Spooky, Scary Skeletons, and Other Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you’re looking for creepy and spooky Halloween decorating ideas, look no further. Use some home objects, fabrics, old Halloween gifts, and knickknacks to transform your interior or outdoor areas into creepy spaces. 

Check out these ideas if you are decorating your space for the entire Halloween season or for a special holiday party!

Halloween Decoration Ideas

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1. Creepy Mantel

You can utilize witch hats and fangs to creep up and customize family photos that are on your mantel. 

Next, you can add black décor elements and paper cutouts of lighted candelabras and soaring bats to your mantel. 

Because the mantel is usually a centerpiece of the living room, adding a few creepy touches will bring more magic into your home. 

2. Mummy Pumpkins

This spooky mummy pumpkin is a great addition to any party, here are a few steps to create your own:

  1. Fold cheesecloth and cut it into broad strips. Beginning at the bottom of the pumpkin, apply horizontal lines of glue. Press the cheesecloth strips onto it. Add cheesecloth strips and work horizontally from the bottom until the pumpkin is completely covered. Add a few more layers until no orange is visible.
  2. Cut two large ovals from black construction paper for the eyes. Separate the layers of cheesecloth toward the top third of the pumpkin and cut two holes (for the eyes). Place the ovals onto the pumpkin and push them into the holes with hot glue. Pull the cheesecloth gaps closed to conceal the construction paper’s edges.

3. Witches Magic Potion Bottles

Convert your home into a mystical witch’s cottage by crafting your own potions. 

Use items such as gummy candies and beef jerky to mimic cut body parts, or fill a glass bottle with bloody faux fingers. 

You could even use a spooky Halloween wine glass to fill up your potions. Fill the jars with water, food coloring, and glitter using a funnel to make the spooky ingredients float.

4. Soaring Bats at the Front Door

Use adhesive dots to stick cutout bats to your door to create the look of bats flying over your front door. 

To round out the spooky scenery, glue black feathers to a wreath shape. 

To add the finishing touch, place a Halloween doormat in front of the bats at the door.

Finalizing the outdoor Halloween decorations, add inflatables for a complete view. Customizable Halloween inflatables can be placed in the front yard and together with the sticky rats, they will show off your holiday spirit. There are many different types of inflatables to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your home. You can also get inflatables that are customizable, so you can put your own personal touch on your holiday decorations. Inflatables are a great way to decorate for Halloween, and they can make your home stand out from the rest.

5. Drippy Candles

You can buy or create your own drippy candles to add to your spooky decorations.

If you decide to create your own, grab an old white candle you already have and a hot glue gun. Use the hot glue gun to add drips around the sides of the candle. 

If you don’t have any white candles laying around but still don’t want to buy your drippy candle, you can use PVC pipes. 

Get 1 1/2-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch PVC pipes fitted to the height you want for these enormous flowing candles. Then, spray the PVC pipes white. Next, use a hot glue gun and white glue sticks to add drips down the side of the pipes. After you have added as many drips as you want, put a tea light into the pipe so that it lights up as a candle would. 

6. Pumpkin Votives

Using craft paper, glue, and LED tealights, you can transform conventional vases into luminous votives with a pumpkin design:

  1. Cut a piece of orange paper to fit around your vase, leaving an overhang at the back. Lightly moisten the paper’s back with adhesive and place it on the vase’s exterior, as smoothly as possible. Attach the back overlap using a glue stick. Remember that inside the vase, there shouldn’t be any paper.
  2. Using an X-Acto knife, cut out the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth on separate black paper and attach it to the outside of the vase. Place an LED tealight inside so that your votive can come to life.

7. Dreary Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Every Halloween party needs an eerie flicker. 

Use matte-black spray paint to decorate wine bottles. After it has dried, place an orange taper candle stick in each bottle. This is a great idea to repurpose your glass bottles yet add a horror flair to your home.

8. Halloween Pillows

To create a stunning pillow, you may use Halloween T-shirts to start. 

Ones with bold all-over designs are best. If you want extra unique Halloween pillows you can contact a shirt printing business and have your custom Halloween designs printed to ensure your pillows are unique to you.

Cut a straight line around the whole T-shirt, cutting off the arms, neckline, bottom, etc. You should be left with two squares, the front and back sides of the T-shirt. Cut the back side of the shirt into two halves.

Now you should have three pieces. 

Turn all sides inside out and sew around the edges, leaving the middle gap between the two halves. When finished, turn the right side up and add your throw pillow. 

Now you have adorable but scary Halloween pillows made from Halloween T-shirts! If you aren’t feeling crafty, head to your nearest store and you’re sure to find some Halloween decorative pillows. 

9. Witches Magic Frame

Spray-paint an antique frame black and allow it to dry completely. Next, print butterfly pictures with spooky calligraphy and sayings (such as “Beware of Witches!”) on card stock and cut them out. Then, attach them to your frame, cut them out, and place them on using adhesive. 

Use ribbon to hang your new scary masterpiece!

10. Effortlessly Daunting Living Room

It’s terrifying how simple these decorating tricks are. 

First, use sheet-draped chairs to produce the illusion of ruin in your room by taking a page from Miss Havisham’s playbook. After that, drape cheesecloth “spider webs” across furniture and use museum wax to glue curly willow branches on candlesticks.

11. Customized Creepy Doormat

Download skull designs online to give your Halloween doormat a makeover. Print however many faces as there are household members. 

Cut out faces, eyes, noses, and mouths with an X-Acto or craft knife. Arrange the faces in the desired order on your mat. 

With the back of the painter’s tape rolled up, secure paper to the doormat. Next, dollop paint all around the stencil using a foam brush, starting with a small amount at a time. When the full mat has been coated, stop and let it dry fully before removing the stencils.

Closing Thoughts on Halloween Decoration Ideas

When it’s time to explore DIY Halloween decorations, have fun, and know you don’t have to break the bank. Festive and spooky decor can come about using simple items in your home. 

Just use your creativity and imagination!

Spooky, Scary Skeletons, and Other Halloween Decoration Ideas