Gift Ideas For Kids

Finding it hard to shop for your kids or a relative because they seem to have everything already? 

You’re not alone. 

Here are some unique gift ideas for kids who have everything. 

Gift Ideas For Kids Who Have Everything

Sunny The Mail Snail

The unique subscription gift kids can’t get enough of!

Sunny The Mail Snail provides personalized mail to your kids straight to your home mailbox!

The letter can come weekly or you could space it out to come every 6 months. They even have a box where the letters can be stored. 

Sunny makes sure that young minds stay engaged by providing adventurous stories and educational facts about animals and geography. 

It’s something that the entire family can look forward to doing together!

Bold Made Card Games

A new an improved twist on Old Maid!

If your kids enjoy playing Old Maid, they’ll love playing Bold Made.

The goal is to collect a team of bold women whol changed the world while potentially finding new female role models. 

The game features astronauts, musicians, writers, world leaders, and more. 

You could even add in the Athlete Expansion Pack that features female athletes. 

Roto Brain

A modern take on the Rubix cube!

The Rubix cube has had a makeover and provides an even more challenging brain teasing puzzle to keep little minds engaged. 

With it’s neverending color combinations you can keep kids entertained for hours without them even thinking about electronics. 

It’s so addicting that the adults will want to join in too!

Barefoot Books

A monthly subscription box that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right books for your kids!

Gift the gift of reading, with the Barefoot Book Box

Your child will receive diverse children’s books that are perfect for their age and developmental stage with engaging monthly themes. 

This subscription is flexible so you can gift one box or opt to do multiple months. 

The Ultimate Book of African Animals

The book that provides the adventure of a lifetime!

Kid’s are transported to the sands of Sahara, and the shady nooks of the rainforest, among other places with this book. 

It features jaw-dropping photography, which gives kids behind the scenes peeks into how Africa’s wildlife lives, plays, and hunts in their one-of-a-kind environments. 

It’s filled to the brim with stats and facts about desert vipers, lions, elephants, and so many more animals. 

Little Kids First Big Book of Rocks, Minerals, & Shells

A fascinating guide that features a variety of Earth’s rocks, minerals, gemstones, fossils, and shells!

The perfect book to gift to a rock collector. They’ll learn how rocks were formed, the different kinds of rocks, and how rocks differ from minerals. 

It also features more than 200 stunning photos and displays breathtaking natural sites such as the Great Wall of China and the Giant’s Causeway.

Brain Candy 3

The gift that gives kids answers to questions that they didn’t even know they had!

This book is filled with fun facts and cool trivia about a variety of topics. 

They’ll be telling you new facts that they’ve learned for weeks. It’s an addictive book that you’ll want to add to their bookshelf. 

101 Life Hacks: Genius Ways to Simplify Your World

Cool hacks that kids love!

If your kids love taking shortcuts, they’ll love this book. 

From how to upcycle and reuse old stuff to hacks for curing brain freeze, your child will be able to successfully hack their way through all types of problems. 

Oddbods Newt Soft Stuffed Plush Toys

Perfect gift for Oddbods fans!

If your little one is a fan of the Oddbods, they’ll want to add this soft plush toy to their collection. It’s a great toy to cuddle with and can also be used as a pillow. 

The Everything Kids Football Book, 7th Edition

Perfect gift idea for kids who love football!

Your young football fan will learn about the history of footballs, get tips to develop their football skills, and gain access to dozens of games and puzzles.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard shopping for kids who have everything already. Hopefully, these ideas have sparked some ideas. 

Gift Ideas For Kids

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