5 Ways to Make Money from Home that Don’t Require a Degree

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The education system has failed entrepreneurs. In school, we’re taught to keep good grades and to continue furthering our education to one day hope to land a dream job after spending thousands (or racking up thousands in student loan debt) to secure a degree.

I’ve gone to school for massage therapy, personal training, and even criminal justice. And over the seven years that I’ve been working from home, none of that education was needed to secure work from home.

Therefore, today I wanted to discuss five ways to make money from home that don’t require a degree in case you’re someone who wants to get started working from home but feel as though you need to have a specific degree to do so.

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Freelance Consultant

Do you have an area of expertise?

You could start a consulting business, where you work for multiple clients using only your professional expertise. It’s a great job for a parent working from home because it’s extremely flexible.

You can take on as many or as few clients as you want and get paid for talking about what you already know.

Freelance Writer

Are you able to write with correct spelling and grammar?

Then the career of a freelance writer could be for you. There are many types of freelance writing, including blog writing, web content, and even newsletter creation.

The more years of experience you get with writing the better you’ll become. I’m always amazed to see how far I have come each time I look at some of my older pieces.

You should also set up a simple website to market yourself as a writer. This makes it easy for you to show off your work and clients will be able to find you through your website.

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Do you spend a lot of your time on social media?

Then you could become a social media influencer. Social media influencers are contacted by brands to feature their products in exchange for a payment.

This is the simple part. Most of your time will be spent engaging with your followers and building up a huge crowd of people who are interested in what you have to say.

It’s recommended that you try to focus on just one or two social media websites, to begin with.

Over time, you’ll find that businesses will want to reach out to you for coverage. In the beginning, you’ll need to contact businesses to offer to promote their product.

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Virtual Assistant

Are you a type of person who’s organized?

Virtual assistants are essentially online PAs. Your clients will ask you to do everything from keeping their social media content fresh to organizing their emails. You may also be asked to research things for different projects, so your clients don’t have to.

There’s a lot of variation in the job, so it never gets old.

It’s a new concept to many businesses, but these days they’re realizing that hiring the cheapest assistant from Upwork isn’t good enough for them. They’re seeing the value of what a US-based virtual assistant can bring, so don’t be afraid to market yourself.

I have been doing part-time VA work for the past nine months and it’s a great way to keep myself from becoming burnout. Every day it’s always different tasks and when I don’t feel like writing it supplements my income doing something that makes the hours fly by.

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Executive Assistant

Do you want to have a more in-depth type of assistant job?

The executive assistant is like the virtual assistant in many ways, but rather than doing random tasks you’ll be assigned to a specific person or group of people to help them manage their time.

Understand that most of the positions will involve some crossover with the virtual assistant job, but the skills are the same. You’ll be managing calls, handling travel plans, and making sure everyone’s schedules are correct.

It requires a high level of organization and you’ll be expected to have a semi-regular schedule, even when working from home. Plus, since you’re the executive assistant it means that you need to respond quickly and be available at weird hours sometimes too.

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Final Thoughts – You Don’t Need a Degree to Work from Home

Giveaways 4 Mom

I’ve been working from home since 2011 and while there have been jobs that I wanted online that required a Journalism or Marketing degree, I’ve never found it to be essential to keeping a steady flow of work. I will admit getting started working from home isn’t easy, but if you’re dedicated, determined, and persistent you can start a career working from home without a degree in the field you want to work.

Do you think it’s possible to work from home without having a specific degree?



  1. Gemille Sleweon says:

    This is a great list! Especially for college students like myself who may not have the time to work a regular job. I actually am a virtual assistant.

  2. I’ve been working from home for over 10 years and LOVE it. I don’t think I could ever go back to working for someone else.

  3. Blogging has been a great avenue for me. It gives me a creative outlet. I can use my writing to help others. Ive heard digital products are a great way to make money online too.

  4. These are all great ways to make money from home. And I love that they don’t require a degree.

  5. It’s really great that there are ways to make money from home now since I think there are more moms now who would prefer to work from home.

  6. HilLesha says:

    I agree! I have been working at home since I was 17 years old (now 33) and blogging has helped me earn a decent money without a degree.

  7. I see so many looking for work from home jobs. Many friends who had children and want to start working from home to spend more time with their kids. I never know what to tell them! Definitely recommending this post to them!

  8. Ruth I. says:

    I think it is ideal to work from home now because of many factors. It’s good that there are available job that doesn’t require degree but skills.

  9. These are all great ways to make some extra money from home. I have been finding a lot of things that don’t require a degree. Even though I have a Master’s Degree, I don’t really use it for the jobs that I currently do.

  10. These are great ideas to ponder. So many people are working from home nowadays. I want to look into becoming a virtual assistant.

  11. I sure hope so and I think this has to be the wave of the future especially with the rising cost of childcare, currently childcare is more expensive than what my college journalism degree was.

    1. admin says:


      I know right. I couldn’t imagine working out of the home with 3 kids. Before when I considered it, Kindercare wanted $400 per week per kid and that didn’t even include if they wanted to participate in the extracurricular that they offered.

  12. Great tips, so many moms have been able to stay home and still help financially support their families because of these options.

  13. These are all such great jobs! Definitely great ways to work from home, I’m a blogger and that’s my job!

  14. I would love to be able to work from home. If I ever lost my office job, I feel like I have options.

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