Harry Potter Themed Gift Ideas

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan? If so, I have you covered as these Harry Potter themed gift ideas are sure to be a hit among but children and adults. I have literally found something for everyone.

Now, let’s get started!

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Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game

Jump into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game. Move around the board collecting the different elements to take down the magical beasts.

This unique board game has a ‘swinging’ feature. So, the board flips and you can play both inside of Hogwarts and outside of Hogwarts. Now you’ll be able to explore the iconic school in a way that no other tabletop game has previously allowed you to do.

It’s a board game like no other!

Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Maze Game

Are you shopping for a Harry Potter superfan?

If so, they will love making their way through the Tri-Wizard Maze and exploring the center. It’s a simple yet exciting game because there is also a range of magical cards which could send you all the way back to the start.

It’s fun for couples and even families because even if you don’t know much about Harry Potter you can jump right into this game.

Dodge the traps and use your wits to make it all the way to the end and become the champion.

Harry Potter Heat Reveal Mug

Are you looking for a great stocking stuffer this year that’s going to wow anyone?

The Harry Potter Heat Reveal Mug looks like a simple black mug. But once you add hot liquid the cup becomes a perfect copy of the Marauder’s Map.

It’s a super cool travel mug that uses the latest technology to let the Harry Potter superfan show their allegiance.

Harry Potter LEGO Kit

Everyone loves LEGO and now Harry Potter has its own series of different LEGO sets. Your recipient can spend a rainy afternoon building up the famous settings from the Harry Potter books and movies.

They’ll be able to recreate a perfect replica of Hogwarts Castle. Or why not recreate the Quidditch pitch where Harry Potter flew as the Seeker for Gryffindor House? There are so many different LEGO sets to keep them busy for hours.

Harry Potter Phone Printer

The Harry Potter Phone Printer is the closest thing to magic you’re likely to find. It allows you to print out photos and watch them come to life using the incredible free app.

It uses augmented reality, the brand-new technology that shows you something different to what you see. There’s no better way to truly jump into the world of Harry Potter than this.

Your giftee can experience special moments and make them move in real-time just like they do in the movies. And the best part is you don’t need to have Harry Potter’s Gringotts fortune to get it this holiday season.

Harry Potter UNO

Take the classic game of UNO and add a Harry Potter twist to it this holiday season. Enjoy this time-honored family card game and make some magical memories.

Every card features one of your favorite Harry Potter characters from the movies. There’s no better way to please a Harry Potter fan than with Harry Potter UNO.

Final Thoughts – Harry Potter Gifts Are Hot This Season

Harry Potter themed gifts are in this season. If you have a Harry Potter fan in your life make sure you consider one of the gifts featured here today. They’ll enjoy opening the gift and it’s something that they’ll actually look forward to using.

Which Harry Potter themed gift idea do you like the best?

Harry Potter Giveaway

One of you lucky readers will have the chance to win 2 of the Harry Potter themed gift ideas featured in this post today. I’ve collaborated with Pressman Toy/ Goliath Games to give one of you the chance to receive the Harry Potter Magical Beasts and the Tri-Wizard Maze Tournament just in time for the holidays.

To enter the giveaway, fill out the form below. Giveaways 4 Mom is not responsible for shipping out the prize. Good luck to all who enter!


  1. Melinda M says:

    The Harry Potter phone printer, my daughter and I love Harry Potter!

  2. Amy W. says:

    I really like the Harry Potter Reveal Mug.

  3. Tandi Vidal says:

    I am excited for all of it. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans in our house. This would be so amazing! Thank you so much for the chance!!!!

  4. shelly peterson says:

    The Harry Potter Phone Printer is neat.

  5. I love the Harry Potter Uno game — sounds like so much fun!

  6. shelly peterson says:

    My grandsons would love the UNO game.

  7. Tandi Vidal says:

    The Lego set would be so awesome to win. Thank you for the chance!

  8. Amy W. says:

    I like the Harry Potter Reveal Mug best.

  9. B.J. Bernal says:

    I love the Harry Potter Lego set!

  10. Amy W. says:

    I like the Harry Potter Reveal Mug.

  11. Tandi Vidal says:

    The phone camera printer looks/sounds really amazing.

  12. I love Harry Potter phone printer…..

  13. Angie S says:

    Personally, I’d like the mug. But we’re a board game fam and we’ve had our eye on the TriWizard Maze game 🙂

  14. shelly peterson says:

    The Harry Potter Heat Reveal Mug is pretty cool

  15. I really want to pay the Harry Potter UNO game. I need it in my life.

  16. Victoria says:

    I like the mug best!

  17. Jeremy McLaughlin says:

    Like the Harry Potter lego kit.

  18. Liliana says:

    The mug

  19. Aubrey Daniels says:

    The Harry Potter LEGO set is on the top of my sons list!!

  20. Susan Morris says:

    The Harry Potter Phone Printer! A must for a teenage girl.

  21. Tandi Vidal says:

    The coffee cup! I love Harry Potter and coffee cups. 🙂

  22. Gabrielly says:

    I love the Harry Potter Heat Reveal Mug.

  23. Amelia Bayless says:

    I’m obsessed with Harry Potter – have been for a looooong time. The LEGO set is my favorite; so fun!

  24. I like the Harry Potter Phone Printer and Tri-Wizard Maze Game. These are such fun gifts.

  25. I would love the mug!

  26. shelly peterson says:

    I like the Harry Potter LEGO Kit

  27. Cynthia Ivie says:

    The Harry Potter phone printer is my preference! All great items though! Thank you!

  28. Sally Gearhart says:

    My favorite is probably the Harry Potter Legos! I love buying my youngest son Legos because I still love putting it all together to create something cool. That printer is pretty amazing too though!

  29. Francine Long says:

    I love the Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game the best!

  30. Tandi Vidal says:

    I love all of it! However, the Triwizard Maze game looks really fun. Thank you for the chance!

  31. monique s says:

    Harry Potter UNO

  32. Pam Halligan says:

    I like the Lego set.

  33. sandra says:

    i most like the Harry Potter LEGO Kit

  34. Terri S. says:

    I like the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall gift idea.

  35. Angela S Hendricks says:

    My. 9 yr old son is a huge HP fanatic so he would love any HP gift. He has been asking for the Lego Hogwarts though. It’s on his list to Santa.

  36. Germaine Harrison says:

    Harry Potter UNO

  37. Missy C. says:

    I love the Harry Potter LEGO set! My kiddos would go nuts!

  38. Diane Sabatini says:

    I love the Harry Potter phone printer.

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