Gift Ideas For Elementary Kids

Shopping for elementary kids doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re thinking. 

Outside of clothes and shoes, you can throw in some fun things they’ll love while also making sure the majority of them have an educational spin to them. One creative idea is to create a yearbook with the help of mixbook with all the memories of their past one year.

These are my top picks for gift ideas for elementary kids. 

Artie 3000

Help your kids learn the art of coding with the Artie 3000. 

This coding robot will help them design code before he draws the lines. All designs are preprogrammed so they can get started with coding right away.

Kids don’t need any previous coding experience to get started with the Artie 3000. All they have to do is use the remote control, point and click, or drag and drop systems to get started in Python, JavaScript and more.

Banana Panda 

Banana Panda is perfect for kids who love doing puzzles.

This particular one is recommended for kids ages 6+ and it allows them to create a world map.

It features 168 jumbo pieces that allow elementary-aged kids to discover new places, landmarks, and even learn more about different plants and animals around the world.

Who knew education could be so fun and hands-on?

Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor

Beaker Creatures is the perfect gift for young scientists. 

This incredible science set will help them to create volcanic eruptions.

It comes with a full experiment guide so they can prepare for having loads of hands-on fun and even comes equipped with a mini-poster that has some mind-blowing science facts. 

Rock N Gem Surprise

The Rock N Gem Surprise features pretend rocks that hold a crystal gem inside. 

After your child discovers the prize they’re then ready to go on to color matching and shape recognition lessons. 

This set allows them to have fun uncovering gems while also mastering their fine motor and role-playing skills. 

It even comes with a drawstring bag for hiding their treasures.

Machines in Motion

Machines in Motion is the perfect way for elementary kids to unleash their imaginations!

They can own their playtime by building creative structures. 

Plus, if they want to enhance their engineering skills there are instructions for building various interactive machines and vehicles, which will help them master building parts such as wrecking balls, chains, wheels, and more. 

Geosafari Microscope

With the voice of Bindi Irwin from Australia Zoo, your kids will be able to look, listen, and learn as they study more than 100 facts and associated questions.

The set includes 60 full-color images and two different game modes to enjoy. There’s no messy clean up required but endless hours of learning in store.

Personalized Book From I See Me

Go the extra mile this holiday season and gift something truly special. These personalized books from I See Me are books that your kids will cherish for years to come.

Choose from a variety of templates and create the book your child will fall in love with. It’s all about them. 

Waffle Blocks

Give your kids the gift of endless play with Waffle Blocks. Each bucket comes with 60 pieces and is fully compatible with other Waffle Blocks sets.

These pieces are easy to use, come in different colors, and can snap together in any formation your children want.

There are no limits to what they can create with Waffle Blocks!

Kanoodle Jr.

From the best-selling Kanoodle game comes the junior version. Help your kids get their minds working this holiday season with this challenging set of puzzles.

There are 60 different puzzles to choose from and different difficulty levels to keep challenging your kids for months to come.

It even comes with a carry case, so you can take it anywhere.

80 Piece Roboto Factory Building Set

Whether it’s counting, grouping, sorting, designing, or constructing they can do it all with the 80 Piece Roboto Factory Building Set. Allow your kids to learn about the world of physics as they build, destroy, and build again.

The set contains lots of special parts, such as gears, connectors, interlocking bases, and more. With the stickers that come with it, they can truly make their creations their own.

Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit is a gift like no other because your kids will be able to experience the thrill of building their own computers. They’ll solve puzzles within the game to unlock powerups and functions.

They don’t need any technical knowledge and they’ll be able to learn to code all at the same time. There are 11 projects that get even more challenging as they work through the Piper Computer Kit.

Yumology! Sweets Lab from Learning Resources

Have a young chef on your hands?

Yumology Sweet Labs from Learning Resources would make the perfect gift for them. They’ll be able to make sweet treats such as juices, ice pops, and no-bake delights. 

They’ll learn how to mix colors, measure different ingredients, and more alongside the illustrated, full-color guide.

There are seven fun experiments to get started with, and because there’s no heat there’s no danger.

Jumbo Pad of Word Puzzles

With 256 pages to work through, elementary kids will be able to challenge themselves with 120 different types of word puzzles, such as codes, riddles, word searches, and crosswords.

Do them from anywhere and let them share the puzzles with their friends. Each page is designed to be torn out, so they can take the fun anywhere!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Get ready for the holiday season with the original picture book version of the classic Christmas poem Twas the Night Before Christmas.

This is a gift the entire family can enjoy. The Hidden Pictures edition of this traditional poem is filled with puzzles and different holiday-themed objects nestled within the pages.

Create a new holiday tradition this year with Twas the Night Before Christmas. 

Note: This book would make a great addition to your Christmas Eve Box

Moving Creations

Bring STEM principles into your home and make your kids into little future engineers. Moving Creations will help them learn to build, with nine different projects for them to choose from and 18 different STEM experiments.

It even comes with a 98-page book to guide them along.

Stem at Play

Learn about the wonders of magnetism with nine exciting experiments with Stem at Play

Your kids will be able to take advantage of different real-life lab tools and materials to carry out experiments. Make them believe they’re an engineer or a scientist as they become an expert in the field of magnetism.

It comes with a guide filled with pictures, information, and more so they can create their own laboratory at home.

Hubelino Mini Building Box

Create hours of fun for the entire family with this tiny marble run kit. It comes with everything needed to make the mini marble runs they want.

Each set comes with building blocks, marbles, a base plate, and a booklet of separate tracks for them to choose from.


YART is an entirely new way to create. Take a selection of drawings and cover them in yarn to create a unique piece of art that’s nothing like what they’re used to.

Your kids will be able to choose from an infinite number of designs and whatever color of yarn they want.

It’s truly a gift that can last them for years.

Conclusion: Elementary Kids Will Love These Gift Ideas

These gift ideas are sure to be a hit when your elementary kids open them up. There’s truly something for every kid on this list. 

Which gift idea on this list caught your attention the most? 

Gift Ideas For Elementary Kids

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