Labor Day Weekend Essentials

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Labor Day is the perfect time to have a fun weekend with the family before it’s time to get back into school mode.

Whether you’re taking a mini road trip, going to a cookout with friends, or hosting a gathering a home, these are the Labor Day weekend essentials that you need.

Now, let’s get started.

Labor Day Weekend

Tahoe Cooler

Keep everything cool this Labor Day weekend with the Tahoe Cooler.

It comes with a huge amount of space to hold whatever you want to bring to the party. Whether you want to carry 50 cans of beer or a half kilo of meat for the barbeque, you can do it. That also includes ice.

Unlike other coolers, this cooler isn’t just made for the day. If you’re going on a camping trip, this cooler will keep everything ice-cold for up to 36 hours.

Commander Sunglasses

The Commander Sunglasses are a pair of stylish black-brown tortoise sunglasses. They come with special temple designs designed for comfort and they protect you from UV rays.

Each side of these sunglasses comes with a luxurious 18k gold plated casing. If you want sophistication without the price tag, these are the sunglasses for you.

Del Mar Dress

This dress is perfect for both a casual lunch and for lounging by the pool.

Plus, you must love the fact that it’s super cute while allowing you to remain comfortable.

It’s the perfect fashion statement for any Labor Day event.

UbU Hemp Tonic

This Hemp CBD Tonic is a sparkling beverage that’s both healthy and delicious. It comes with all the health benefits of hemp extract and the CBD will help you sink right into Labor Day Weekend.

It doesn’t contain any added sugars or any dangerous chemicals. UbU Hemp Tonic is there to improve your immune system, promote a healthy digestive system, and to keep you hydrated this Labor Day.

Stomp Rocket Jr Glow

Want to wrap up Labor Day weekend with a bang?

Forget about dangerous and expensive fireworks. Do the same thing with Stomp Rocket Jr Glow.

These rockets shoot up to 100 feet in the air. Run, jump, and stomp as you launch these rockets. They glow in the dark, so they are suitable for nighttime use, as well as daytime use.

Plus, they’re geared towards children.

There’s no better way to allow the kids to end summer break with a bang while also burning off energy for school the next day.

Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bombs

After the Labor Day festivities, you’re more than likely going to be tired AND must get the kids off to school the next day.

With these Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bomb, you can end the weekend with a relaxing bath to help you unwind and prepare for the school week.

B. Nutty Gourmet Peanut Butter

Nutty Gourmet Peanut Butter is the perfect edible addition to a Labor Day spread. This gourmet peanut butter goes well with both appetizers and snacks for any event.

But what makes this peanut butter so special?

Each gift pack comes with 12 different ingredients. The gift pack consists of flavors like Blissful Blueberry, Skinny Dip, Pumpkin Spice, and Peppermint Brownie.

Every flavor starts with simple honey roasted peanuts before each ingredient is added. There are no additives and no added sugars to worry about.

Give your guests a surprise this year!

Conclusion: You Need These Labor Day Essentials

If you’re ending the summer break with a Labor Day celebration or plan to attend an event, these are the essentials that you’ll love.

Which one of these items grabbed your attention the most?

Labor Day Weekend Essentials

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