Gift Ideas For Babies

Whether you’re shopping for a holiday gift, birthday gift, or welcome to the world gift, it can be tricky shopping for babies because their parents have typically already purchased them everything that they need. 

With a little creativity though, you can find the perfect gift ideas for babies that both baby and parents can both appreciate. 

Here are some gift ideas for babies to help you get started. 

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Frankie Dean Dream Baby + Bedtime Book

If storytime is a part of your baby’s bedtime routine, one of the cute Frankie Dean Dream Baby + Bedtime Books is sure to be the perfect gift. 

The blankets are eco-friendly, have been cuddle tested, and are the perfect addition to end-of-day bonding time. 

They are great at making the transition from bathtime to bedtime run more smoothly. 

The Happiest Baby Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuit Bundle

During the first year, one thing that baby cannot have too many of is bodysuits. 

They are perfect when lounging around the house and as babies get larger parents appreciate having multiple available, especially when they start eating purees or experiencing blowouts. 

These particular bodysuits from The Happiest Baby come highly recommended because they are made from 100% organic cotton, which is great for a baby’s sensitive skin, and the inseam snaps make late-night diaper changes a breeze! 


The SNOObear is perfect for babies who have trouble sleeping since it’s not only cute and cuddly, but it also contains a white noise machine. 

This isn’t your standard white noise cuddle buddy though, parents have to love that the SNOObear plays consistently for 30 to 60 minutes AND listens for another 3 hours to know if it needs to do additional soothing sounds to help both babies and parents sleep longer. 

Whether you looking for gift ideas for babies of friends or your own baby, you cannot go wrong with this gift. 


The baby stage passes so quickly and if you’re shopping for a parent that pretty much has the infant stage covered, give them a headstart for the potty training stage by introducing them to the Potette.

This potty is versatile enough to be used both on the go ( as a trainer seat) and at home (as a standard potty).

Who knew there is a potty that can actually grow with your child!

Bowl Feeding Set

Many new parents focus on purchasing infant toys, clothes, and accessories. However, it’s common to forget about feeding essentials as it seems like it’ll be so far off before babies start eating, but those first 4 to 6 months actually fly by. 

The Wave Bowl Feeding Set from Kalen Baby is a perfect gift idea for babies because it encourages supported feeding while providing suction to ensure there are no spills. 

Absorbent Teething Bib

Teething products are something else that many new parents don’t purchase at the very beginning. However, based on my experience with having my daughter start teething at two months I highly recommend gifting teething products to new parents. 

The Absorbent Teething Bib from Kalen Baby is a great option because it serves three purposes:

  1. Teether
  2. Bib
  3. Pacifier Clip

This versatile product is something that both baby and mom will appreciate for sure. 

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There are plenty of great gift ideas for babies – as I have found myself being the mom of a 2021 baby – however, these are some great ones to get your gears churning. 

They all are not really considered traditional gift ideas for babies so you can feel confident knowing that baby doesn’t have these items yet, but both mom and baby will be able to benefit from them. 

Gift Ideas For Babies

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