Tips For Getting Your Skin Ready For Spring

As it gets closer to the arrival of the first day of spring, you may be noticing some changes to your skin as the weather starts to change. 

Just as you spring clean your home, you’ll also find that it’s good to spring clean your skincare routine to get your skin ready for the spring weather. Plus, this is a good time to clean out your skincare products to make sure that you’re not using any expired products. 

This article is going to cover some of the things that I do each year to get my skin ready for spring. 

Tips for getting your skin ready for spring

Evaluate your current skin concerns

The first step is to evaluate your current skincare concerns. 

For me, I’m working on limiting breakouts and handling the dry patches that keep popping up on my face and hand. 

Since I’m currently expecting I have to basically redo all of my skincare products because what was working before isn’t working now and I think something I was using probably triggered the dry patches. 

So, I’ve already started experimenting with new skincare products to see what will work best for my skin throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. 

I’ve been reading up on the benefits of lactic acid for skin and plan to try out some products that include this to see if they help address my skincare concerns. 

Anyways, the reason I recommend evaluating your current skin concerns is so you can set up any appointments that you may need to help you get your skin ready for spring. Then, once winter comes you’ll be able to track the progress that you made. Drink more water

Drinking water is something that I absolutely hate doing. 

In fact, the only time I do drink a ton of water is during and immediately after my workouts. 

I’ve tried plain water (room temperature and cold), fruit-infused water, etc and it is just not an acquired taste for me to want to drink it consistently throughout the day. 

However, the benefits of drinking water are plentiful and go much further than skincare benefits. 

Plus, whenever I am able to force myself to consistently drink the recommended amount of water each day (usually for no more than a week) I do notice that my skin feels more hydrated and looks clearer. 

So, the ultimate goal is to make sure you increase your water intake. You can notice a difference by taking baby steps. 

Get back into your shaving routine

If you’re like me you slack off on your shaving routine during the colder months. 

I mean who has time to constantly shave 1-2 times a week when everything is covered anyways?

However, as the temperature rises, it’s time to get back into your shaving routine. Hair attracts odors when sweating so those 2xs a week armpit shavings definitely have to become the norm for me since my preferred spring exercise method is outside running. 

Just make sure you’re using good quality razors and shaving oil so your skin can feel silky smooth afterward and it won’t be inflamed and irritated. 

Make sure you have the right facial products

As I mentioned briefly earlier, with this pregnancy, I’m finding that my normal skincare products aren’t working for me. 

I’m used to using different skincare products during different seasons, but I typically stick to the same brands. 

What I’ve learned over the years, is skincare products that you use during the winter months typically aren’t a great fit for the warmer months – especially when it comes to facial products. 

Having the right facial products is key to getting the skin that you want to have during the spring months. Therefore, now is the time to make sure you have the appropriate cleansers, facial masks, toners, etc. 

Get new sunscreen

Did you know that sunscreen expires? 

Well, it does. 

Therefore, each year I recommend throwing out the old ones and purchasing some new ones. 

Make sure you have the right body products

Just like with your facial products, you want to make sure that you’re using the right body products during the warmer months. 

I typically use thicker body products during the winter months and thinner products during the warmer months. 

Right now, I’ve switched over to using body oils since I’m trying to make sure my stomach stays moistured during the day and I’ve also found that they work great for the entire body. 

Final thoughts on getting your skin ready for spring

Preparing your skin for spring doesn’t have to be a headache or cause you to drop a ton of cash on new products. 

Instead, make a few changes to your skincare routine to adjust to the weather and your skin will be spring-ready in no time. 

Tips For Getting Your Skin Ready For Spring

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