we are all “fully” prepared once all that pain begins! At least I wasn’t!!

  21. This is a great list for new parents! Definitely find the dr before you have the baby!

  22. It’s definitely nice to have a bit of a guide for your first child. The book sounds very helpful.

    1. funmom91 says:


      I wish I had known about it during my pregnancies. It is really loaded with a ton of great information.

  23. Debbie Denny says:

    I would say Dont over stress. Each situation is different.

    1. funmom91 says:


      This is definitely a good tip.

  24. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    These are great ideas! I think going ahead and finding a pediatrician is a good idea.

  25. Lorane says:

    These are such great tips .. I like how realistic they are. Having a Baby requires so much that people often overlook

  26. My best advice is probably to not be hard on yourself. Enjoy your baby and learn together with them as you go.

  27. Amanda D says:

    My number one tip would be have a few meals in the freezer. You will be focusing on baby, and cooking is the last thing I felt like doing. Besides that for when you come home…for baby have a change of clothes ready at every diaper change. Leaks happen and if you have clothes ready it is just easier.

    1. funmom91 says:


      These are definitely some good tips. I’m sitting here now wishing someone would have told me about having a change of clothes ready at each diaper change.

  28. Maryann says:

    Great tips and giveaway! Sharing for all my new mom friends!

  29. Son came early so we did not have time to prepare all the way. That said these tips are great.

  30. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I read so many parenting books when I was pregnant the first time, but talking to other moms was more educational!

  31. Heather lawrence says:

    Great giveaway!
    Sharing this with some of my soon-to-be mommy friends 🙂

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