6 Ways to Make Extra Money Writing In Between Freelance Writing Clients

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So, I told you guys last week that I’ll be updating my posts about earning extra income and blogging to discuss some of the questions that readers email me about because they could help others. Therefore, this week I’m tackling the topic of earning extra money in between freelance writing clients.

As a veteran writer with a ton of repeat customers, I can tell you, I still have times where I’m either waiting for invoices to clear or it’s just slow with work from my regulars. Below are six of my go to places to make extra money writing in between freelance writing clients. I hope that they help you as much as they help me.

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WritingBunny is a quite simply a platform where people can get whatever they need to be written by a team of professional writers.

Sign up to the platform and you’ll have access to a wide variety of assignments. You’ll be able to pick up work and as you continue to perform well you’ll get access to higher rates and more exclusive assignments.

While generally, I hate content mills this one is one of the good ones. However, I will tell it’s hard to get approved and apparently when they first opened they had some kinks to work out as a few writers wrote terrible reviews on them. But, my experience has been the total opposite.

I signed with them probably about a year or so ago after someone mentioned them on Reddit. The sign-up process was quick and easy (I think they just required a 500-word sample and it was on travel), however, they only accept a small percentage of writers so your sample must be perfect.

To give you an example of how much you can make, I was able to make $700 from them in January for just five hours of work. The bad news is when work is posted it goes quick and if it’s a large batch you want to make sure that you’re available to write for a couple of hours immediately to get the most work.

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Diamond Links

Diamond Links is an excellent source to use if you’re proficient in blog writing. This reputation management company runs blogger campaigns and regularly hires virtual employees to help meet demand.

You’ll be able to work with this company and make some money writing for their clients who need to manage their online reputations.

Perform well and this could become a regular gig for you.

I’ve been working with Diamond Links consistently for about the past several months. I started off doing some of their quick blog posts and eventually applied for a virtual assistant job and I now do that full time as well.

While they’re blogger campaigns don’t pay as much as some of the major networks, they send out a few options per week, and when I’m working on a blog post for them I make sure the client that they want me to promote can easily fit into a blog post that I’m already working on for myself.

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ClearVoice provides a content marketing platform for freelancers who want to showcase their work and find freelancing jobs that are worth their time.

It even includes an online resume portfolio, so you can easily market yourself. The ClearVoice platform is a great ongoing platform to use on an irregular basis.

What makes ClearVoice different is the only job offers you will see from clients are the ones that match your skills and the ones offering rates you want (you are able to set your own rate here).

There’s also the option to pitch to clients yourself. This service doesn’t come with the same restrictions regarding contacting clients directly as other similar platforms have.

I’ve been with Clear Voice for about a year now. However, possibly due to my writing niches, work is very scarce. Occasionally, they’ll email me about helping with a bulk order from a client, which guarantees I’ll get some orders, but usually, they send out emails about client’s applications in my niche and by the time I’m able to apply the job is no longer available.

Additionally, like Writing Bunny, only a small percentage of writers are accepted so make sure you bring your best when applying. From doing research before applying, I came across some writers who use Clear Voice as a full-time income source, so if you’re in the right niche this could be a very lucrative option for you.

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Start/Update Your Blog

A blog is your primary online marketing tool for getting more work. You can also eventually sell your own products and turn your blog into a side income.

Don’t neglect your online platform. It’s easy to do when you’re booked with work.

You should be updating it regularly anyway, but this is your chance to start making changes to your blog. Many freelancers have built blogs that generate a solid income simply by using the time they had when they were between clients.

My recommendation would be to update old posts, insert some affiliate links, and spend time updating your social media calendar so when you have more writing work to do you won’t completely disappear from the internet.

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Online chat boards like Reddit can be another source for brand new freelancing clients.

The three main subs you should be looking at are for hire, hire a write and freelancer_forhire. These have the best track records for activity and finding genuine work.

However, since there are no protections when dealing with Reddit you should ensure that the people you work with are reputable. It helps if you can use an escrow service or if you can talk to some of their previous writers to see if they’re genuine.

Always tread carefully when taking work from services like Reddit because if you get scammed there’s nothing you can do.

I’ve secured a few clients from Reddit and even a couple have worked with me for years. However, over the years it’s turning into more clients looking for a lot for close to nothing, therefore, you will have to dig through to find the gems or you can even publish a {FORHIRE} thread and have the clients come to you.

Tip: When using Reddit make sure you’re not there for promotion solely as the community will lash out on you. You should also be genuinely connecting with others and only once you have done that should you consider promoting any of your services if you want to get good results.


nDash is regularly looking for writers to help with their content creation campaigns. They work with major brands to help them scale their content marketing campaigns.

For this, they need only the very best writers to create content with them as these brands scale. They offer better rates than many other similar services, so it’s worth your time applying to work with them.

Take note that standards are generally higher for writers here, so make sure you showcase only your very best work.

Get accepted and this could become a regular gig, and one of the highest paying gigs available.

What I love about nDash is they not only have a job board where you can look for work, but they also allow you to create pitches where you set the rate and reach out to the client directly. Majority of the clients on the site expect for the content to cost them a couple of hundred dollars apiece. Therefore, if you produce good work you could become a full-time writer for a company via the platform.

Closing Thoughts on Making Extra Money In-between Freelance Writing Clients

As I mentioned earlier I utilize all six of these methods in between freelance writing clients. While none of them are full-time income generators for me, they could potentially turn into for that for you. The main point to keep in mind is that when you’re in between freelance writing clients you don’t have to just sit around waiting for your next client order to arrive. Instead, you can continue making money (even if you don’t necessarily need it) because you could run across another full-time income source that will allow you to increase your monthly writing revenue.

What do you do when you’re in between freelance work?

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