Gender Reveal Game Review

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One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant (other than the first ultrasound, of course) is finding out the gender of your baby. 

The Gender Reveal Game is a fun, free way to raise money for your baby so you can spend it on things that you consider baby essentials AND share a gender announcement with everyone simultaneously. 

Gender Reveal Game Review

What is the Gender Reveal Game

The Gender Reveal Game is a fun way to connect with your loved ones who are eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival. 

This online guess the gender game, not only allows you to reveal the gender of your baby in a creative way, but you’re able to raise money for your unborn child.

Gender Reveal Game Review

I love the concept behind the Gender Reveal Game and the fact that it’s ideal for all types of expectant parents. 

It can work for first-time parents, parents who have children already, and even those adopting. 

Furthermore, it’s easy enough to set up that all age groups can use this creative baby gender-revealing idea. To get started you fill in a few questions and share your game with potential participants. 

When setting up your game try to go with a longer game versus a shorter one to give everyone a chance to participate. I’d also recommend not doing a high minimum buy-in price (players are able to contribute as much as they’d like regardless). 

It’s a great alternative to a baby shower or in-person gender reveal AND a great addition to in-person gender reveals (attendees that can’t attend in person get to play along and be notified online).

Plus, it’s a great alternative to a baby registry since you can just use the money the game generates to purchase the items that you want or need for your baby without the judgment or unwanted opinions of others. 

Don’t worry about the funds either. The Gender Reveal Game uses Stripe as the payment processor so you can rest assured that both your players and your information are secure. 

While I loved the small intimate gender reveal that I had for my baby girl, I do wish that I would have come across this site sooner so I could have creatively shared the gender reveal with friends and family. 

Why the Gender Reveal Game is the Perfect Way to Raise Money For Your Baby

When you announce your pregnancy it’s not uncommon for first-time grandparents, siblings, and close friends to want to purchase something for your unborn child. 

Some will shop from a baby registry, but others will get gifts that they like that aren’t necessarily things that you want or need. 

The Gender Reveal Game eliminates baby items that won’t be used and duplicates by allowing you to raise money for your baby to spend on the essentials. 

Plus, it’s a great way for relatives and friends (close and far) to be involved in this pregnancy milestone. 

It’s free for expecting parents to create and the bidding price for players is customizable by you so you can make it so everyone can afford to play. 

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Closing Thoughts

If you’re expecting and haven’t revealed your baby’s gender yet with others, consider the Gender Reveal Game. It’s free, fun, and creative. 

It’s sure to leave a memorable experience with everyone involved. 

Gender Reveal Game Review


  1. Melissa Cushing says:

    Sounds like a really fun game and super cool for sure. I wish they had had this when I was carrying 😉

  2. Lynndee says:

    I think it’s a fun way to do. And the money raised would be a big help, for sure.

  3. Lavanda Michelle says:

    I love that funds were raised to fight for causes. I would’ve definitely used something like this if I knew about it when I had my children. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks like a great way to share the news and generate some money.

  5. This sounds like so much fun. I love games like these. They are always a blast.

  6. Beth Pierce says:

    This looks so much fun. I will mention this to my preggy sister. She was just looking for some creative ways to reveal her baby`s gender

  7. Terri Steffes says:

    How fun! It’s like we can all get in on the action! LOL, my nephew only invited people who lived close by to his baby’s reveal. This way I could have participated, too!

  8. Gervin Khan says:

    That sounds great to those expectant parents like my cousin. I will share this with my cousin.

  9. Tasheena says:

    This sounds like such a wonderful game for those expecting.

  10. Amber Myers says:

    This looks like a fun way to raise money for a new baby. Easy too!

  11. Tara Pittman says:

    What a great way to raise funds. This is good for people who live far away.


    That sounds like a different and great way to share the experience with family.

  13. Sarah Bailey says:

    This sounds like a fun way to help raise some pennies when you are pregnant. I love that it means you will only get things you need to!

  14. Louraine wilmot says:

    This is so much safer than some I have seen online where people end up burning down their homes! Thanks for sharing

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