Products That Expectant Moms Actually Need

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Shopping for an expectant mom? Are you an expectant mom? Not sure what’s actually needed to make pregnancy a little more stress-free AND what will be used for years to come?

I’ve got your back with these products that expectant moms actually need. 

New Mom Care Caddy

A new mom care caddy fits into most budgets and can be customized to every individual mom’s needs. 

This caddy is literally a godsend for those who have home births or even when moms get back home from the birth center or hospital. 

It has everything that mom needs for a newborn all neatly organized and can easily sit on a dresser or bedside table to be accessible quickly and easily. 

New Mom Care Caddy Tutorial

Pregnancy Pillow

The pregnancy pillow is the product that every expectant mother needs but doesn’t know it until she sleeps with it for the very first time. 

Whether this is the first or fifth pregnancy, it’s never too late to introduce a pregnancy pillow. It makes it easier to become adjusted to not sleeping on your stomach – if you’re a stomach sleeper – and it allows for a much comfortable sleep as your belly grows bigger. 

Baby Backpack 

Forget the diaper bags that weigh down your shoulder while also constantly slipping off of your shoulder while you’re simultaneously trying to hold on to your infant’s car seat. 

With a baby backpack, you can have all of your and baby essentials neatly organized and securely available on your back for easy access during doctor’s appointments and outings. 

One in particular that I recommend is the Uptown Backpack from Kalencom. 

It comes with a changing pad, extra back pocket – which is great for wet clothes -, and there’s enough space inside for all of the baby’s essentials AND a change of clothes for mom. 

KalenCo Backpack

Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Going to the bathroom after birth can be one of the most dreaded experiences of the day. With the Post Patrum Recovery Essentials Kit, mom can dread it a little less as it includes everything that’s needed to make going not so horrible. 

From the instant ice maxi pads to the perineal healing foam mom will definitely use all of the items inside. AND the best part is she can keep it stored neatly on top of the toilet top thanks to the convenient storage caddy.

Security Camera 

If the expectant mom has other children or pets, installing a few security cameras will make life a lot easier. 

For example, a video doorbell makes it so she doesn’t have to keep running back and forth to the door whenever someone rings it. Plus, some stickup cams allow her to keep tabs on the other children or pets while attending to the baby’s needs. 

While security cameras may not prevent all of the unnecessary up and downs in the first days after delivery, they will limit them greatly. 


Shopping for an expectant mom can be tricky as there are just so many products on the market these days. You want to make sure that you get her something that she can use to make her life easier once the baby comes. While it’s okay to get cute items such as the Sweet Star Pillow as a baby gift don’t forget to add in some things for mom too. 

Which one of these products do you think expectant moms could get the most use from? Do you have any other ideas that didn’t make our list? 

Products That Expectant Moms Actually Need


  1. Marysa says:

    These are all awesome ideas for expecting moms! So many of these weren’t around or at least weren’t popular when I was pregnant.

  2. Monica Y says:

    The pregnancy pillow was my live saver when I was pregnant, I do agree everyone should get one

  3. Kita Bryant says:

    Yeeeeessss!!! Backpacks are my lifeline. How moms ever get around without them, I will never know.

  4. Catalina says:

    That pregnancy pillow is a must for every future mom. It’s a must!

  5. Lynndee says:

    I’ve never had any of these when I was pregnant with my son. But without a doubt, they are great gifts to give.

  6. Nikki Wayne says:

    These stuffs are absolutely useful for moms. It’s great to have them in advance. So thanks for the tips.

  7. Yes! Especially the bedside box and the backpack diaper bag! So many new moms get these super elaborate, beautiful diaper bags but they forget that they will be carrying the baby and whatever else (purse, coffee, keys, etc…) too! Putting one on your back is where it is at so that your hands are free to do anything/everything else!

    1. Right!

      I will admit I was one of those moms with my first, but when I had two close in age I learned to switch up to the backpack quickly.

  8. Tasheena says:

    I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about the pregnancy pillow.

  9. Amber Myers says:

    These do look like some awesome stuff. I wish I had one of those pillows while pregnant!

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