How to Play Laser Tag at Home

Do you need a fun family game to play during the winter break? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift that the entire family can enjoy. Either way laser tag is great for kids and adults. We recently played together, and I thought it would be great to show you guys how you can play laser tag at home…Going out to the laser tag facility is always fun, but you can save some coins by having it right at your house. It’s a hit for parties too!

Let’s get started.

Purchase a Quality Laser Tag Kit

The first step is to invest in a quality laser tag kit. The one we went with was ArmoGear.  We love this kit because it includes 4 infrared laser guns and vests, which is great for us since we’re a family of 5. It allows one adult to join in with the kids and have them go up against one of us to see who will be the last one standing. Furthermore, it has some amazing features such as 15-second invisibility mode, voice-guided gameplay and instructions, four different weapon modes AND sound effects, and a 150-200 ft shoot range.

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Overall, ArmoGear is easy to get set up and playing laser tag at home and with nine lives it makes for fun quick games!

Make Sure You Clean Up the Area Where You’ll Play

The second step is to make sure that you clean up the area where you’ll be playing. Since laser tag involves running and moving quickly no one is going to be conscious about bumping into things. Therefore, you want to make sure that any fragile items are out of the way and there’s nothing around that could cause pain if bumped into.

However, since kids love laser tag you won’t have to do the cleaning by yourself as they’ll be eager to help so the game can begin.

Have Plenty of Batteries

If you’re purchasing ArmoGear for a present, make sure that you gift plenty of batteries. Each gun and vest require 3 AAA batteries each that aren’t included. Once the laser tag set is whipped out kids are going to want to play right away and you don’t want them to be disappointed because there aren’t enough batteries for it.

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Read the Instructions

The instructions are self-explanatory. However, before anyone starts playing make sure you read the instructions, so everyone knows how to play. Keep in mind that the ArmoGear game that we have is recommended for ages 8+, however, my 6 and 7-year-old were able to get the hang of how to use the vests and guns very easily.

Demonstrate How to Use the Items

Finally, before the teams start going to battle make sure that you demonstrate exactly how everything works. Reading the instructions is more for you than the kids.

Kids are usually more visual so when you show them how to use the guns and vests, they are going to pick up how it works quicker. Also, it doesn’t hurt to allow them to do some test runs to make sure they have the best chance of staying alive for more than a few minutes.

Have Fun

After everyone has put on their vests, have their guns paired with their vests, and tested out the equipment it’s time to have some fun. When we played the games lasted for about 5 minutes (3 against 1), but it was definitely a blast.

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Final Thoughts – Laser Tag Is the Perfect Family Game

Overall, the ArmoGear game is a great gift idea for both kids and adults because the entire family can have a blast playing. It’s an investment that pays for itself after the very first time as you see the joy on your kid’s faces and you get to make magical memories at home together.

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Will you be playing laser tag at home?

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