10 Things to Consider Before Going Back to College as a Parent

Combining parents’ duties and studying in college can be tricky. Yet, many parents return to school to enhance their career options, expand their skills and knowledge, or inspire their children. Overall, the reasons may vary. However, everyone will face certain challenges on their way. See ten things you should consider before going back to college as a parent. 

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Determine your goals

People go back to school for various reasons. You may not have a higher education at all or have an incomplete college education you’d like to finish. You may want to receive a new qualification to follow your dreams or start a more financially rewarding career. A person may also require higher education to go further in their career. So, determine why you need a college degree. This goal will motivate you and help you find a purpose in school. 

Have a family discussion 

Your desire to go back to school will affect everyone in your family. So you should have a family discussion on how you can handle such a change and see whether everyone is on board with it. For one, you will need their support during the whole process. Secondly, you will end up spending less time with your family. It’s best to discuss how you will go around these changes, how they will affect your life, and what amount of help you’ll require. 

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Be realistic about upcoming challenges 

Nothing should prevent you from going back to school if you’ve already set your mind on it. However, you better be realistic about what comes next. The next several months to several years won’t be easy. Sure, you have the strength you need to get through. Yet, a parent should always be ready for all kinds of scenarios, including the worst. Don’t sugarcoat or downsize the challenges you will face. Being away from your kids will be hard. 

Dedicating all your free time and taking those hours from time with the kids will be hard. Even feeling too old to do school may be unexpectedly hard. So think of all the cons and situations you won’t like before you start. Analyze them and prepare for those bad feelings and obstacles before they come after you. 

Choose your program 

These days students have many choices when it comes to learning. One can do most of the class remotely, thus, studying online. Students can also attend classes the old way or get into a mixed program where you have a bit of both worlds. Each option has its pros and cons. So, you better consider what learning style fits your needs and situation. 

Some parents will strive to study from home. You don’t have to move. You can stay around the kids. You can manage to study at your own pace and time. Others are well aware of the possible distractions at home and how poorly they will be at studying alone. So, with both options available, it is something to consider before enrolling. 

Research scholarships or financial aid programs 

Parents who pursue their first bachelor’s degrees can count on many federal financial aid programs, including loans and grants. You may still be eligible for financial help, scholarships, or other programs, even if you are an older student. So, take some time to research your options. Also, see if your college has any special assistance for parents, like daycare, support groups, mentoring programs, etc.

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Learn to delegate 

You don’t need a whole village, but you do need some help. You will have days when doing a basic housework routine will look like too much pressure. You will be late for school sometimes. Occasionally, exam preparations will take more hours than you intended. Your kids should not suffer from such nuances or urgent deadlines. That’s why you need to have additional help on the side. Sure, it’s best to have a second parent at home or other relatives ready to step up. However, you can also hire babysitters or find a daycare nearby. 

Of course, it’s best if your school offers child care on campus. Plus, you can also find other parents-students in school. Become a support group for one another. Take turns babysitting and organizing playdates and study groups. 

Excel in time management 

Your future will majorly depend on how good you are at time management. So take this skill seriously. Learn it. Master it. Keep on improving. You have to approach your lessons in time management seriously. Read books on how to stay organized and download planners on your phone. You will be very busy once school starts. So get your act together and know how you will approach the whole school-parenting-work thing without falling behind anywhere. 

Immerse yourself in studying 

You can’t just dip your toes in the water. A good student knows that they have to live for it to be good at it. So, leave everything else behind as long as you are in school. Dedicate most of your attention to studies, homework, networking, consultation with professors and advisers, etc. Strive to create immersive college experiences to regain your interest in studying. Spend each day there proving that you went back to school for a reason. 

Set new boundaries 

Beyond your family’s support, you will also need new boundaries. As a student, you will need time for homework and studying. People in your household should respect your boundaries and give you time to recharge, study, and stay alone. Physical boundaries are also in place here. You will need a private space to study. Such a working place should be only yours. It should be a quiet zone with everything you need for productive studying, minus all the typical distractions. 

Create a self-care routine 

The school creates a lot of pressure on students. It may be especially true in your case. You sacrifice a lot by going back to school. You are taking a risk. It is a scary and stressful period as it is. You can’t let this time in school break you. That’s not what you are going there for. Plus, your children need you. They should see how school transforms your life for the better, not making you miserable and depressed. So, think about how to cope with new stress factors and lack of time. Create a self-care routine to avoid serious mental health complications.


In conclusion, going back to college as a parent can be a daunting but rewarding experience. It requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that you can balance your academic pursuits with your parental responsibilities. By taking the time to think through the ten things we’ve discussed in this article, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision about returning to school. Remember, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and with the right mindset, resources, and support system, you can achieve your academic goals while also being the best parent you can be. 

Good luck on your journey!

10 Things to Consider Before Going Back to College as a Parent