How to Update Your Existing Deck on a Budget

If your deck is more than a couple of years old, chances are that you either need to update your existing deck or you need a new deck entirely. 

Upon purchasing our home we knew certain things would need to be repaired/replaced soon such as our roof, windows, and deck. 

But, let’s face it, doing multiple large renovations/repairs a year gets quite costly so for the deck we decided to update the existing one ourselves to be able to ensure it was safe for the kids this summer and make it a little more comfortable too. 

So, today I wanted to share with you how we did a DIY deck update on a budget in case updating your existing deck is on your home improvements list for this year too. 

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How to Update Your Existing Deck

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How to Update Your Existing Deck

Before I get started with the steps that we took when updating our existing deck I wanted to go ahead and list out the materials we used so you can see if they fit into your budget.

I want to note that my partner already had all of the tools needed to do this DIY deck renovation. But, if you don’t have any tools you should also factor a drill and screws into your budget too.

This is what we used:

Now, let’s get started so you can update your existing deck!

Step 1: Replace Damaged/Old Deck Boards

You probably want to update your existing deck due to old boards or damaged boards on your deck.

In my case, when we first purchased our home the deck was in pretty bad shape. You could see where the prior owners had replaced a few boards before and there were some rotten parts on the benches, loose deck boards, etc. 

Even though with the interlocking deck tiles, you’re going to be covering up the old deck boards, it’s important to make sure that any damaged boards are replaced and be sure to make sure that all boards are secured tightly to get the maximum amount of usage from your DIY deck renovation. 

Step 2: Clean Off The Entire Deck

After the deck is secure and all repairs have been made, it’s then time to clean off the deck. 

You could pressure wash it, sweep it, use the blower, etc. 

In our case, we used the blower to get off any debris and then pressure-washed it. 

Step 3: Install The Interlocking Deck Tiles

If you go with the interlocking deck tiles that I used you will find that installation is pretty straightforward. 

However, while installing them, my partner didn’t feel that they were as secure as they should be so he added screws throughout to ensure that we can get the maximum use from the deck before we have to get an entirely new deck built. (With four kids and a dog our deck gets a lot of traffic during the summer months). 

Additionally, he also added them to the benches. We were going to go with bench cushions, but since Hoss is a very energetic pup, we figured that they probably wouldn’t last long since one of his favorite outside activities is jumping from bench to bench. 

Step 4: Stain The Deck

After you have the deck tiles installed you’ll then want to go ahead and stain the deck. 

For us, it meant staining the rails, the flooring that wasn’t covered by the interlocking deck tiles, and the trim around the benches. 

Step 5: Install Lights and Tiki Torches

To give the deck a nice relaxing vibe at night I recommend installing solar-powered lights. 

We installed them in the hedges and along the deck rails. 

Tiki torches are also a nice added touch for us because mosquitos are horrible during the summer months and the tiki torches help out with that while also making the deck more relaxing at night. 

Step 6: Add in Some Comfort Items

No deck is complete unless you have some items to make it comfortable. 

For us, it was adding in the Endless Summer DualHeat “The Donovan” LP Gas Firepit, which also functions as a table. 

We’re also going to be adding in a patio set for additional seating (possibly get rid of the current benches altogether) and hopefully a canopy. 

You can add in whatever comfort items fit your tastes best though. 

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Deck

How to Update Your Existing Deck

Once all of the hard work is done all that’s left is to enjoy your new deck!

On the day that our DIY deck renovation was complete, we celebrated by roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. 

Before and After Photos of My Deck

How to Update Your Existing Deck

Final Thoughts on Updating Your Existing Deck

Becoming a homeowner is great. However, unless you went with a new build there are going to be repairs and renovations that have to be done. 

As long as your deck isn’t in too bad of a shape, it’s possible to update your existing deck yourself to extend the lifespan of your deck by a couple of years while you save up to have a new deck built. 

How to Update Your Existing Deck on a Budget


  1. Catalina says:

    I think that the deck needs a continuously care, especially at the beginning of the warm season. Your tips are so useful!

  2. Gervin Khan says:

    We just finished repainting our deck and changing some old furniture to a new one.
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. Hilem says:

    Our deck is still in great conditon. It’s the posts that need some upgrading.

  4. Kathy says:

    Loving the before and after photos. My husband and I just painted our deck last year and it looks so much nicer. We plan to do a whole lot more, but just wanted to start with that for now.

  5. Monica Simpson says:

    I want our deck to look nicer. Those interlocking tiles would be perfect! I also want to add some pretty lights and a better furniture set. It’s my summer goal!

  6. Marysa says:

    This is definitely something to stay on top of with decks. Lumber is so expensive lately and it is good to make sure that things are maintained and updated.

  7. Tami Creates says:

    This is such a helpful post, and information that I needed! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Tara Pittman says:

    I would love a deck in my yard. This is some great information.

  9. Beth says:

    Staining is a great way to update the look of your deck. We’re gearing up to do that this year!

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