How to Crush Your New Year’s Goals

It’s the beginning of the year, which is a good time to analyze and revamp your goals. 

Maybe you want to keep some goals from last year or maybe you want to start over from scratch this year. Regardless of the case, this post is going to outline exactly how you can crush your New Year’s goals like a boss. 

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Step #1 – Set Broad Goals

If you really want to crush your goals like a boss, it’s important to make sure that the goals you set are broad. If they’re too specific, you’ll find it harder to reach them.

For example, one of my goals for this year is to make self care a priority for myself. 

You don’t have to have a  specific list that you’ve created or anything particular in mind just kinda go with the flow. 

In my case, reaching my self-care goal can be little things such as going to the nail salon twice a month, getting my hair done once a month, or even just playing the Xbox for one hour a week.

As long as it’s something that I do for me AND only me it counts towards my self-care goal. 

Setting a broad goal can work for any goal that you may have set for yourself. For example, you could set a goal of making more money this year than you did last year or building up your emergency fund. 

During this first stage of goal setting simply write (or type) out the things you want to achieve this year and you can worry about the specifics later. 

Step #2 – Break Your Large Goals into Small Goals

The next step to ensuring that you crush your goals this year is to break your main goals into small goals.

Going back to my self-care goal, for example, I can break it down to I want to spend 4 hours a month on self-care or 1 hour per week. 

Let’s say you have a financial goal of saving $10,000 in a year. You could break it down to saving $193 per week or you could break it down to saving X amount per paycheck. 

How I Break These Large Goals into Small Goals

I didn’t really set any overly large goals for myself this year, except for paying off, at minimum, 50% of my student loans. 

Some of my other goals include:

  • Working no more than 40 hours per week
  • Losing 40lbs
  • Working out 5-7 days per week

To breakdown my student loan goal, I decided to pay a minimum 50% of the smallest loan per month up until June and after June I’ll divide whatever is left from the 50% goal up into monthly payments. This will allow me to pay off 3 student loans in full by the middle of the year and by the end of the year I’ll have also drastically reduced my overall balance. 

Step #3 – Say a Daily Affirmation

I know to say a daily affirmation sounds silly at first, but it works. 

If you say something enough times, you’ll make it happen or you’ll begin to believe that it is true. 

Whatever works!

This can be something as simple as telling yourself “Today is going to be an awesome day” every morning to something like “I attract success, wealth, and good health”. 

Step #4 – Gamify Your Goals

Gamifying your goals isn’t as techy as it sounds.

It’s actually all about turning your goals into a game. 

I use a cool app called Habitica (thanks, Reddit) which helps me to set objectives for myself on the way to completing my goals.

Habitica turns achieving your goals into a roleplaying game. Every time you hit a milestone you level up, make your character stronger and see real progress.

For me, it makes this process fun, especially during those down periods of the year when things are moving slowly.

Step #5 – Make Your Goals Visible

Make your goals visible to you whenever you need that extra motivational kick. 

Whenever I’m unmotivated I pull out my list of goals (yes, I write them down in a notebook, lol) and remember what I’m working towards. 

Plus, this year, I’m taking things one step further by keeping a Trello board, with deadlines, to help me reach my goals. The Trello board is mostly for business goals, such as writing at least 5 personal articles per week AND making sure to stay up to date with my finances. I’m only a few weeks in with using Trello for goals, but so far, so good. 

Final Thoughts on Crushing New Year Goals Like a Boss

Overall, crushing New Year goals like a boss can be fun and even the act of setting goals is a big step forward. 

What things do you do to crush your goals?

(Post Update: January 2020)


How to Crush Your New Year’s Goals


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  2. I love your tips girl! This year is all about refocusing for me . I sort of fell off with my blog and became a hermit at home, so this year I’m going to go harder and fall back in love with the things I use to do with my blog.


    1. admin says:


      I have had those hermit slips too. It ends up making me so miserable. I can’t wait to read about what you get into this year.

  3. Yaaassss get in gear this year! I have always made getting my nails done a priority! You really have to take time away from work and the kids. I love the financial challenge you are doing. So many people think they have to start with a large goal. Even $5 a week is better than $0 for the year! I need to check out Habitica. Sounds like a fun way to keep on track of my goals.

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips. I have a few goals this year and I am so determined to getting them fulfilled.

  5. Becca Wilson says:

    I have never heard of Habitica before but it sounds like something I really need in my life. Thanks so much for sharing all of this amazing stuff to help reach goals!

  6. Ruth-Ann Ridley says:

    That first thing is definitely the mistake that so many people make. Making too specific of goals sets you up for failure in a heart beat. Broader goals is what you need for sure!

  7. Heather says:

    I’m pretty good at setting the small goals, but need to think big picture. I like the idea of working no more than 40 hours a week. I may need to slowly scale back though.

  8. Louise says:

    I’m not usually much of a resolutions kind of girl, either, and usually set myself a few goals to reach throughout the course of the year. This January, though, I’ve vowed to be less of a shouty mum. Tiredness got the better of me last year, and I started shouting at the kids to be heard. I hate it, and want to go back to being the patient mum they loved and respected.

    Louise x

  9. This is exactly how I approach my goals too. I set a larger one and then break it down into more manageable steps that I can really see the progress on. It really helps me get to the finish line!

  10. I love these tips! I’m ready to rock my goals this year.

  11. Terri Beavers says:

    I use Cue Vapor and one of the reasons is because I love the flavors. Another reason is that they’re so inexpensive compared to others. Love your goal tpss.

    1. Terri,

      They are expensive and the flavor selection is great. I’m still trying out different ones trying to find my perfect match.

  12. I know a lot of people who could use this advice. It gets a few weeks in and people just kind of quit.

  13. Elizabeth O says:

    My only goal for 2018 is to find a happy place with my body and mind. I have spent so long picking myself apart that it is time for self-love to take over!

  14. These are great tips for accomplishing new year goals! Glad to see that you’re already on your way!

  15. I love these tips! This is the first year that I’m really following my plans and I think it has a lot to do with a little at a time, vs a huge list of unrealistic expectations

  16. There are so many goals set this time of year and it can be so hard to reach them. This is a fantastic inspiration to keep everyone going.

  17. I love the idea of gamifying your goals. I always enjoy figuring the percentage of tasks completed. It might slow me down a few minutes but it always pushes me to gain a higher percentage.

  18. It’s great to have all these goals for the New Year! It sounds like you have a great plan for achieving all your goals. Have a great 2018!

  19. Great post! Vaping has helped me quit smoking twice now and now that I am back on it I feel so much cleaner and healthier. Good luck with all your goals in 2018!

  20. Great tips. I set myself some goals this year too, so I’ll definitely keep your tips in mind. Good luck with your goals!


  21. I think it’s important to break up those larger goals like you said into smaller steps. Sometimes if the task looks too daunting you might give up on it sooner than you would have if you did a step by step thing. I like that advice!

  22. These are smart tips on crushing your goals. I am committed to continuing a healthy lifestyle into the new year. It’s very important to me to make smart food choices and continue to exercise.

  23. Excellent ideas! As a former smoker, I know how hard it can be to quit. Good for you for taking steps in the right direction!

  24. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    Great tips! It is really hard to accomplish a goal. I love the idea of breaking it down into smaller pieces so that you can accomplish tasks more often! Best of luck!

  25. Great tips. This is exactly what I do every year. I give myself one large goal, and then I break it up into small easily attainable goals. By the end, it’s done!

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