Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

It’s not uncommon to not go back to your prepregnancy weight a few weeks after giving birth despite what’s displayed in the media. Ideally during the first six weeks after giving birth you’ll be focusing on getting to know your baby and recovering. Plus, let’s face it, you’re going to be exhausted while adapting to your new lifestyle. 

However, once you’re ready to set some fitness goals and start your fitness journey these tips will help you lose weight after pregnancy. Keep in mind though, you may have to put a lot of time and effort into getting back to your prebaby self

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Remember it took you nine months to gain the weight

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight is looking for weight loss shortcuts. 

Unless you are planning to get a Mommy Makeover or other similar surgery, you’re going to have to put in work and wait for a few months, or more, to lose your pregnancy weight safely. 

It took nine months to grow your body to accommodate your baby and not everyone is going to snap back within six weeks and that’s okay. 

Keep in mind that your pregnancy weight loss journey is unique to you and don’t compare it to other’s journeys. 

Consider breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a great way to lose weight, for some women, since it causes you to burn more calories. For others, it may cause weight gain during the 4th trimester.

Breastfeeding already comes with a ton of other benefits for both baby and mom, so it’s an added perk that it may result in weight loss. 

I’ve breastfed all of my children for a period of time and I feel like breastfeeding definitely helped me shed the majority of my pregnancy weight, but it’s also not a magical solution. 

In combination with breastfeeding, I am very conscious of what I eat and drink, plus I’m slowly getting back into my exercise routine. 

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Count calories

Your diet is one of the main things to focus on when trying to lose weight and counting calories can really help you take a closer look at what you’re eating and drinking. 

By calorie counting and exercising moderately I’ve been able to lose 30 lbs in 8 months in the past. 

However, keep in mind that if you’re breastfeeding you won’t be able to lower your calorie intake as low as you normally would when not breastfeeding. 

Typically, I consume no more than 1200 calories a day (including drinks), now I allow myself up to 1630 calories a day. 

By watching my calorie intake I’m already able to fit most of my prepregnancy clothes at the two months postpartum mark. 

Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks

If you’re new to counting calories you’ll quickly find out that you have to watch what you eat to make your calorie allotment last throughout the day. 

However, as a new mom, you’ll mostly find yourself snacking and drinking throughout the day for the first few months versus having two to three meals a day. Therefore, I recommend stocking up on healthy snacks and drinks so you’re not putting yourself at risk of gaining more weight. 

For me personally, I make sure I always have fruit, nuts, and cucumbers around so I can easily get a healthy snack when I’m hungry throughout the day. 

Some things will require prep such as cutting watermelon and cucumbers, but you can do this whenever you catch a free moment so it’s quickly accessible when needed. 

Start working out once you get the all-clear

Exercise will not only help you lose weight after pregnancy, but it’ll also improve your overall mood. 

With my last son, I experienced postpartum depression, so this time around I’m taking precautions to reduce my chances of developing it again. 

I’d recommend subscribing to a fitness app that has short workouts so you can sneak in exercise sessions during nap times. 

Currently, I’m using Apple Fitness+, but in the past, I have had great success with OpenFit – they have live class options for those who need extra motivation. 

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Ask your doctor about weight loss medication

If you’re coming close to a year of your weight loss journey and your progress has stalled, or you haven’t received any results at all, talk to your doctor to see what options are available for you. 

You may qualify for prescription weight loss medication that will allow you to jumpstart your weight loss. 

However, keep in mind that weight loss medication is not a miracle worker. You’ll still have to continue adapting what you eat and stay active. 

Stay hydrated

Oftentimes, overeating occurs due to not being hydrated enough. So make sure that you’re getting enough fluids each day (ideally water). 

If you’ve already had a meal or snack and still feel like you need to eat something try drinking some water first. 

You may notice that by staying hydrated throughout the day that you’re not having to eat as much. 

Rest when you can

Rest is important for a variety of reasons. However, as a new parent, it’s understandable that you may not be getting the recommended amount. 

It is still important to rest when you can – those chores can wait until a later time.

Lack of sleep can result in overeating. Also, according to Healthline, poor sleep puts you at risk for weight gain and obesity

Plus, if you’re tired all of the time, you’re more likely to go for quick, unhealthy foods vs spending time to make healthier foods.

These tips will help you lose weight after pregnancy 

There is no set timeline on when you need to drop the baby weight. You have to do what works best for you. However, once you’re ready to start losing weight after pregnancy these tips will help. 

Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy


  1. Thanks for the helpful article!

  2. Keira Ball says:

    Thanks for sharing. Nice post.

  3. Melissa Cushing says:

    I gained lots of weight with my pregnancies… like 75+ pounds but I was 107 pounds beforehand… so once I was done being pregnant… and my maternity leave was over… going back to work really did the trick. That and breast feeding 😉 It took about a year total… but I was back to my old self every time…. working was the key for me 😉

  4. Ana De- Jesus says:

    Healthy snacks is a must, as is excercise. Especially workouts like Cardio, Yoga and Pilates, which is great for mental health as well.

  5. Ivan M. Jose says:

    Breastfeeding really works. My wife lost a great deal of weight because of breastfeeding.

  6. Lynndee says:

    I didn’t gain much weight while pregnant and I lost the weight I gained immediately after giving birth. I’ve just always been skinny.

  7. These tips are coming very timely. Hydration and adequate rest is key

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    Thanks for the tips. Lots of women will benefit from this post.

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    These sound like some great tips for people who are looking to lose weight after pregnancy, I will have to share it with some friends. Thank you.

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    This post is a lifesaver for so many post partum ladies. I think the weight will come off with exercise and sensible dieting and breast feeding is a great idea for mom and baby.

  11. Tara Pittman says:

    It can be hard to lose that weight after having a baby. Just remember that it can take time.

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