Gifts For Expectant Moms

Shopping for gifts for expectant moms can be hard.

First, you have to decide if you’re looking for a gift for mom or if you want to give her a gift for the baby. Thankfully, sometimes you’re able to find the perfect gift that will be loved by them both. 

This list of gifts for expectant moms will provide you with an assortment of gift ideas that are sure to leave you with the perfect gift that fits within your budget and is loved by the expectant mom. 

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Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

For some reason, postpartum hair loss isn’t something that is widely discussed, but it affects a lot of new moms – sometimes for months. 

With the Vegamour Gro Hair Serum, a little does a lot. I’ve been using it for the postpartum hair loss I’ve been experiencing at my edges. 

Plus, they even have a scalp massager that helps stimulate the scalp. 

Walton Wood Farm Dear Mom Kit

Walton Wood Farm Dear Mom Gift Set

Self-care is important during pregnancy and even more during the postpartum period. 

The Dear Mom Kit from Walton Wood Farm contains everything a mom needs to take a moment for herself – lavender-scented bath bombs, lip scrub, and hand cream. 

During the final weeks of my pregnancy, I loved relaxing with bath bombs after a long day. The lip scrub is used almost daily now to fight against the harsh winter weather.

Photography Session

One of the best gifts for expectant moms is a photography session.

Whether you pay for their maternity photos or their newborn photography session you can be sure that this will be a gift that the mom-to-be absolutely loves.

They’ll always remember you were the one who helped them capture one of the most important and magical moments in their life.

If you’re in the Denver area you may want to consider booking a photography session with Twinkle Portraits.

Manta Weighted Mask

Manta Weighted Mask

During the final weeks of pregnancy and during the postpartum period, the Manta Weighted Mask will become one of mom’s favorite items.

It offers a personalized fit and despite being a weighted mask, you can barely tell that you have it on.

It’s great for all types of sleepers and regardless of how short or long, the sleep session is, this mask allows sleep to be enjoyable. 

Milestone Blanket From Sam and Zoey

During the first year of a baby being born, it’s common for moms to take a ton of photos.

Sam and Zoey have an assortment of milestone blankets to make sure that mom is able to keep track of baby’s monthly growth in a cute and unique way. 

If the expectant mom has already been looking forward to taking lots of photos of the baby, you cannot go wrong with this gift idea for expectant moms.

California Wine Club Gift Certificate

If the expectant mom has been looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine after giving birth, she’ll definitely enjoy a gift certificate from California Wine Club.

With certificate options ranging from $60 to $350 that are delivered electronically, she’ll be able to get the perfect push gift for herself.

Plus, you can be guaranteed that this is a gift that she’ll actually use and enjoy.

Neato Robotics

Give mom one less thing to have to worry about by gifting her Neato Robotics.

These intelligent robot vacuum cleaners are the ultimate floor-cleaning machines.

With this gift idea for expectant moms, moms can spend more time relaxing and nesting during pregnancy AND once the baby arrives she can spend more time enjoying baby snuggles and less time cleaning.

Nanobebe Newborn Gift Set 

The Nanobebe Newborn Gift Set is the perfect gift for expectant moms that are planning to breastfeed. 

It is one of the breastfeeding essentials that I am glad that I invested in for myself as it includes pacifiers and bottle nipples that were designed for breastfeeding babies so there is no nipple confusion. 

Care Caddy

New Mom Care Caddy Tutorial

Do you prefer to give DIY gifts?

If so, creating a care caddy for the new mom is a great idea.

It shows that you put some thought into things that both she and the baby can use. Plus, you can personalize it based on her likes and your budget. 

Apple Gift Card

If the mom-to-be is an Apple user, consider gifting her with an Apple Gift Card.

This gift card can then allow her to have her subscriptions covered for a month or allow her to sign up for some baby-related subscriptions such as Glow Baby. 

Or, maybe she wants to use it to purchase some boosters in her favorite mobile game as a distraction to help her during labor or a way to stay awake during those late-night breastfeeding sessions.

Overall, if you’re looking for gifts for expectant moms that are Apple users, then you can’t go wrong with an Apple Gift Card.

Amazon Gift Card

Not sure what the expectant mom that you’re shopping for already has or does it seem like she already has everything? If so, get her an Amazon Gift Card.

Trust me, it will be used and probably sooner than she thinks. 

No matter how prepared moms think they are after giving birth and settling in with a baby it’s always something that you need that you don’t have. Amazon sells basically everything and they deliver quickly, so Amazon Gift Cards always make great gift ideas for expectant moms. 

Closing Thoughts

Shopping for gifts for expectant moms can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to make sure you’re giving her a gift that she’ll actually use and hasn’t already received you cannot go wrong with one of these gift ideas for expectant moms. 

Found this gift guide to be helpful? If so, check out my best push present idea for after mom gives birth.

Gifts For Expectant Moms

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