How to Make Garage Organization Easy with EasyGarage

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Garage organization. It’s the one part of the house that appears to have a license to be cluttered. But did you know that you could be putting yourself in danger by doing this?

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Garage accidents are often serious because these spaces are filled with sharp tools, toxic chemicals, and a variety of other hazards. Don’t let you or your family members fall victim because of a disorganized garage.

I’ve found EasyGarage to be a great option for making garage organization easy. Here’s how you can use them to make your garage a safe space.

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Install a Dedicated Cabinet for Garage Organization

What most people need are segregated units to store everything. It’s easy to lose things in a garage as the years go by. That’s why you should search for a cabinet that offers plenty of separate draws and cupboards for you to store everything.

Make sure you label absolutely everything. It may seem like too much, but you’ll be thankful when you need to find that specific type of bolt.

Use Slat Walls

Slat walls are a lifesaver in garages. Make sure you take the time to use them. With such limited floor space, particularly if your car is inside, you need to make the most of your vertical space.

By using slat walls you’ll be able to hang all your tools and accessories. They can be cut according to your needs and there are no limits to how many you can use in one garage.

Create a DIY Cabinet with Hanging Baskets

Sometimes you don’t always need a cabinet in your garage. Maybe you don’t have space for a full-sized cabinet?

Get the best of both worlds with hanging baskets. You just have to snap them onto a slat wall and you have the equivalent of a drawer for anything from scrap metal to spare paint brushes.

They come in a range of different sizes and they’re an affordable option for garage organization.

Install Shelves

Remember the importance of vertical space?

If you’re looking for something more permanent than a basket, you may want to consider installing shelves. For those rarely used items you want to move out of the way, shelves towards the roof of your garage can be a perfect way to reduce clutter.

Shelves can be cut according to your specifications and take mere minutes to install.

Keeping Tools Tidy

Tools are responsible for a huge number of accidents in the garage. Forgetting where your hammer is can lead to disaster.

Make sure the DIY enthusiast in your home is not putting themselves in danger by using a magnetic tool bar. These bars use strong magnets to hold tools in place when you’re in the middle of a project.

You’re guaranteed to never lose your tools again!

Design Your Own Way

Every garage is different. We all have different needs and the default cabinets aren’t always going to cut it. But EasyGarage offers a design section that allows you to create your own storage units.

You set the specifications using their online workshop. You can take a pre-existing product and then change the color and add other accessories to it. Designing cabinets like this is an ideal option if you also need to prepare your garage for bad weather and the default options just don’t meet your needs.

Yes, it costs more to design something from scratch, but it’s the best way to get the product you want. You don’t have to compromise.

It’s a Question of Safety When it Comes to Garage Organization

The garage can quickly become a veritable maze of mess. Most of the tools mentioned above cost only a few dollars per piece and can make all the difference.

It’s not just a question of wanting to keep your space tidy. It’s a matter of safety. Don’t become a statistic because you stepped on the nail gun!

Do you have a problem with clutter in your garage?

How to Make Garage Organization Easy with EasyGarage

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