Truman Advisors: 9 Apps You Need to Get Your Finances in Order

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Have you recently filed bankruptcy? Maybe you’re considering the option of bankruptcy. Or maybe, even, you just feel like your finances are a mess and you want to fix it before you get yourself into too much debt.

The good news is, regardless of the reason why you need to get your finances in order Truman Advisors can help. AND today, I’m sharing with you 9 apps that can help you get your finances in order – many of which I currently use myself.

Now, let’s get started!

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The Albert finance app is designed to be one of the world’s first smart financial apps. Using the latest technology, Albert will help you get a grip on your finances.

With smart technology, Albert allows you to get a broad picture of your spending and saving habits. It will also offer you a roadmap to how you can save more and spend less. It’s like having a financial advisor in your pocket.

Some of the main features of Albert include:

  • Uses smart technology to calculate the best course of action.
  • Provides a broad overview of spending.
  • Offers useful advice on how you can improve your finances.
  • Gives the option of upgrading to Albert Genius (which I have done) that allows you to ask financial gurus to look at your finances and provide guidance.
  • Gives you the options to save effortlessly
  • Access to easy monthly summaries
  • Actually provides accurate income and expense estimates.
  • AND much more!

This financial app is like a catch-all for getting your finances back under control. I’ve personally been using it since the beginning of the year since getting my finances under control was a goal for me this year and I must admit Albert has made staying on top of things super easy.


Are you paying too much money each month to service providers?

From utility companies to Internet providers and smartphone contracts, there are so many different companies you must deal with. The problem is that you might be paying too much for your current services.

BillShark will examine your bills and tell you if there’s a better deal. They will consider any hidden fees and provide you with recommendations that can allow you to pay less for the same service.

For example, I learned about them through the “Albert” app I mentioned above AND they were able to save me $20 per month on my Sprint Bill. You may be thinking $20 isn’t a lot, but over the course of a year, that’s $240, which can go into your savings account.

The main benefits of BillSharks services are:

  • Compares different services and utilities.
  • Considers hidden fees and additional costs.
  • Does all the legwork for you.

With this app, you’ll never need to pay more than necessary again.


You likely already know that most major stores have some sort of price matching system in place. The problem is that it’s often a lot of hassle to scan various websites to find out if there was even a price drop in the first place.

Paribus takes the hassle out of scoring the best price.

I found out about them through Capital One (the owner of the company I believe) and it was simple to get everything set up. All I had to do was grant them permission to scan my email and they are able to do their thing based on your receipts.

I’ve only been using this app for a few weeks so far, but they already got me a rebate based on Amazon not delivering a product when they said they would.

The main benefits of using Paribus include:

  • Takes your shopping receipts and compares prices.
  • Check the conditions of all rebate programs.
  • Gets your refund on your behalf.


Credit scores are just as important as they always were. The FICO score is used by a high percentage of major lenders when determining whether to approve a loan, credit card, or mortgage application. If you want to make a major purchase in the next few years, you need to concentrate on improving your credit score.

The first step is to figure out what’s on your credit report. MyFICO provides you with all the credit monitoring tools you need from one simple app.

Not only can you get your credit score and a copy of your credit report, but you can take advantage of the credit monitoring features.

Furthermore, it also has an identity theft monitoring feature. With this, you can make sure that your credit score isn’t damaged because of actions that have nothing to do with you.

The main features of the MyFICO app include:

  • Get your credit score immediately.
  • Credit monitoring.
  • Identity theft monitoring.


Capital One

If you have a Capital One credit card (which you should), or bank with them (which I also recommend), the Capital One app is one of the most intelligent apps around.

It comes with a free credit report, so you will understand what your score is. You can also track your spending with the app and pay your bills from your card at the click of a button.

Furthermore, if you don’t have cash and need to send money in an emergency, Capital One is connected to the nationwide Zelle app.

The main features of the Capital One app include:

  • Free credit report.
  • Pay your bills with the app.
  • Send emergency money through Zelle.


Credit Karma

Normally, you’re only allowed to view your credit report for free once per year. However, with Credit Karma, you can check your credit report at least once per week for free.

But the true value of the Credit Karma app is not in its credit monitoring capabilities but its marketplace. It takes your credit score and recommends the cards and loans that you have the best chance of being approved for. Furthermore, you can also see reviews from real people so you can know exactly what to expect.

Plus, in recent years they’ve made it so you can file your taxes for free regardless of how complex your tax situation is. Trust me, for the past two year’s I’ve filed my self-employment taxes through their software, and it was quick, easy, and didn’t give me any problems.

The main features of Credit Karma include:

  • Credit monitoring capabilities.
  • Compare personalized offers without damaging your credit score.
  • Free tax filing.



Saving money doesn’t have to be boring and just about the numbers all the time. The Joy app aims to change the way we look at money.

The app provides helpful money coaching and savings strategies to support the average person becoming better at spending. Joy offers a unique take on tracking your spending and ensures that everyone can understand their finances.

When you use the app, you’ll also get a variety of different information on finances and how they connect with your happiness.

From what I can tell from research, the main benefits of the Joy app are:

  • Money coaching.
  • Save better with the app.
  • Full spending tracking.

Through using this app you’ll be inspired to get back on track and spend your money in a way that improves your life.


One of the main reasons why people struggle to save money is temptation. Why save when you can just spend the money you worked hard for living in the moment, right? Well, this is where the Digit app comes in.

Digit takes the effort out of your hands through passive saving. Just fill in the information and Digit will analyze your income and the way you spend. It will use smart technology to automatically take money from your checking account and deposit it into your savings account.

The average amounts are between $2 and $17 every two to three days, depending on the way you spend.

I will be upfront and tell you that you do have to pay to use this app. I did use it myself for a few years when it was free and was happy with the results. However, I discontinued my use of the app (even though I do still recommend it) once they became a paid app as Albert provided me with more of the things that I needed for a cheaper price.

The main benefits of Digit include:

  • Automatically deposit money into your savings account.
  • Fully passive saving.



Nearly everyone will have to deal with debt at some point (especially if you have student loans like me). Unbury.Me is a loan calculator that will help you to pay down your debts.

It can be difficult to handle everything. But Unbury.Me will find the right payment plan for you. Additionally, it tells you how much you’ll need to budget every month for loan repayments, and it will come up with a plan to minimize your interest rates.

The main benefits of using Unbury.Me are:

  • Calculates your loan repayments.
  • Advises you on the best payment plan.
  • Minimizes your interest rates.

But its main use is to ensure that you get debt free as soon as you can.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Debt Consolidation from Truman Advisors If You Need To

Getting debt free can feel impossible. Some people consider filing bankruptcy to get away from their debts. While this can be a viable option, for most people it’s not the only option they have.

Another alternative is debt consolidation. Truman Advisors can assist you with debt consolidation and help you determine whether it’s the right option for you.

The basic principle of debt consolidation is that you take all your debts and consolidate them into one easily repayable loan with a flat interest rate.

For people with debts that come with high-interest rates, this can be a fantastic way of reducing your interest rates and avoid being crippled by your debts.

Speak to Truman Advisors and they will show you how it works and the benefits you could enjoy if you opt for debt consolidation.

You Can Take Control of Your Financial Future Today

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t live the life you want to because of your finances. Maybe you want to travel the world or pay for your kid to go to college…but you see no way out.

These ten apps all allow you to take control of your finances in different ways. Plus, many of them allow you to automate parts of your finances.

Have you been able to take control of your finances? What apps or strategies worked for you? Tell us all about them in the comments section below!

Truman Advisors: 9 Apps You Need to Get Your Finances in Order

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