Good Chop Review: Best Meat Subscription Box

There’s a new meat subscription box on the market named Good Chop. 

If you’re looking for high-quality meat and seafood that doesn’t contain hormones and antibodies you’ll want to check them out. 

I recently received a sample box from them and I was impressed overall. 

Here’s more about Good Chop and my Good Chop review.

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Good Chop Review

What is Good Chop?

Good Chop is one of the newer meat subscription services, but in my opinion, they don’t disappoint. 

They offer flexible meat subscription options that are all American, all-natural, convenient, and flash-frozen. 

How Good Chop Works

How much is a Good Chop subscription?

As of this writing, Good Chop has two subscription options available:

  • Medium Plan ($149) – Recommended for individuals and small families. Includes 6 menu selections. 
  • Large Plan ($269) – Recommended for medium families. Includes 12 menu selections. 
Good Chop Meat Subscription

Note: In addition to offering cancellation at any time, they also offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. 

What meats come with a Good Chop subscription?

You can customize your Good Chop subscription to include any combination of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. 

Here’s a full list of Good Chop meats

I was able to try the beef flat iron steaks, ground beef, pacific cod, sockeye salmon, beef ribeye steaks, and beef filet mignon. 

Who should try Good Chop?

Good Chop Review

If you’re looking to make dinnertime a little less hectic, Good Chop would be perfect for you. Ideally, you’ll have a deep freezer available to store meals until you’re ready to cook them. 

As someone who is getting back into meal planning, I found the subscription to be very convenient and the meat was delicious. 

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Also, the portion-sealed packages made life a little easier as a busy mom with a newborn. The meat is freezer ready – no prep required

If you’re a new parent and have limited time for planning out dinner you’d benefit from this meat subscription service. 

Unfortunately, they don’t have gift cards yet, but maybe soon, because this would also make a fantastic gift idea for foodies and expectant parents. 

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My Good Chop review

Good Chop’s meat subscription didn’t disappoint. 

The quality of the meat was phenomenal, the package shipped quickly and didn’t melt during transit, and I feel as though the pricing is justifiable. 

Good Chop Subscription Review

Depending on the size of your family, the Medium Plan will provide a week’s worth of main courses – all you have to do is add sides!

The only improvements I’d like to personally see are the options to send as a gift (gift cards) and recipe cards for the selected meats. 

I love that the subscription is flexible (you can cancel anytime) AND the money-back guarantee. It shows they are very confident that the majority are going to like their meats. 

Some of the meals we made:

Bottom Line: It’s worth giving Good Chop a try

Overall Good Chop is a great meat subscription to consider trying – especially if you want to make meal planning easier. Ideally, individuals, couples, and small to medium families will benefit the most from their current subscription options. 

I feel that they provide great value for the money, ship quickly, and have high-quality meat and seafood options. 

Good Chop Review: Best Meat Subscription Box


  1. This sounds like a convenient subscription. It is nice to have these products delivered right to your door!

  2. Oh wow, Good Chop indeed sounds like a great meat subscription service. I’ll definitely check it out. Hope the service is available in the UK too.

  3. Heather says:

    This would be such a great option for our family. I will have to check out Good Chop to make meal planning a little easier.

  4. I would love to try a meat subscription box. Living about 25 miles from any grocery store, I am always looking for good meat but it’s an hour round trip! This would save so much time!

  5. I love that it has a wide range of meat and fish to choose from

  6. Richelle Escat says:

    That’s a really great deal. I wished we have subscriptions like that here in my area.

  7. Tasheena says:

    This is my first time learning about this company, I have to look into checking them out.

  8. Tara Pittman says:

    I like that this includes seafood. I like that they are individually packaged


    I’ve not heard of Good Chop before. It sounds perfect for my dad as he loves meat.

  10. Amber Myers says:

    Yum, all the food looks amazing. I might have to check them out. I am all about making meals easier.

  11. Ivan M. Jose says:

    I think this brand is worthy of trying. At least you could have fresh meat delivered to you on a regular basis.

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