How to Create a Magical Christmas Eve Box

The Christmas Eve Box is something that I ran across on Pinterest a few years ago and it has been such a hit in my house that it has become a part of our tradition. The boys love it and we all look forward to Christmas Eve to see what the elves have brought. This year if you’re looking to start a Christmas Eve box tradition of your own I have you covered by showing you what we’re expecting in our Christmas Eve box this year to help make Christmas Eve magical.

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Make Sure Everyone Has Cute and Comfy PJs

Start out the night by making sure everyone is as comfortable as possible with some pajamas. These matching pajamas are a cute and comfortable favorite for families. They’re actually the pajamas we’ll all have this year as my oldest put in his request that everyone has matching PJs this year in the Christmas Eve box instead of just the kids.

How to Create a Magical Christmas Eve Box

Get everyone in the mood and create an atmosphere. The sort of clothing you wear makes a huge difference to how a magical Christmas Eve feels.

Before the family gathering commences and everyone gets in their pjs, get the atmosphere right for everyone. Are all the Christmas decorations ready and switched on? Did you heat the room, so everyone feels comfortable? Have you plumped up the cushions and made sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit?

These are all things you should do before the rest of the family appear in their pajamas.

Don’t Forget the Hot Chocolate and Popcorn

 How to Create a Magical Christmas Eve Box

You like to be healthy and you like your family to be healthy, right?

But there’s nothing wrong with a cheat day. The final evening before Christmas is the perfect occasion for it. Grab the hot chocolate and popcorn before you gather together in the living room.

Feel free to mix and match. Why not add some marshmallows to that hot chocolate too?

Another tradition you might want to introduce your family to is baking Christmas cookies. You can do this throughout the day and then they’ll be ready by the time the evening comes. Kids always love decorating cookies with colorful icing, edible glitter, and sprinkles. Plus, if you get Santa’s cookies ready early you don’t have to worry about making them once the Christmas Eve movie is over.

Put on a Christmas Themed Movie or Read a Christmas Themed Book

It’s Christmas so make sure that Christmas is what it’s all about. Grab a Christmas book or a Christmas movie. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big selection because there are always hundreds of movies available to choose from on TV on Christmas Eve.

Prepare for this in advance, though, if you want to avoid the annoyance of having your movie interrupted by commercials every ten minutes.

There are so many different movies to choose from. You can always choose a Disney movie or why not go back to the old days with It’s a Wonderful Life? Our favorite Christmas Eve movie is The Year Without a Santa Claus. I used to look forward to watching this movie with my mom and grandparents when I was a kid and I introduced my kids to the movie and they love it as well.

Have a Few Family Games

The family fun doesn’t have to end when the movie does. Play a few family games so everyone can go to bed happy, in anticipation of Santa.

Old favorites can include charades or Snakes and Ladders (try to avoid Monopoly!). There are a variety of options on the market, including Happy Salmon and Dude More Dude.

But you should take your time to shop so you can find something you know the entire family will enjoy.

Finally, make sure you don’t take this too seriously. The last thing you want is to ruin Christmas because you decided to drag out Monopoly. Make the game about having fun and not about winning. Get a little silly and let people relax.

Final Thoughts – Creating a Magical Christmas Eve Box Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Veteran Christmas Eve Box goddess or first year Christmas Eve Box elf? It doesn’t matter as these tips have both categories covered. Follow my advice and your entire family will have a magical Christmas Eve.

How to Create a Magical Christmas Eve Box

Is the Christmas Eve Box part of your holiday traditions?

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