Three Tips for Mastering Shower Time as a Mom

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Once you become a mom the days of having a hot, long, luxurious shower is over. Instead, you must be in and out and anything other than the actual washing must be planned. Trust me, I know as a mom of three young ones.

You may think showering before they wake up or after they go to sleep will give you extra time to relax in the shower, but this rarely happens. Therefore, today I am sharing my tips for mastering shower time as a mom.

#1 Wash Your Face Before Getting in the Shower

Before getting into the shower make sure that you wash your face. Your inner mom is going to kick in once you have your face under the water and you will think you hear your child crying or calling you even when they aren’t. Therefore, save yourself the headache of having to hop out before the washing even begins to check that the kids are sleeping or behaving by eliminating some time in the shower by washing your face beforehand.

Recently, I have started using the Cremo Face Wash before jumping in the shower. It has a neutral scent and I can clean my face without worrying about it stripping my skin. The best part is when I rinse it off my face isn’t dried out or feeling greasy.

My face feels very refreshed and once I get out the shower I am able to moisturize my face with the Cremo All-in-one- Unscented Face Lotion.

The face lotion also has a neutral scent and it makes my skin feel smooth without leaving my pores all clogged. It also is SPF 20 so it can fight sun damage and signs of aging. It even claims to last for 24 hours.  I recommend incorporating both products into your shower routine if you haven’t already.

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#2 No Shaving in the Shower

Not only does not shaving in the shower eliminate extra water being wasted, but it also makes sure that you get it done properly. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of shaving your legs or armpits and having to stop due to kids getting into an argument or banging on the door for your attention. By the time you get back in, you will have forgotten where you stopped and once out the shower hair will still be in unexpected places.

Recently, I have been using the Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream from Cremo and it is awesome.

It works differently than other shave creams because you must massage the area you want to shave in hot water for thirty seconds and then rub in the cream until it lathers. However, the smell is amazing and since it isn’t as thick as other shaving creams, it doesn’t block your razor. The best part is once done your skin is not only flawlessly shaven, but it feels amazing too.

#3 Invest in a Shower Dress

It seems like it never fails, whenever I am getting out the shower or in the middle of showering, the kids need something or someone is ringing the doorbell. My fix to this is to have a shower dress handy, which I can easily put on to attend to the needs of the kids without trying to hurry up and put on actual clothes.

Final Thoughts – Mastering Shower Time as a Mom

As a mom, I understand it’s not always possible to shower when the kids are sleeping or when they are away – especially during the younger years. Therefore, by following these three tips I can manage getting showers on a normal basis and figured I would share them with other moms who find showering next to impossible with young kids.

What is your best tip for mastering shower time as a mom?


  1. TallulahJane says:

    The BEARD & SCRUFF SOFTENER caught my eye. My hubby needs it.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Another product of theirs which sounds very nice is the All in 1 Lotion. I like the idea very much!

  3. Laurie Nykaza says:

    The womens-moisturizing-mango-shave-cream love to try it all the products look amazing to use.

  4. tracee says:

    the face wash is still looking good.

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    I would enjoy the face wash Im into anything coconut!

  7. Gabrielly says:

    I like the Face Wash.

  8. Teresa A Thompson says:

    The Face Moisturizer caught my eye.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    That Cremo Moisturizer sounds really nice, and so does that Coconut Mango Shave. I love the scent of Coconut.

  10. Dominique Cloutier says:

    the ALL-IN-ONE UNSCENTED FACE LOTION, SPF 20 definitely caught my eye it’d be perfect for winner and some extra spf never hurts! i also love that it’s unscented. i hate scented face stuff

  11. Great tips girl! I remember the days when my girls would never let me have a uninterrupted shower. But it has gotten better over the years. Now, I’m banging on their bathroom door to rush them out the shower, LOL!!


  12. This sounds great! Coconut is suppose to be better for you, so it doesn’t surprise me that is does great for skin and hair as well! Sounds wonderful!

  13. Paula K says:

    Their Face Wash sounds amazing! In fact there are quite a few products that I would love to try.

  14. Wendy R. says:

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  17. Michelle Castagne says:

    The Coconut Mango Shave Cream got my attention.. Sounds heavenly.

  18. tracee says:

    The shave cream is still sounding pretty good. How much scent is left on your skin?

    1. admin says:


      After showering the scent was gone. I’m not sure if this would make a difference if I hadn’t shaved before jumping in the shower, though.

  19. Elizabeth O. says:

    Aren’t these awesome tips! It’s really nice to be able to maximize your time when showering because you’re able to pamper yourself as well.

  20. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I want the forest blend beard oil for my son to use.

  21. Kristie says:

    All the products look great! I would like to try the Men’s Original Shave Cream for my husband. It looks good! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  22. Tracy Robertson says:

    The ALL-IN-ONE UNSCENTED FACE LOTION, SPF 20 caught my eye because I use face cream with sunscreen every day, and $7.99 is a great price!

  23. renee says:

    I would like to buy some of the Cremo beard products for my friend’s husband.

  24. Being a mom of 2 small kids, I am with you on the story of how the days of having a long luxurious shower is a over long back! These are some great ideas and those products from Cremo looks interesting too!

  25. Shower time is one of my favorites because I get to be alone and enjoy some quiet, lol. I think these are great tips, convenient and efficient!

  26. So many great products. I love my bath routine so i definitely need them 🙂

  27. tracee says:

    the face wash. I can always use a clean face. 🙂

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  29. That is a great idea a “shower dress” . When the kids need someone who is in the shower. Great giveaway I have to enter

  30. angie w says:

    Their coconut mango shave cream caught my eye. Sounds great!

  31. How awesome. I need that shave cream! It looks like it would be helpful.

  32. monique s says:

    the all in one face lotion is one I would buy

  33. Tina Gleisner says:

    Enjoyed the memories as I read, because I now have grandkids so rarely am I juggling my shower – just wait until everyone is out of the house, LOL.

  34. Joanna says:

    Wow, I never thought that being a mom can take away your shower time. I don’t have kids and I keep saying that I should invest in a fluffy bath robe.

  35. tracee says:

    The all in 1 face lotion. Its nice to have just one bottle. (ha ha)

  36. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I want to try the coconut mango shave cream.

  37. I’m glad my kids are now five and seven. I remember the days when they were much smaller and showering didn’t happen until daddy was home. Now they are pretty good on their own for the 10 to 15 minutes I’m in the shower. But I do remember the baby days when I’d put the walker in the bathroom and the baby in it. He was never happy in it but at least I knew where he was, and yes those were much much shorter showers. In and out!

  38. As a military wife who could barely handle her busy schedule I am truly glad I came across your post. Those products are so amazing! I would love to try them out too!

  39. Tiffany Hathorn says:

    Interesting tips. Reminds me that I need to buy a new robe because you are exactly right. 90% of the time, when I step into the tub that in the tub, that is exactly when my son urgently has to use the restroom or someone knocks on the front door.

  40. These are super great ideas! I think I have to get one of those shower dresses as soon as possible. I also wash my face before the shower. If I want to use a hair mask, I apply it to my dry hair and leave it on for 30 minutes before I take the shower.

  41. emma white says:

    oh wow now these products look and sound amazing and it’s certainly something I would like to try out for myself so I am going to take a look for them

  42. LOL, I remember those days. So glad my boys are older now. That coconut mango shave cream looks interesting. I’ll have to look for it in the store.

  43. That face wash has me interested in these products. Thank you and your sponsor for the chance to win .

  44. As a busy mom of two young kids, I really value my shower and bath time. These are great tips for making the most of “me” time.

  45. This was a very lovely tip and I know a lot of mom out there can relate in this situation where every minute of your time for yourself must be well calculated. It looks like your Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream was good enough for me and I wanted to have a try too.

  46. Seems like some great products! I’ll take a look at this brand’s website

  47. tracee says:

    The face wash sounds wonderful.

  48. Great tips and so true! I’m lovin Coconut Oil Products more and more, great review! #ProductReviewParty

  49. Oh, yes — I’ve finally realized that my days of having a nice, long relaxing shower are behind me. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this happened when you had kids?! I’ve never thought twice about shaving in the shower, but now you’ve convinced me that I need to change it up. I really want to try that shave cream!

  50. My husband would be so happy with those products. I have to talk to him about them.

  51. These are great tips. When my boys were little, I used to shave my legs while they were in the bathtime.

  52. I have never tried Cremo but my husband uses their shaving lotion and he loves it. Also, your tips for getting a shower as a busy mom are perfect.I have one to add when my girls were really small, I used to drag them in the shower with me or, if they would let me, I would put the newborn in the bouncy seat and let the toddler bring in her favorite toys and put her on a rug in the bathroom floor. Desperate times, desperate measures. Keep on keeping on, mama!

  53. Christine H says:

    The Cremo Face Wash for Women looks amazing and gentle!

  54. Sally Wilsey says:

    I liked the Cremo Face Wash.

  55. I can’t wait to tell my husband about their men’s line of products – the Beard & Face Wash sounds like exactly what he’s been looking for.

  56. I remember when my children were growing up their mother was always saying that she could not get a proper shower or bath unless I was home to watch the kids. These are some really good tips for working single mothers or just mothers in general. Thank you .

  57. tracee says:

    THe beard oil sounds good – well all except the fact that he probably wouldnt use it. 😛

  58. Oohhhhh this line looks awesome. That facial cleanser is calling my name for sure. Coconut Oil has so many great healing properties as well as anit-microbial properties this sounds awesome. That shave cream sounds pretty dream as well.

  59. Becky Willis says:

    They all sound great. I can totally understand what you mean about having shower time. I used to feel like I was always playing peek-a-boo behind the shower curtain.

    I love all of your tips and wish I had thought about these all of those years ago.

  60. So many great products. I am a bath lover. I need these products to make my baths even better. I just bought a shower dress and I love it. I will be checking out these bath/shower products. the cream sounds great.

  61. tracee says:

    Based on your review, the shave cream sounds awesome. I find it hard to get it nice and smooth.

  62. Megan Chan says:

    The all-in-one face lotion looks nice!

  63. Hahaha, it sounds like you’ve been to my house! It never fails that someone needs me while I’m in the shower. Mine are finally old enough that I have made it clear that unless it is an actual emergency, they are to wait for me to get out.
    I have never heard of a shower dress, but that looks cool!

    1. Jamie,

      I know right, it’s like an alert goes off, “Moms in the shower”, and they come running. I love shower dresses. After my second son was born I actually received one as a gift and then I was hooked. I always have one hanging in the bathroom.

  64. That coconut mango shave looks so good! I bet it smells amazing. I can’t imagine what this is like. I take my time in the shower. I shave. I wash my face. I am CFBC and my stepkids are older, so I’ve never experienced what this is like. I really applaud parents for the balance they have to strike. Thank you for the giveaway. This looks like a great product! I’ll show my husband, too. He’s been looking for a new line of shaving products.

  65. The Face wash, so many reports coming out about the benefits of coconut.

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