Gift Ideas for Dallas Cowboy Fans

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Football season is in, which means now your football-crazed loved ones are now glued to their tv every Sunday. Comedy Quincy Carr displays how it usually works in the video below.

Can you relate?

Today’s post is going to kick off my series of football posts by sharing some of the best gift ideas for Dallas Cowboy fans. The best part is if you are an Amazon Prime member you can get these items within 2 days, which makes them great last minute gift ideas for Cowboy fans too.

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Dallas Cowboys Fleece Blanket

I love keeping throws on the foot of my bed since I am anemic and often find myself chilly during the winter months. They can even be used while traveling. Any Dallas Cowboy fan, female or male, will surely love this 50 by 60 fleece blanket.


Dallas Cowboys Chef Hat and Apron Set

Do you know a Cowboys fan that loves to cook? If so, surprise them with this cute Chef Hat and Apron Set. It is another unisex gift idea that your football watcher will love.


Metallic Traveler Tumbler

Help that fan in your life keep their drinks hot during the winter and cool during the summer with this Metallic Traveler Tumbler that will let them show their team pride wherever they may be.


Infinity Scarf

Do you have a fashionista in your life that just happens to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys? If so, this infinity scarf is a gift option that you can be sure that they will absolutely love.


Deck of Cards

I must admit as a card player myself that the standard red and white playing cards get old. Imagine showing up at an event and seeing some unique playing cards such as the Dallas Deck of Cards being used.


Crystal Freezer Mug

This looks pretty cool and the fact that it is made to be stored in the freezer makes it an awesome, unique gift idea. Fans of both genders will definitely be in awe when you surprise them with a crystal freezer mug that features their favorite team.


Women’s Canvas Slip On Shoe

I have to be honest and admit that canvas slip ons are some of the most comfortable shoes that I purchase. They are great for all seasons and they can go with a variety of different outfits. Females that are fans of the Cowboys would love to sport their canvas slip on shoe.


Dallas Cowboys Bracelet

If you are looking for an affordable gift for a female, consider this Dallas Cowboys Bracelet. You can make someone’s day and spend less than $10 (as of the writing of this post) while doing so.


Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it, gift ideas that are sure to please any Cowboys fan in your life. Are you a fan of the team yourself or know someone who is?

What other football teams would you like to see gifts highlighted for in my series this year?




  1. I have a friend how is an ardent supporter of the Dallas Cowboys. I’m sure she’d love some of these, thanks for the ideas!

  2. Gabriel says:

    You can give the gift of rooting for another team? 😀 Just kidding – I have many friends that logo gear would work well for.

  3. Emma Spellman says:

    I love the mug. I am always drinking ice cold drinks so those are a must in my house.

  4. I am not a cowboy fan but I love the cowboy bracalet! I may just switch sides to wear it!

  5. CourtneyLynne says:

    Hubby and I are both HUGE Cowboys fans!!!! I would love all of this awesome Cowboys memorabilia!

  6. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These are great gift ideas. I have a few friends that would love these.

  7. I love the shoes and the tumbler, my son would love it! How cool!

  8. These are all great ideas for any sports lover. I actually do like the cowboys too! Not my number one team, but one of my favorites!

  9. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are some awesome gift ideas for the Dallas Cowboy fans. My sister is moving to Texas and I may follow so this is a great list of gift ideas. I love the fleece blanket and the bracelet. Thanks for sharing the items and the video is awesome.

  10. These are great gift ideas. I want the fleece blanket. The cowboys are my favorite team too.

  11. Nancy L. says:

    Yes. It’s sports widow season, huh? I love the gift ideas and while we are from Cleveland, my hubby does like the Dallas Cowboys (and the cheerleaders, too!) 😉 Great suggestions.

  12. Love all of these! I spent most of my life in Oklahoma where it was natural for most of us to be Cowboy fans! I live in Michigan now, everyone up here for the most part are Lions fans. Love those shoes!

  13. These are great gift ideas for Cowboy fans!! I love giving my husband gifts of his favorite sports teams!

  14. As a Georgia girl, I’d love to see one on the Falcons. Those guys are my jam.

    1. Stacie,

      I will make sure to add them to my content calender.

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