How to Encourage Your Child’s Culinary Interests

Cooking is a great life skill to have, and if your child is already showing culinary interests encourage them to explore them. 

Depending on their age, it can be tricky to let them help out in the kitchen. However, when my oldest son was seven he started off washing chicken, peeling boiled eggs, measuring ingredients, and other similar tasks. 

Now, at 12 he has moved on to other kitchen tasks such as making Mac & Cheese (supervised) and making rice in the Instant Pot. 

Today, I’ll be sharing with you some of the ways that I’ve encouraged his culinary interests. 

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Involve them in food preparation

When children are younger they love to be helpful. 

Understandably, things do take longer to get done with their help. However, set aside a few days per week where they can help you with food preparation. 

Depending on your child’s age they could do things such as wash fruits and veggies, measure out ingredients, and mix ingredients. 

Let them play culinary cooking games

Kids are so tech-savvy these days, even in elementary school.

Culinary cooking games are a great way for them to learn the steps for preparing food. 

Over the winter break, I introduced my oldest son to the kid’s cooking games at and he’s been spending at least 1 hour per day playing. 

He prefers playing games where he’s actually serving the customers (with his current favorite being Coffee Shop) vs the games where you’re not serving customers. 

Don’t let the category fool you either, has cooking games that are great for even adults. Coffee Shop actually reminds me of a lemonade stand game I used to play when I was my son’s age – it’s nice to see the similarities we have that he doesn’t know lol. 

The kids know that I play cooking games on my iPad, but they are more intense than they’d prefer. With these kids cooking games they’re able to bond with me doing something that I enjoy that is also fun for them and doesn’t require an intense learning curve.

Plus, they get to learn about new food dishes in the process!

Have them watch food shows

Thanks to food shows like MasterChef Junior and Good Eats, children can be exposed to a variety of different dishes. 

By watching food shows they’ll learn about dishes from different cultures and see basic food prep being done by kids. 

Watching food shows together is also a great bonding experience for the entire family. 

Teach them how to make basic dishes

As your kids get older you can teach them how to make their favorite basic dishes, which in return will help make preparing dinner a little easier for you. 

Elementary school-aged kids can master making sandwiches, oatmeal, and pop tarts. While middle school-aged kids can start preparing Mac & Cheese, noodles, and rice. 

My middle son likes to help with making baby food, my oldest loves making Mac & Cheese, and my youngest son will make oatmeal, but he prefers his food to be made for him (lol).

Sign them up for a cooking class

Cooking classes are a great way for kids to get hands-on experience making dishes that you don’t typically make. 

You may have some local kids cooking classes available in your area or you can opt for virtual kids cooking classes

These tips will help you encourage your child’s culinary interests

If you have a budding little chef on your hands, these tips will help you encourage your child’s culinary interests. Plus, an added benefit is this is something that you can bond over, and potentially start some new family traditions while doing. 

How to Encourage Your Child\'s Culinary Interests


  1. Melissa cushing says:

    I started young with my mom and grandma. It has been a lifelong love of food and family.We should encourage young kids to learn to get kids interested in culinary arts.

  2. Swathi says:

    My kids love to help me, but they are enthuastic about one only thing chocolate chip cookies, other than they loose their interest as soon as measuring the ingredients.

  3. My niece loves making delicious treats for us under my sister’s supervision! I hope she becomes a cool chef someday ❤️

  4. Catalina says:

    I think kids are always curious to learn how to cook and explaining them the cooking process or let them try to help or to cook with you it’s the best way to encourage them!

  5. Monica Simpson says:

    Starting with basic dishes is a great idea. Even just showing my son how to make a PB&J!

  6. Marysa says:

    I love seeing kids cook. It is a great way to have life skills and is something fun to do as a family, too.

  7. Terri Steffes says:

    My mom and I used to watch Julia Child together. I am sure it had a lot to do with me liking to cook.

  8. Gervin Khan says:

    Enjoy reading this post. My daughter learning to cook simple dishes like rice and pancakes.
    Great tips!

  9. Elizabeth O says:

    The kids will love to try some culinary games. My little girl especially, loves to watch cooking shows

  10. Beth Pierce says:

    I love Culinaryschool org Their games are so fun and interesting to the kids

  11. Alita Pacio says:

    These are great tips to encourage kids to get into culinary arts. I have some trouble doing it so thank you

  12. Tasheena says:

    I really enjoyed this post, this would be perfect for my nephew.

  13. Tara Pittman says:

    All kids need to learn how to cook. These are great tips to help them love cooking

  14. Amber Myers says:

    You have great ideas here. I try to do all of these. I am a terrible cook so I hope my kids are better at it!

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